Watty's Awakening

Time for a new diary I think.    It is 2024, my last diary began over 10 years ago and so much has changed.   

My introduction in case we have not “met”

My first diary told the story of, what I thought was a long and happy relationship, paying off a mortgage aiming to get my financial freedom from the world of work by paying off a mortgage on rental property (that I had originally purchased via a mortgage).  The long and happy relationship didn’t last. We were not married, and the upshot of the whole miserable tale outlined in my diary was that the relationship failed and we had a three year battle to divide the spoils and it only ended with an injunction against him on the grounds of domestic abuse and as a result of him being ordered to leave the jointly owned home he finally settled.  I am in the process of adjusting to the trauma.

It is not all doom and gloom, I now own a lovely house with land and my 3 horses (the Charming Cob, Most Handsome and Fell Pony) live here with me.  There is also a “once feral” cat who now is an indoor pet (only feral if anyone suggests petting her unless I am on a zoom call in which case she is adorable LOL) and WattyDog a huge German Shepherd the ex left behind. 

I’m now looking forward to 2024.  I couldn’t get a mortgage because the ex insisted on a “overage deal” which made the property un-mortgageable so I'm in the lucky position of being mortgage free but the unusual position of not having sound investments, savings and emergency funds.

So rather than paying off a mortgage I'm rebuilding pots I emptied to pay my ex partner and the associated bills.  .

I know a diary will help keep me on track and chart progress and have a bit of fun along the way

Made it to mortgage free but what a muddle that became

In the event the proverbial hits the fan then co-habitees are better stashing their cash than being mortgage free !!


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    👋 hi, I'm here too

    Happy new year, happy new diary, happy new life full of forward looking and making that vision board into reality 

    Daisy xxxx
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