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    Sponge cake eg madeira spread with jam then cut into fingers and placed in the trifle bowl. Then liqueur of your choice (Cointreau is nice) with tinned or fresh fruit. Then a thick layer of custard mixed with melted white chocolate (adds a certain je ne sais quoi and sets nicely). Then thick cream topping and decorations to your taste.

    This is no ordinary trifle, this is Nargle's "chuck it all in a bowl and see what happens" trifle.
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  • easiest posh trifle in the world:
    1 Jamaican ginger cake, 1 largeish tin pears, rum, custard, cream, flaked almonds
    slice cake put in bottom of trifle dish. Drain pears, keeping juice, mix half of juice with as much rum as you want and pour over cake slices. Make custard/open carton and pour over (if making custard leave until cool but pourable before putting in the dish). Chill til firm. Whip cream and layer over custard. Toast flake almonds and keep separate - add just before serving.
    No-one in my family like rum, including me, but we all love this pudding, and it can be as homemade or as instant as you want.

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    It has to have jelly for me and i love strawberry trifle, sherry on your trifle sponges and on top flaked almonds and crumbled fave dessert ever reminds me of my childhood :T

    I love it in a glass bowl so you can see all the naughtiness ;) Can't wait for mine boxing day!

    OR if you want something a little different try Tipsy rings got this off the MIL and bit different but still uses sherry..yea!

    1 or 2 packets of choc chip cookies (maryland i use)
    Cooking chocolate(milk)
    Flaked almonds (toasted)
    glace cherries
    Tin ambrosia custard
    Large carton of double cream 250ml

    1) Melt cooking chocolate.
    2) Then dip 3 biscuits into sherry soak it up a bit, then sandwich together with the chocolate, so in stacks of three. Leave overnight in fridge to set.
    3)Next day whip custard and cream together, then arrange your biscuit stacks in a shallow dish and completely cover with mixture...then add your flaked almonds and on each covered biscuit stack put a glace cherry.

    Believe me this is very good...i can manage two stacks, so make enough for two for everyone...but dead easy and christmassy x
  • This sounds fab and a bit different - you could just leave out the baileys for the kids

    6 slices chocolate cake ,6 tbsp Baileys ,3 medium bananas ,6 tbsp dulce de leche toffee sauce ,500g tub fresh custard ,142ml carton double cream ,Splash of vanilla extract.

    Break up the chocolate cake in to pieces and drizzle with the baileys,slice the bananas and smother with the toffee sauce, then the custard, whip the double cream up and add the vanilla extract and spoon on to the top and enjoy....... in fact i sooooo want this for my tea!
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    I've made this one by Delia the last few years and it has went down a storm
    Usually buy a jar of the tiny clematines in Grand marnier in sainsburys to decorate but they haven't got any this year! Anyone seen them anywhere else?
  • i love the custard on trifle use large tin of evaporated milk as part of milk requirement, makes custard soooooooo creamy:rotfl:. Make dad a trifle every christmas over years have found out what he really likes ie: 2 packs of trifle sponges 5 tins of fruit and 4 jellies!!!! no custard or cream dont know if its a trifle anymore?:eek: :xmassign:
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    I love trifle!

    My tips;

    I mix a tin of cherry pie filling to the made-up jelly (use just a touch less water) and add half a bag of the cheapo frozen forest fruits too as I like the slightly tart taste of the fruits amidst all sweetness. This makes a lovely soft gooey fruity layer, with out the plain 'jelly' texture and helps make a generous amount of fruity layer

    I use Birds custard powder to make the custard, while it's still hot I add abeaten egg, it gives a more home-made type custard. ( be careful adding the egg, I add a little hot custard to the egg first, before beating the two together. Will try making it with evap this year as suggested!

    The M&S Christmas food mag has a yummy looking "Inside-out Trifle".... turned out like a Summer Pudding with swiss roll on the outside and filled with a gooey fruit layer and a white chocolate custard (mentioned earlier in this thread). Bit worried about turning it out, but if I've got time, I might have a play with this idea!! Even if it doesn't turn out, I'm sure the resulting mess will taste delish!!
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    Ooooh, trifle with custard? A travesty in my family tradition....(but as I've never tried it with, maybe it would add).

    Our recipe, handed down through the ages...

    Make some sponge cake, cube it and soak liberally in Harv!y's Bri$tol cream sherry.
    Drain 2 tins of fruit cocktail in juice, saving juice to add into jelly, and mix fruit with cake.
    Make up 2 packets of strawberry jelly using the juice and water. Pour over top of cake/fruit mixture and leave to set.
    Whip LOTS of double cream, spoon and smooth over top in a nice thick layer, then keep away from me until it's needed at Christmas lunch :)

    The 'big dinner is in the evening, we have salad, cheese, salmon at lunchtime followed by massive portions of trife and/or (ok, and) lemon cheesecake, another family must.

    I can't wait!! Even nicer snuck out of the fridge the next day if any left too!
  • Sounds yummy! Thanks!

    I did have a thought, how about a black forest trifle. Using choc swiss roll, cherries (obviously!) and then choc custard. What do you think?

    OOOh yummy - I make a blackforest trifle every Christmas, but it is a very complicated, un MSE Nigella recipe.

    The simple, more MSE version is choc sponge, spread with cherry jam (or any sort) to make sandwhiches, then use bottled cherries on top (can sprinkle with liquer if you want to), then choc custard and cream. Just divine.
  • Hello. I couldn't get my usual jam swis roll for my sherry trifle when shopping but got a chocolate one instead. Do you think this would be ok to use? I layer sherry, fruit cocktail, jelly, swiss roll, custard and cream on the top.
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