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  • i'm making my trifle today for Boxing Day - or it won't get made. I know I'd be quite happy for the ingredients to sit separately in the fridge for a few days, so I don't think the ingredients put together in a trifle would be any more risk. The biggest danger making it early is the fridge-fairies in my house who sneak food they shouldn't. I'd like a fridge with a lock for christmas next year!!!

  • misskoolmisskool Forumite
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    We're making ours tonight for tomorrow. But we do keep eating it for 3 days so think you'll be ok. Just worried that other smells in the fridge will taint the custard?
  • Could try clingfilm-ing in an effort to protect it from absorbing 'weirdy aromas' - and there's enough of those lurking in our fridges over christmas/new year. When covered like that, you can also get away with balancing something else on the top, if fridge space is scarce.
  • ragz_2ragz_2 Forumite
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    Oooh that recipe sounded really yummy, I'd be making it myself if I weren;t already doing Baileys Tiramisu! I agree with other replies, should be fine for about 3 days in the fridge but definitely cover with cling film.
    Ragz is busy studying ;)
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  • I'd do the majority but put the cream on just before serving. This is what I do with traditional trifle anyhow (jelly & cake / custard / cream. Not sure if this is a different type and I daren't google for the recipe as I suspect it may be in the new Delai book that I've ordered from Santa.
  • Thanks all. Just got back in having borrowed some snow chains from a friend and finally got our car back home.

    Was about to sit down and relax but it looks like I will be making a trifle instead :D

    It will be good to get another job out of the way. Thanks for the warning about the smells. There is a rather viscious camembert lurking in the fridge :eek:

    Happy Christmas all :A
    Thank you for this site :jNow OH and I are both retired, MSE is a Godsend
  • I've never made trifle before, my aunt always makes them for family events and I love trifle but I've always regarded trifle making as some sort of dark art!

    But...the fairy cakes I made yesterday are rock hard so trifle is clearly called for!

    I've looked at a number of recipes and some have jelly in and some (St Delia and St Mary of Berry) don't. jelly or not to jelly - what is the considered opinion of the OS'ers?
  • misskoolmisskool Forumite
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    no jelly, no fruit juice, no alcohol here. trifle sponge, fruit, custard and whipped cream to top.

    might go sneak a mouthful from the fridge now...
  • floydfloyd Forumite
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    No jelly here either, we had individual trifles on Christmas day and they had madeira cake, HM clementine syrup or sherry, fresh raspberries, custard and lightly whipped whipping cream.
    I'm not really fond of jelly and can never be arsed to wait for it to set so we dont bother, its all a matter of personal taste
  • thriftmonsterthriftmonster Forumite
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    No jelly here - sponge, lots of sherry, frozen rasps or fruits of the forest to defrost into it, then top with custard and cream.
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