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    I prefer 'too much sherry'. In fact, imo thats the best bit. You can use madeira, or any other sweet heavy wine or liquor...obviously, more moderation the more alcoholic, e.g, i so etimes use ameretto.

    I use jelly sometimes, but not all the time. I nevet addquite the full amount of water to jelly though, we prefer a 'punchy' jelly, even eating it as jelly.

    I have in the past not used alcohol on the sponges, but made a vodka jelly and made a citrus vodka jelly ( e.g. Like a mojito trifle or a screwdriver one).

    The important thing imo, is to make it how you and your family like it, for us, thats boozy ( oh, the shame) and different but complimentary flavours of fruit.
  • thelawnetthelawnet Forumite
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    Well I soaked an packet of sponges in about 150ml of sherry (which is quite a lot) in the bottom of the glass bowl. I've made up two packets of jelly and they are chilling in the fridge in jugs. I'm going to let them set for an hour before trying to pour them over the sponges.

    I'm going to make custard from double cream, do you think it's ok to make it now, put it in the fridge over night, and then try and pour it tomorrow? Just worrying that the custard will set if I refrigerate it?

    I could leave the custard at room temperature overnight I suppose.
  • meritatenmeritaten
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    NO - dont leave the custard to set - not unless its on the jelly! let it cool to about room temp then spread it on the jelly or Sherry/sponge base! it will be fine in the fridge overnight - but put a bit of clingfilm over it and make sure it covers the custard - otherwise you will have a nasty 'skin' on it.
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    ive merged this with our trifle thread

    A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men :cool:
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  • thelawnetthelawnet Forumite
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    Well the trifle was:

    pack of trifle sponges, soaked in about 150ml Harveys Bristol Cream
    250 grams raspberries
    pint of raspberry jelly
    can of peaches
    another pint of raspberry jelly
    custard made from 500ml of double cream
    whipped cream, made from 500ml of double cream
    toasted flaked almonds

    It was delicious, but will try to use home-made jelly next time.

    Also probably needs a little more custard
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