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I am harrased by UKPC and they are not providing Popla reference



  • KeithP
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    L3l3lee said:
    It's freirn Barnet retail park and Enfield council. 
    You can find a list of all councillors easily.
    Googling Enfield council members led me here - Your councillors - where they are all listed, each with an email address, a postal address and a phone number.

    Did you perhaps mean Friern Bridge Retail Park?
  • L3l3lee
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    Thank you, yes I meant Friern Barnet Retail park 
  • GrannyKate
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    edited 17 October 2023 at 7:52AM
    Google suggests Friern Bridge  belongs to DTZ Investors - - were you at the car park shown in the pictures accompanying this article or a different one
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  • L3l3lee
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    Hi again. Actually its officially called Friern Bridge Retail Park but its popularly called Friern Barnet Retail park. 
  • KeithP
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    Then it looks like you should be getting Mark Sealey of DTZ Investors on your case.
  • L3l3lee
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    Yes I was at this car park.

    Below is the email I received from UKPC today.

    Good Morning.


    Thank you for your email.


    Please be advised an appeal was not made to UKPC before the charge was referred to the debt recovery agency,  therefore you do not have a POPLA reference.


    ZZPS can be reached directly on 01932 918916 or by emailing


    Thank you.



    Kind Regards

    Complaints Department

    UK Parking Control

    PO Box 1608

    High Wycombe

    HP12 9FN


  • Good letter to the children of UKPC
  • UncleThomasCobley
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    @L3l3lee, you really should send exactly what @Coupon-mad has suggested above ( :D ). There is no harm in it and it would be very entertaining for everyone to see whether they respond.

    The only thing I would change is signing off with "Yours faithfully" rather than "sincerely", unless you know Hugo the dog personally.  ;)
  • L3l3lee
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    HI All , thanks for all the advices. i really appreciate it. 

    i wrote a letter to my councilors this week, not sure what they are going to do or how long it will take them to respond. 

    i also sent the below to ZZPS 

    Once again your conclusion is ridiculous, in effect all drivers must be treated unfairly? For all I know this is a scam from UKPC and ZZPS to extract more money from unsuspecting drivers. 

    So far, you have provided no evidence or corroborative proof that shows that the letter was sent to me; however I continue to be denied due process. 

    I have written a letter to my local MP to report your corrupt practices. it appears that i may need to plead my case in court since there is no other recourse for me to be heard

    to make matters worse a new company called CUP enforcement sent me a new parking violation for parking opposite my pharmacy. i have parked there for years and there are no signs displayed saying its private parking, they have hidden a sign under a billboard and now another battle begins . 

    its really frustrating that these companies can misbehave and leave you stressed and anxious, with the deliberate ploy being its easier to pay us to just go away. 

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