NST June 2023 Flotsam and Jetsam

NST June 2023

We all  use the phrase 'Flotsam and Jetsam' to mean all sorts of odds and sods but the words have specific legal meanings. When a boat is sinking, any cargo which floats off into the water as a consequence is Flotsam. Any items jettisoned by the crew in an attempt to save lives or the vessel is Jetsam. As  the items are jettisoned any claims of ownership are relinquished. Items which float free as the vessels founders remain part of the cargo and must be returned to the owners.

So who is floating along without a paddle, drifting this way and that on the waves? Who has chosen to 'jump ship' and set out on a different course or has your employer or a former loved one decided to jettison? We all have times of uncertainty, feeling rudderless and without a much needed anchor. Debt repayments can seem never ending, our chosen career ends up being a job that we don't even know why we started and we can get stuck in a situation that is not of our making. Just trying not to drown amidst life's storms, we try to keep our heads above water, not sure which direction we're going in.

In our desire to avoid change we cling to old relationships, jobs, bad habits which may no longer suit us. Loss of income, a job, break-ups, a health scare (lots of those around atm) make us feel vulnerable and often we plod doggedly in the same old pathways because we can't break the pattern. AS I think Deputy Dawg used to say "Just a cotton picking minute". We need to pause, take a deep breath and work out the best course for ourselves and our loved ones.

Ninja Saving Turtles are generally swimming against the tide of consumerism, paying off debt, saving for the future or just existing on a small fixed income. We treat money seriously but celebrate our achievements, commiserate with and support those who are struggling and have a lot of fun along the way. From the stroke of midnight tonight (31st May) until the end of June we will be engaging in the


F   Finances first - pay to your debt or savings, live on what is left.
     Fifteen No Spend Days (fuel or travel pass, medical needs including hospital parking and any ys purchases are exempt).

L   Look at things differently. You can't change other people/ some situations so you need to change the way you think about it, make an escape plan or improve it
     Little Bit Better - If you are stuck in a situation which can't be changed short-term, work out small things you can do now to make it bearable, less boring, fun

O   Opportunities to make more money - overtime, second (or third jobs), surveys for vouchers - not available to most of us so make the most of them if you can
     Opportunities to save - mending and repairing, re-purposing, growing your own veg, making hm gifts/ cards/ bags/ stationery items, cs purchases

T   Take control of the things you can control, recognise what isn't within your control (you are not responsible for the behaviour of other people)
     Think about your needs, what you need to happen - anything that supports you and your health and timetable it (don't drop it because you're busy)

S   Self-care - eat, drink water, exercise, unwind (add pampering and anything else you might need - there are many forms of self-care)
      Summer is coming - even if you're having a staycation, plan a few treats (plus factor 30+, bite cream, sunhats and glasses, a well stocked first aid kit)

A   Always take time to enjoy the moment - observe, enjoy, laugh, smile, be happy, have fun. The little things are really the big things
      At the end of the month we will be half way through this calendar year. Think about this month, and the second half of the year

M   Meal plan. The food budget is still mostly within our control (even though prices are unpredictable but not coming down). Use what you have, make it yourself
      More than meal planning - lots of things work better if you plan them. Just having a list of all the odd jobs that need doing means you can make use of odd minutes


J   Just do it. Stop procrastinating. Just make a start and remember Just because you can't do all of it, doesn't mean you can't do some of it
     Jettison the things that no longer serve you

E   Eat your veggies
     Eat those frogs

T   Take care of your health, it will pay off in the long term (and will make it's presence felt if you ignore it)
     Take things slowly. Rushing at things and overdoing it is unsustainable

S    Sleep (DS3's suggestion)
       Stay hydrated (DS3 says it needs it's own bullet point)

A    Always check in (daily if possible)
       Always be grateful for what you have

M   Mini Missions - think of 3 things in your life that need sorting out, pick one to work on (it can be as small as a drawer that sticks or is overflowing to a project or preparing to return to study - explore courses/ funding/ time you need to set aside)
      Many people are having a tough time, be kind, give what you can (time,money, kindness


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    Me please, Grandmanerd, xxx
    Have adventures. laugh a lot and always be kind.
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    Can you add me too please x
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    Me please @grandmanerd, thank you!! This resonates with me more than you know!! 
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    Hi can I please join. 
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    hello i would like to join in too please x
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