NST March 2023 LIONS and LAMBS

Ninja Saving Turtles Challenge March 2023

The month of March has just blown in
To say that Spring will soon begin
March roars in like a lion with a bluster and a slam!
And tiptoes out gently like a quiet little lamb

So are you a lion
Sometimes you have to be a lion so you can be the lamb you are 
(Yvonne Seon)

or a lamb
Only a fool mistakes kindness for weakness. There is the heart of a lion within the spirit of a lamb. Grace is selfless strength

or something completely different
Dragon and Lamb
And sometimes you are going to be fierce as a dragon, armed in scales of impenetrable gold 
And sometimes you are going to be as vulnerable as a lamb, soft and comforting in newborn wool.
Both versions of you deserve to be loved. Both versions of you are needed. Both versions of you are beautiful. (Nikita Gill)

I think the truth is that we are all lamb, lion, dragon and turtle - the trick is knowing which is needed at any particular moment.

So will this month bring storms or sunshine, and early heatwave or snow at Easter (
don't panic, Easter's at the end of the first week in April). 

L      Live on what is left after paying towards your Debt or Savings 

I       If you don't yet have your life fully sorted out, don't worry. If you have a plan but it's vague, pencil in some details and small actions. If you feel that things are 'not            right' but have no idea what to do, just sit with it for a while but try to make small improvements - make your workspace better, get other family members on board

O     Outdated ideas, possessions that belong to your former life (or 'fantasy you') and toxic people need to go. We all need space, in our homes and in our heads

N     NSDs - target for the month is 15. Fuel or travel cost from your budget do not forfeit an NSD on the day of purchase, neither do medical needs (inc special diets).            YS  purchases get a free pass

S     Set all budgets before the start of the month - Food, travel, 'personal spends', diy, entertainment


L     Lent (whether you are religious, spiritual or just a human being) is a good time to 
       Live with LESS - We can all do with less sugar, salt, caffeine in our bodies, (more under M)
       If we have ENOUGH we should express our gratitude (3 a day. more if possible) and share  what we can afford - money or goods to ...(food bank or earthquake relief ?),             spending time with an old person or a friend in need, sharing what we have, passing on our unwanted or unneeded possessions
        NOTICE the world around us. Spend time with nature.
       Take TIME for quiet reflection and with those we care about.

A    Advance planning . Think about the month ahead, any birthdays or celebrations. What are your plans for Easter - are you going away, visiting relatives (or hosting)         or participating in the other great Easter ritual DIY.  Those with children have the end of term holiday to come so look around for free activities (local authorities             and libraries will usually have special events and activities but some are limited on numbers and booking is required). Do your shopping early (at 15 I had a p-t job in a SM - people put aside an item or two a week aside in preparation for Isaac Newton's birthday, not so for Easter) unless you want to be in a 50 deep queue at checkout. Similarly I'd advise getting your diy supplies in beforehand (there is nothing so bleak as the garden centre on BH Monday afternoon) 

M   Manifesto for a simple life
       Eat less, move more,  Buy less, make more,  Stress less, laugh more,  Feel blessed, love more.  Find a quiet spot each day and breathe 

B    Be happy, whatever your circumstances. Be kind, to yourself and others

S     Small habits repeated daily are  the foundation of any change (big or small). Succeed on your own times, ignore the braying donkeys on facebook (a lion doesn't need to tell anyone it's a lion), lions ignore the scoffing hyenas and follow your own path, not the crowd.

The Lions and Lambs Challenge runs throughout March, from the moment after midnight when apple and f0xh0les vie to say Pinch, punch to the 31st. So how many turtles will we have this month (newcomers and regulars all welcome)


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  • Did you do this one especially for me in my uncertain times? Would love to join.
    Have adventures. laugh a lot and always be kind.
  • firsview
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    Yes please grandmanerd!
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    Me please @grandmanerd.
    Thank you for our shiny new thread  :smiley:
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    Yes please grandmanerd :)
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    Thanks for the new thread. I'm in please 
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    Can you add me please @grandmanerd
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    Yay! I'm in, please. March is a very very heavy month for me at work (departmental audit; Languages week (I'm running one day) and a day trip to Boulogne) so a turtle/lion/dragon/lamb focus is purrfect. Thank you!
    NST March lion #8; NSD ; MFW9/3/23 Whoop Whoop!!!
  • Me please! 
  • Count me in, thank you @grandmanerd
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