New fresh diary for 2023!

New year means a new fresh diary! So, going back to when it joined the forum until now;

January 11th 2021

Debt - diary said 5k, but was 6k. Was this my lightbulb moment, no. Was I accountable for myself being in debt, not really.
October started a second job at Sainsburys along side my full time job. Extra money towards the debts.
Made some new friends on here who followed my journey and supported me! 

January 5th 2022

Debt - 4.7k still was unhappy with the debt I have, felt unhappy few times throughout the year with my debts as they didn't seem to go anywhere. Did some research and with the help of you guys started asking for part settlements which I got good deals on! My best was 118 offering me 50% off, and being able to pay in instalments. I became an auntie which made me realise with having two jobs part time and a full time that I needed more ME time, even if I wanted the money to pay the debts I also wanted to be able to enjoy my own time with family. 
September 2nd - I finally left my full time job at a company I was at for 5 years and 6 months. I started working at Euro Car Parts "part time" from the 5th. I was in a better place overall and with my debts I felt light at the end of the tunnel. 
December 10th I left Sainsburys as the early morning and working at euros was physically making me unwell and grumpy!

January 1st 2023

Debt - £295
I now have a full time contract at Euro Car Parts as a Customer Sales Supervisor (fancy term for shop assistant) I get a works van which saves me money fuel wise. Debt wise, although it says £295 that's my 118 loan. I do have catalogue accounts I plan on taking a look over and seeing what I owe.

Going forward, I plan on doing some challenges I've seen the 1P challenge on here so going to print that out and go from there! I'm more motivated than ever this year as I know once I'm debt free I can start saving! I also plan on not buying anymore alcohol after all the drink has been drunk in the house. Swimming will commence again from next Monday so looking forward to that. Meal plans I've completely fallen flat on over the last few weeks/months so I do need to get my bum into gear and not run to tesco meal deals daily! Surveys etc. I lost interest in doing as I didn't have much time, my life was literally sleep, eat, work bed. 

Myself and OH have been together 7 years in February so my goal so far is to save some money towards a nice gift as his birthday is a week later!

If you've made it this far, thanks and hopefully i'll see some old and new faces along my journey! 

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Debt owed;


  • Cheering you on with your new diary.
  • Very well done. So glad you left Sainsburys, can’t have been easy doing all of that but it’s got you where you wanted so that’s the main thing. 2023 should be interesting. Will you keep the diary open once the debt is gone?
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  • Humdinger1
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    @Keedie have subscribed and am so looking forward to cheering you on! What an achievement; I hope you're bursting with pride.  Happy new year to us all love Humdinger xx
  • Well done Jade, determination is key! I had more than just a lightbulb moment 5 years ago, it was a major epiphany - all relating to my personal work/life & health balance. From then onwards I vowed that I wouldn’t sacrifice my time and health for a company that essentially I work for to earn a living and pay the bills. I encourage others to take a step back and look at their balance and I maintain that a decent wage can be earned even without working all the hours under the sun.

    Get shot of that pesky £295, uncover the buried catalogue debts, bringing them out in the open and every penny you’ve paid each month to debts can now go in to the highest savings account you can find that suits your needs (I personally use Zopa & it’s boosted pots).

    Good luck and HNY 🥳
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    Charity fundraising goal for 2024 = £1,000 for animal rehoming / dog fostering etc
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    Following for the last bit
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  • Happy New Diary ⭐️
    Not all who wander are lost - J.R.R.Tolkien
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    My WW and friends diary is here 😁 …

  • I’m along for your 2023 journey. You’ll be debt free in no time and can move onto bolstering your savings 
    LMD x
    Life gets in the way...PADding is addictive...Saving's better than spending...
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    @BlueJ94 - £295? £295???!!?? I had to read that figure twice to check I wasn't seeing things! Fantastically low figure. I know you'll soon be rid of that 
    Yes, if you still owe catalogue oddments, get rid of those as soon as you can, then you can put your efforts into saving & that will feel like a real leap forward.
    I'm.not surprised you were worn out with the supermarket hours. Now your working hours are less frantic, you can hopefully resume meal planning & all those little good money habits which can quickly slip when life gets in the way.
    Best wishes for 2023 - both for debt-busting & saving.
    F x
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    Evening all, 

    Trying to motivate myself to stay active and accountable on here! Did a little food shop so I can at least attempt a meal plan, I used a gift card so spent no money of my own. I don't start work tomorrow until 10am so I plan on actually eating a breakfast and walking the dogs as it's very rare they go on a morning walk! I'm trying to drink my 2 litres of water again so will get that freshly made in the morning! 

    Counted all my pennies in my purse £9ish in spare change so added to a tub for now, until I make a money jar! I plan on having a jar for £2, £1 and 50ps and another for 20p, 10p, 5p, 2's and 1s! 

    OH bought me a click and grow garden for Christmas so I'm currently growing mini tomatoes, chives and parsley!

    Sorting out a van tomorrow at work so get to save myself a lot in fuel, as I don't have to put fuel into it I just pay£40pm for driving it! :)
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    Debt owed;
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    Just started reading your diary.  Brilliant that your deb is down to £295; that's a huge amount you've paid off.

    I have two containers which I use for saving change - like you're planning I have one for £2; £1 & 50p and another for everything else.  The small change gets paid into my Metro bank account whenever I get to a branch which is only about 3 or 4 times a year, might only be £10 or £12 but every little helps.  The other jar is for paying for my hairdresser every 6 weeks and DH takes £4 now and again to pay for his golf competitions.

    Definitely get those catalogue debts sorted out as well and then you can really get saving.

    Have subscribed to your diary.
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