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Debt free and staying that way while I re-evaluate life and keep blood sugar levels down



  • badmemory
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    I find if I wear a size as per the measurement I land up with boobs under my arms.  So bra extenders are an essential.  Even M & S agreed when they measured me that it was the only way to get a decent fit.  The problem of course is that it means the straps land up on the edge of my shoulders, so I am always having to hike them back or have something across to stop it happening.  Wouldn't it be nice if life was simple?  If anyone knows of any bras which are actually sensibly designed please let me know.  As in why can't the straps come up from the centre of the cup like they used to instead of well over an inch to the outside.
  • Four_Seasons
    Hi Hundinger, I have seen your comments about weight on other diary's you have done so well. Apparently I was prediabetic but at my recent blood test I am not - I didn't know! But it has made me think so any tips would be very welcome x
  • foxgloves
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    Thanks for sharing your diet methodology, @Humdinger1. I found it really interesting to read, as somebody who has lost a lot of weight in the past (6 stones) but has gradually regained a significant wodge of it over the intervening 10 years. We renewed our weight loss efforts at the beginning of this week & we are both feeling very motivated. I know you sometimes drop in to my diary, so do feel free to administer a verbal boot up the backside if you detect obvious signs of me straying too far from the straight & narrow!
    I haven't cut carbs to the extent you describe, but I've found that in recent years, cutting bread to just 1 serving (toast) in the morning then avoiding sandwich-type lunches does seem to result in more reliable weight loss.
    I've been meaning to expand my sourdough baking into rye bread for a while, so I will buy some rye flour & give it a go.
    Late 50s......yes, very weird age!
    F x
    "For each of our actions there are only consequences" (James Lovelock)"For in the true nature of things......every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold & silver" (Martin Luther King Jnr)
  • Humdinger1
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    edited 26 February 2023 at 11:07AM
    Thanks @foxgloves I will comment but would consider it a cheek to boot you up the jacksie...am saving that for voting out the incumbents at the next election! One other thing...intermittent fasting seems to help too.  I leave 12-14 hours between dinner and breakfast.   Dr Mike M*s*ley recommends this.  Gives your pancreas and whole system chance to reset.  6 stone is an impressive amount to lose; well done!  The fact that fat per se doesn't make you put on weight has been a revelation to me.  Obvs want to keep cholesterol under control but it is the carbs that pile on the weight.  Doctors should have been announcing this in my opinion, not flaky 'celebrities' as I didn't consider them credible.  That's my fault though for intellectual snobbery.  Onwards and upwards love Humdinger xx 
  • jwil
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    Thanks for sharing how you eat, it's interesting.
    "If you can dream it, you can do it". Walt Disney
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