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2023 Fashion on the Ration Challenge



  • keepcalmandcraft
    btw, in 2023, as well as attempting to keep on top of listing my Coupons when I buy any new clothing, footwear, fabric or yarn, I shall also be trying to list fabric and yarn for things I make from what I already have, to see if I can use up 66 coupons'; worth of materials!
    I intended to do it last year but then forgot... ;) 
    What a good idea, I might have to do that too. 
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  • PipneyJane
    PipneyJane Posts: 4,137 Forumite
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    Hi all, I am looking for a bit of inspiration of what to use the brown fluffy yarn for. I have quite a bit but apart from the fact I have far too many clothes already brown is not really my colour so looking for something to make that I might be able to gift or might be useful, any ideas? 
    Take care everyone
    Hi @Liverpool_Anne

    We need more details, please.  Which fluffy yarn? (Brand +/- a picture). Quantity?


    - Pip
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  • CapricornLass
    It might also depend on how soft the wool is, Liverpool Anne.  I've met some fluffy wools that were really scratchy and harsh.
    Having said that, I have fond memories of a fluffy bolero that was knitted by my nanny, so maybe something like a waistcoat? (Boleros on a 4 yr old in the early 60s was all the thing, but maybe not on a more mature lady in 2023!)
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  • TwibbleDee
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    So, my experiment with my woolen dresses from Wool&: I now have 5 Sierras and 3 Camillas, all in various colors.  I think I've had one day since May that I didn't wear them. I wash them only every few weeks and spot clean as needed (I managed to splash oil & egg on one whilst making bread--perhaps I should learn to wear my apron?--and it came right out with a bit of gentle soap and a toothbrush).

    I have 6 pairs of shorts and 4 pairs of leggings that I wear under them, but still need a few more pairs of shorts.  I rarely wear the leggings, so no need to invest in more of those.  

    I also purchased 3 much-needed bras at the end of last year during the sales--I was down to 2 that I swapped back and forth all the time, so definitely a necessity! Underwear is definitely on my list for this year.

    My last pair of sandals died 2 days before we left for the beach in November.  We bought sandals that I used while we were down there, but they're officially my husband's now so I'm not counting them in my coupons!  I discovered Crocs, and we'll see if I can stand to wear them once it starts getting hot again or if I end up buying more sandals for the summer.

    Things I need to purchase this year: pajamas, underwear, possibly sandals. 
    2023 Fashion on the Ration: Start with 66. Nightdress - 6 = 60 remaining.
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