To use Guineapigsqueaks/Sa1sysoo words “A new thread for declutterbugs in (2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021, 2022) 2023 !" 

My 2022 was another washout on the decluttering & decorating fronts. Neither DH nor I have managed to summon up any enthusiasm for anything.

Of course, we did have our TWO big holidays - the American Wild West guided motorbike tour. Beautiful scenery especially Utah, a wedding in Las Vegas, great company of other bikers  with the added bonus of meeting weenancy 😊 Then the St Lucia trip with DH’s sister & brother-in-law & their daughter & her husband. A gloriously lazy two weeks with plenty of sunshine, good food, daily dips in the sea to feed the beautiful fish plus a couple of day trips. The Round Britain Rally also featured with DH having several overnight trips & the two of us having a couple of 3 or 4 day trips. We also celebrated our 30th Wedding Anniversary.

Because of the timings of the two holidays, 2022 was a write off as far as home grown produce was concerned 🙁 although we did manage a couple of kilos of potatoes 🙂

2022 was also the year of numerous Prime Ministers; Covid staying around; Avian flu; energy, fuel & cost of living crises; strikes & the death of The Queen. Together with international problems due to climate change & the war in Ukraine, to name two. Although I was sad at the Queen’s demise, I was happy that Charles became King. 

I did create a 2022 list of Good Intentions but was not very successful as only managed to ‘almost’ complete Number 1 - see below 😔 I will have to mull, ponder & cogitate on a new list for 2023 🤔 😉 

1. Re-carpet our bedroom & repopulate with new (already purchased) or up-cycled furniture. DONE - mostly

2. Complete all small repair jobs around the house.

3. Rearrange contents of all kitchen cupboards & drawers - empty, clean inside & out,  declutter, design & build a shelving unit, get ovens professionally cleaned.

4. Be as productive as possible in the garden.

5. Self care - start walking, resume visits to Chinese Wellness Centre (new location) & update wardrobe.

Potential extras: Finish DH’s office carpeting - DH DID COMPLETE, put up a long shelf & declutter fully.

                           Plan bathroom refurbishment.”

Now to cheer you all up (a little at least 🤞)  a shiny new Decluttering Thread - “2023 DECLUTTERING CAMPAIGN Mrs SD” I have decided to keep “THE ELECTRIC POWERED DECLUTTERING TRAIN” as we have worked so hard to kit out the TLC Carriage with massage chairs, a spa, a jacuzzi & a constant supply of tea, coffee, alcoholic drinks & snacks with the emphasis on cake & biscuits + having a buffet section on all the other carriages 😅 Not forgetting the on call masseuses/masseurs. 


As has become my habit, I will start with a very concise explanation of the intentions & ethos of this thread gratefully ‘borrowed’ from oceanspirit 👏

“……..this thread isn’t just about getting rid of things, it’s about changing houses into homes, it’s about understanding ourselves and how we got into a mess in the first place and learning where we need to make new habits to prevent a rematch.

Mental clutter (frogs and long “to do” lists included) and electronic clutter as well as physical items contribute to holding us back from doing other things in life so keep posting for as long as you wish to continue.  I for one love reading about … projects … as it helps inspire me to continue to look forward to having both physical and mental space to get on with pursuing my dreams rather than moving things around all the time”

So with the above in mind who will join our lovely new thread?  ALL are welcome 👏 Whether you are doing a major declutter or a maintaining declutter. This will continue to be a supportive & encouraging thread - our aim being to declutter our lives of physical & electronic items & maybe even the stress of having too much ‘stuff’ plus keeping each other’s spirits up in these difficult times. A laugh & a joke, a shoulder to lean on & a place to vent (within Forum Rules) - is hopefully provided here.  A real bonus is that decluttering makes our homes safer &  cleaning easier 😉

Gold Stars ⭐️ ⭐️ will continue making an appearance, as well as medals🏅🏅

Plenty of options are available on numbering the clutter out …….

2023 in 2023 or 52 in 52 weeks even 365 in 365 days or maybe by room. If you are feeling really adventurous a la basketcase (2018) - you can weigh the clutter out 😉

Whichever numbering option you choose or you may choose not to number, we would love to hear both your success stories & your ways/methods of decluttering - they may not have worked for you but they may work for someone else. All ideas are gratefully received.

I am hoping that everyone who posted on the 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022 threads will also post on the 2023 thread 🙂 + we all love to welcome new people 🙏 

I know I am a bit early in setting up this thread but it can help to plan your decluttering - ‘To Do Lists’ can be your friends 😉 (Perhaps I should take my own advice & write a Good Intentions list for 2023 🤣)

So after another year of decluttering & sharing our journeys, please join me in my continuing quest to have a clutter free, tidy & decorated home with no hidden horrors 😆 I am hoping to see many of my old friends & hopefully make some new friends as well - my version of recharging my batteries is by reading all your posts, ‘borrowing’ decluttering ideas & cheerleading 😊

MrsSD aka Mrs Salad Dodger

If you haven’t already, join the forum to reply.

Be Kind. Stay Safe. Break the Chain. Save Lives.

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