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Octopus Saving Session



  • Chrysalis
    Chrysalis Posts: 4,185 Forumite
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    edited 18 November 2022 at 12:23AM
    Your idea is still far better, my idea was to make it pay out if peak time usage was below xx% of overall daily use, but yours is very good, make it pay out if you below the average.

    Problem with both our ideas is it would be far more expensive as they would be paying far more people :smiley: this one has marketing benefits whilst probably not costing much.
  • brewerdave
    brewerdave Posts: 8,549 Forumite
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    After reading this thread about Octopus and saving sessions, I was contemplating what sort of mess BG would/will make of their equivalent when they launch it. Probably find that you get surcharged for the hours rather than save !!!
  • dander
    dander Posts: 1,786 Forumite
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    Well, my results are in... I earned 8p. Not sure it's something I'll bother with again. I'm not a high user anyway, and that 5-6 slot is when I'm still working so need computer screens etc on, and I never cook that early so I pretty much could only turn the lights off to try and reduce. No plans to start turning the freezer off for the sake of a few pence.
  • double_dutchy
    double_dutchy Posts: 350 Forumite
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    edited 18 November 2022 at 8:47PM
    dander said:
    Well, my results are in... 
    Where did you find out? In my Octopus account it still says they are "running the numbers".

    On the "in day adjustment",  surely the main reason for this is to stop people making money when they are on holiday or otherwise away from home? If there's no adjustment based on usage that day then I can go on holiday, sign up for a saving session just afterwards and my usage in the saving period will obviously be lower than average without me even trying.
  • Marmaduke123
    £1.57 for me. I cooked on the gas hob, had only 3 lights on, didn't do anything else different. Oh, and I listened to a battery run portable radio while cooking, instead of listening to my mains radio.
  • The_Hawk
    The_Hawk Posts: 112 Forumite
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    I managed to achieve a reduction of 59% which, with my low base usage, amounted to 48p.
  • QrizB
    QrizB Posts: 13,822 Forumite
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    I think I broke their system - I simultaneously didn't save enough, and saved 100% :D

    N. Hampshire, he/him. Octopus Go elec & Tracker gas / Shell BB / Lyca mobi. Ripple Kirk Hill member.
    2.72kWp PV facing SSW installed Jan 2012. 11 x 247w panels, 3.6kw inverter. 30MWh generated, long-term average 2.6 Os.
    Taking a break, hope to be back eventually.
    Ofgem cap table, Ofgem cap explainer. Economy 7 cap explainer. Gas vs E7 vs peak elec heating costs.
  • So far you've earned 320 OctoPoints (or £0.40) over 1 Saving Session

    You saved 100% in the last session

    Amazing effort, well done!

    You cut down by 100%

    Other Savers in your area typically cut down 27%

    You're saving 73% more than your neighbours, nice work!

  • Alnat1
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    edited 18 November 2022 at 10:15PM
    My husband definitely accidently broke the system by grilling fish fingers for lunch and then setting off the dishwasher. I helped it a bit by trying to cheat the system and filling the battery 2.30-3.30.so we'd be running on battery power 5-6.

    We made £2.67  ;)

    The secret appears to be, use a lot of leccy in the 4 hours before the Session
    Barnsley, South Yorkshire
    Solar PV 5.25kWp SW facing (14 x 375 Longi) Lux 3.6kw hybrid inverter and 4.8kw Pylontech battery storage installed March 22
    Octopus Agile/Fixed Outgoing and Tracker gas
  • rjmachin
    rjmachin Posts: 349 Forumite
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    More than I was expecting, but very pleased with it and will do the next one

    For transparency I have:
    • Solar Panels (though on Tuesday on 600Wh were generated all day
    • I have a battery (which I charged for just over an hour between 3:30 and 4:30 before the session - this covered my use during the session and most of the evening)
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