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Money Moral Dilemma: Is it fair for my parents to penalise me for not having children?

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  • sammyjammysammyjammy Forumite
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    Life is not fair, suck it up!  It is their money and they can do what they want with it.  
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  • PmattPmatt Forumite
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    Perhaps your parents could either provide a specific amount of payment to all grandchildren and include similar relationships. They could then provide an equal share of the remainder between their own children and allow their direct dependants to decide how to disperse their remaining inheritance. This is always a potential issue where there is multiple issue on one side of the family and fewer on another side.
  • bikagabikaga Forumite
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    If your nephews/nieces are likely to be grown-ups when your parents pass then it makes total sense for them to get something straight away and not have to wait for your brother to die to pay off student loans or put down a deposit for a house. Times are hard, it's nice of your parents to want to help the young generation with a good start in life.

    If, however, you were really struggling financially and your brother wasn't, then it would make sense to support you a bit more relatively speaking. Hard to tell without knowing a bit more.

    And we don't even know if we're talking about say £5k each or a number of properties and lots of cash!

    But either way, calling it a punishment sounds like there's some background we don't know. Assuming there's a lot to be passed around - what would you do with it anyway? Burn it so your brother's kids don't get it? :neutral:
  • TheCraigClanTheCraigClan Forumite
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    Maybe the fact that the question is being asked by the OP in the first place is the reason the inheritance is being split four ways... Ha.
  • Judes123Judes123 Forumite
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    Our wills are to share our money between our children 2 marriages each). In the event of our children pre- deceasing us.. their share goes to their children
  • 400ixl400ixl Forumite
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    People jumping to conclusions that the will itself will not be written as an equal share between any children and grandchildren who survive the parents / grandparents. 

    Personally do not see any issue with the way they are doing it. As people live longer we may well see more of inheritance skipping generations as the children will already be well set up and even close to retirement themselves.
  • onomatopoeia99onomatopoeia99 Forumite
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    It's their money, they can do what they want with it.

    That said, I would not do what they have done.  I'd look at each child and ensure that their family got the same in total, so, brother 1 gets half, brother 2 a sixth, his children 1 and 2  a sixth each.

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  • gothvixengothvixen Forumite
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    If you did have a child, they would split it between 5 and you'd be down to 20%. You aren't receiving less than your brother and should be grateful for whatever they leave you.
  • Ian_KelseyIan_Kelsey Forumite
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    Grumbling over not getting as much money out of your parents as you'd like when they're dead. Nice! 
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