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I have debated posting this for a few days or so. One of the main reasons I wanted to post an update is because recently I said goodbye to my car for good having made the decision to lease another electric car through my business. A decision I simply think I wouldn’t have made without having been on here. My wife and I are selling and giving away a lot of things that are reminders of times we’d rather leave in the past and although for various reasons the car was one it has been difficult to let go. Over the past month I have also closed three credit card accounts I had with no outstanding balances. Hoping to not replace them and it seemed like a logical step in our commitment to moving towards a future of less reliance on credit.

I still follow some of the diaries on here and it is good to see the progress others are making. It’s largely thanks to people on here we’ve had some nice family days out and holidays over this past couple of years, my boy loves rugby as much as football and we are enjoying our BBQ. Do miss some of the banter, a fair few !!!!!! days have been brightened a little by some of the posts on here that made me smile. I had always really struggled to engage with my family prior to covid and it is therefore some people on here are often in my thoughts and prayers and I think always will be.  I have a way to go before I will be free of personal debt however things are going in the right direction and I just wanted to say thanks. Things are far from being easy but I am doing everything I can to stay in recovery, do better for my family, sort my personal finances out and manage chronic stress, it would therefore be appreciated if any responses are made with kindness.



  • Good to hear from you Alt and it sounds like you have both made massive leaps forward.

    Sounds like you are a proper convert to the milk floats 🤣🤣🤣

    Have missed your posts on here. 
  • alt80
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    Thanks @RelievedSheff. We have covered a fair few miles in the first milk float and it's been faultless, haven't got a bad word to say about. The new one is also a Mercedes as we've been pleased with the first one. Only car with an internal combustion engine we have now is the oldie.
  • alt80 said:
    @Grumpelstiltskin have it probably 3-4 times a week lol although the wife is on 'lean bulk' as of tomorrow and I've told her she'll not get anywhere with it on chicken salad so we shall see ha. Not sure what it is with this place and Fish & Chips though, we went to Suffolk over summer, thanked @RelievedSheff for her photos being the reason booked and get 2 recommendations for Fish & Chips in about an hour. Neither beat our local but didn't really expect it.
    Did you get to Southwold for fish and chips?

    Can't beat Mrs T's.
  • MatyMoo
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    Welcome back Alt, glad to hear you are still in recovery - very well done.

    I have given up smoking after 40+ years and that is a struggle so I have a small idea of how tough it has been for you.

    Great that you have had some lovely family days out, memories for you and your son are precious. 

    The Queen’s cortège today started in an area I know well and I have had a day filled with family holiday memories to make me smile.
    :j Proud Member of Mike's Mob :j
  • Welcome back Alt so pleased to hear how well you are doing. I have missed your posts. Take care and have a good week. 
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    Pleased to see you back and being positive. Sounds as if you are doing well and enjoying family life.
  • alt80
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    @Sun_Addict thank you. I am trying to reduce liabilities and financial commitments, like to think I am making progress with that. As for being in a better place I’d like to think so but the poor mental health hasn’t gone away despite not having touched the stuff for months so have good and bad days tbh.

    @RelievedSheff we did thank you and the food was delicious. Certainly not complaining and the view definitely beat the ‘delights’ of Mansfield Rd lol. Our local F&C has a selection way beyond anything else I’ve ever seen in a F&C shop and it is just next level to any other F&C I’ve ever had. @Grumpelstiltskin I think is local to me so knows how good it is hence the comment.

    @MatyMoo thank you. 

    Well done for giving up smoking, it’ll be worth it in the long run but it is a tough road to travel. You are in my prayers.

    My main goal for the coming year behold staying in recovery is to focus on my little family and the days and evenings we spend together. We don’t have many people left in our lives. Both my wife and I are in therapy, too many nights we cry ourselves to sleep so I know too well how precious those memories are. 

    I would love to visit Scotland, it always looks beautiful and peaceful in its rural parts. We were all saddened to hear about the passing of the Queen, my first job this week was to confirm to my staff that we all have an additional bank holiday that no one hoped to be taking

    @Four_Seasons / @carolbee thank you both. 

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