Modern washing machines

My last 3 machines have all been rubbish. I know everyone is obsessed with saving the environment but these modern washing machines are not helping. They use so little water, it’s almost like dry-cleaning. I’ve had clothes in the middle of the load not even get wet and they aren’t rinsed properly. They just dampen the clothes and toss them about in powder. The temperature guide isn’t real. They often don’t reach those temperatures, and the manufacturers are allowed to get away with this by saying it cleans ‘as well as’ whatever temperature you’ve set it to. Eg a 40C wash might only reach 33C, and even that is only held for a few minutes. To make up for this lack of water and heat, the machines take forever. An equivalent 40min wash years ago now takes 2-3hrs. They are also much more aggressive, constantly thumping clothes around for hours. I noticed things coming out with loose threads and holes. To start with I assumed it’s just because the clothes are quite old but it even shreds brand new things. Since Christmas, mine has destroyed a £60 jumper, a £180 pair of ski pants, a dressing gown which was a gift and two t-shirts. All the cycles are aggressive apart from the ‘wool’ wash, which is the total opposite and barely moves at all, leaving clothes still dry and dirty. 

I know many people pour extra water in but that’s a faff so instead I run a rinse first (to try and get more of the clothes wet) and then the actual wash, then another rinse. Sometimes it takes two extra rinses. I also have started washing at 60 instead of 40 in the hope that it might actually reach 40. 

The cost of all these extra cycles and replacing destroyed clothes, along with the environmental burden of manufacturing those clothes, means these new machines are completely false economy. It might tick a box on some EU environmental guidelines but it’s not helping the planet at all. It’s no wonder allergies are on the rise too, with people running around in clothes still laden with detergent from poor rinsing. My advice would be to try and find a good, reconditioned machine from pre-2010. Even older would be better. I miss seeing the washing machine fill with water, heat up, and clean clothes properly. 



  • Emmia
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    We bought our machine (a john lewis branded washer/dryer) in 2015, and I've never experienced these issues - you're not stuffing the machine completely full are you?

    I also use half the recommended amount of detergent, unless doing very dirty things. 
  • MalMonroe
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    Hi, we bought our 7kg max load Hotpoint from John Lewis about 12 years ago. JL offered a longer guarantee period and were excellent at delivery, testing the machine before they left our home and clearing away all packaging which is why we bought from them.

    The machine has caused no trouble (fingers crossed I'm not jinxing anything now!) since then. 

    Our laundry really doesn't really get too dirty and the 'eco' cycles (cold fill and wash) are excellent. Some cycles say 'half load only' but that's really just so the things don't get too creased. There are short cycles for delicate items. We'll use the hot cycle (60 degrees) for bedding and towels and everything comes out clean and hygienic.

    If you follow manufacturer's instructions, things should be fine. If you buy a washer and it doesn't work to your satisfaction, there's always the option of complaining and asking them to replace because they aren't cheap items and should last and wash clothes properly for many years. 

    We never use washing powder and have started to use 'smol pods' - just google smol, they will send you a sample free of charge. And the ones we use are cruelty free, fragrance free and we've found them to be excellent. They're also delivered by post and are reasonably priced. So far we're happy with those.

    You shouldn't have to add extra water or do any extra cycles. There's obviously something wrong either with the machines you've had or the way you've used them. Washing machines today are supposed to be (and ours is, tbh) trouble free. If yours isn't, then something's wrong and you really should complain - first to the retailer and then to the manufacturer. 
    Please note - taken from the Forum Rules and amended for my own personal use (with thanks) : It is up to you to investigate, check, double-check and check yet again before you make any decisions or take any action based on any information you glean from any of my posts. Although I do carry out careful research before posting and never intend to mislead or supply out-of-date or incorrect information, please do not rely 100% on what you are reading. Verify everything in order to protect yourself as you are responsible for any action you consequently take.
  • Sandtree
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    What programmes are you using?

    Certainly eco programmes do use less water and heat but the programme is over a longer time span but certainly never have had items come out dry or the other issues you mention. With our Bosch machine each programme other than the 15 min quick wash, has 3 levels and for whatever reason it always defaults to the level 3 which can be nearly 2 hours long but changing it down to level 1 gets the job down to just over an hour and almost never have anything coming out looking dirty. Machine is about 3 years old now. 
  • I don’t know what machines the OP is buying but I’ve never noticed the kind of dry-clean (dry-cleaning at a laundry isn’t ‘dry’ anyway, by the way!) performance they’re talking about. My latest Blomberg is 2 years old and washes with what I’d call a normal amount of water. Previous Miele seemed to use normal amounts too. I don’t use the lowest spin speeds, just means that drying in a tumble dryer takes much longer.
  • jon81uk
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    I've currently got a Zanussi and not had any of these issues, just need to be careful not to overload as sometimes things don't clean properly. It does take almost four hours to do an eco cycle, or 2.5hrs for a standard cotton one but things seem clean and wet.

    Had a Samsung Ecobubble at a previous house which apparently could clean in under an hour, but I found clothes got bobbly and looked worn due to the dual rotating drum. It might have been quick but I didn't like what it was doing to the wear and tear of clothes. 
    The more basic Zanussi in our new house seems fine, quite traditional in style of machine but works as I expect and 2 hours for a load seems fine.
  • ripplyuk
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    Emmia said:
    We bought our machine (a john lewis branded washer/dryer) in 2015, and I've never experienced these issues - you're not stuffing the machine completely full are you?

    I also use half the recommended amount of detergent, unless doing very dirty things. 
    No, I do not overload the machine. 
  • ripplyuk
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    Sandtree said:
    What programmes are you using?

    I never use ECO programmes. I use whatever suits what I’m washing; Cottons, EasyCare for synthetics, AllergyPlus for bedlinen, Darkwash for jeans etc. 

    This machine is a Bosch. I thought spending a bit more would mean it would wash better but I was wrong. It’s just as bad as the Zanussi and the Hotpoint before that. 
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    My hoover washing machine washes the economy programme at 60 degrees, with option to leer the temperature, in 59 minutes.  Spin speed 1200.  I use that programme for everything except woollens. I have never experienced the OP’s problems. Have you checked your water supply is fast enough?
  • I had a number of washing machines for year's all lasting around 3 year's each, what u describe was tye same symptoms my beko machine had before it packed in.
    I had someone round to fix it, but they said it's cheaper to but a new one than to fix it because of the way it's built. I felt frustrated that I had to discard a whole machine because of a part 40cm or so cm wide couldn't be fitted, or could but would need so many man hours of work it wasn't viable.

    So I bought an lg 8 or 9kg direct drive, 5 years on it's still going strong still the quietest machine I've had and has a number of programs and you can create a few of your own too, not so much an issue for me as I only use 3 settings. My only gripe is when it starts it seems to suck teh water through the pipes so hard the pipes bang and wobble in the walls ceilings.

    I did some research when I bought this one, I.e. I make sure after every wash I leave the door and drawer open for a few hours so the air can dry it out and not cause black mould in drawer etc. Clean the filter every few weeks and I give it a hot cycle with vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, to clean it all.
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