2022 - No Craft Spending - I WILL bust my stash and make pretty things!!!!!



  • Wraithlady
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     I'm not sure about patterns: I have lots, but none that quite does for the bolero I'd planned for summer. 
    If you have any simple jacket patterns, it's very easy to hack them into a bolero pattern
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  • SnowflakeBunny
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    Right, I'm started: 4 rows knitted on my summer cardigan, using DK and a pattern from stash. I will have to obtain buttons, but have avoided getting a new pattern, so that's at least procrastinated purchasing. I'd like it finished in time for Easter if possible, so am going to try to hold myself to at least two rows a day.
    @Wraithlady, I'm not a very experienced knitter, and whilst I can hack sewing patterns to a certain degree, and should logically be able to adjust the fit of a cardi, the bolero I'd been looking at had a curved front edge and all-over pattern, both of which I'd particularly liked, whereas the cardigan pattern I'm using has a lace border and crew neck, so knowing me I'd spend so long worrying over drafting the changes and puzzling over how it all fits together that I wouldn't get started. However, I have had a good think and can't actually work out any good reason why I fancied a bolero in this colour anyway, and had fully intended to make this cardi at some time, so have just gone for it. 
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  • bit_by_bit
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    I gave in and bought a big bag of wool from the CS today. It contained exactly the shade that I wanted plus about 40 other small balls. Must have been a collection from the cover of one of those crochet mags. Anyway, it will help in my efforts to use up my stash. I spent £2 of my £25 but I am happy with that.
    I hope to finish all 4 blankets by the end of the week as they are not huge.  :)

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    I'd love to join this if I may? Craft suff everywhere here! I'm planning on No Spend Year on craft stuff, except for my smaller Etsy shop. I've more than enough and I'm planning on a big move in the next couple of years so I'd like to get the stash down somewhat.

    I'm thinking I will probably set a target of 52 things for 2022 for personal items and 300 items for my shop. I mainly knit, crochet and sew and currently I don't do any paper crafts.

    Currently in progress:


    2 x pairs socks (one for me and one for OH)
    1 x sweater (for me)


    1 x crochet blanket (very long term project)


    1 x baby quilt
    1 x lap quilt (top is done)

    Work projects (all sewing and in numerous stages from cutting out, to final press)

    project bags
    coin purses
    passport cases
    glasses cases

    I finished three project bags this morning, so totals so far 0/52 and 3/300

    Thanks for having me:)
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  • AnimalTribe
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    Great makes Craftingmad and Tiggermad. I have loads of card making materials as it's one thing I wanted to try. Unfortunately, gluing is not my strong point - I'm like a kid - the glue gets everywhere. I might get back to it eventually. For the moment, I've tidied out some of my felt stash and have started making felt bunting and other small felt things.
  • craftingmad
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    nimbo said:
    Morning all. 

    I’ve been trying to keep busy and on top of stuff. It’s not working. 

    So far 6 stars Sewn for the never ending quilt. 

    Two pictures framed and hung. One the frame did cost me from the budget. But I’ve also gained a mount board form the other frame. So that’s not too bad 

    one box of stuff ready to be moved to a charity shop. 

    Four boxes unpacked. 

    Christmas tree down and recycled. 

    Hedge trimmed. (Not exactly crafty - but I’m counting it). 🤣🤣

    17 / 250 makes 

    17 / 250 spent. 

    You are off to a fantastic Nimbo - keep up the impressive stash busting. I need all the motivation I can get!!!
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  • craftingmad
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    I hope I'm not too late to join. My main aim would be to reduce the space taken up by my stash, and avoid making ready to wear clothes. I currently have fabric (both new, and old items for refashioning) stored in five boxes or drawers, and a drawer of yarn, plus a couple of baskets of things "on the go". I'm short on time, but would like to entirely clear out one box or drawer. Judging by recent performance, I can manage only about 2 jumpers, 2 dresses and some accessories in a year, but maybe having some accountability would help? I'm going to target 6 new garments and 6 smaller projects (e.g. masks, mittens, rehemming trousers to shorts). I'm going to allow myself to buy notions (thread, zips, buttons etc), provided that they are for specific projects made from stash and being undertaken there and then. I'm not sure about patterns: I have lots, but none that quite does for the bolero I'd planned for summer. So a budget of £50 should be ample, and hopefully avoidable.
    Not too late at all SnowflakeBunny (love the name).
    Welcome to our friendly thread.
    I cannot to hear all about your crafty stash busting and creations x 
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