Splendid September's NSD Challenge!

This challenge is about setting yourself a weekly/monthly target of how many No Spend Days you would like to achieve during September. To join, just post your personal target and you are on your way!

Tips for the challenge:
1. Decide on a clear goal weekly or monthly of how many No Spend days you'd like to try and achieve. If you've never done the challenge before, it's probably better to start with a goal of 10 or (at most) 15.
2. It is fine to exclude necessary expenses eg petrol, groceries, pet food, etc, when it comes to deciding what is and isn't an NSD. It is also completely fine to exclude automated or recurring payments such as bills, mortgage or direct debits.
3. It does help to post every time you notch up an NSD, or at least every two or three days ... it's easy to lose track! If you want to keep track of your NSDs in your MSE signature, that can be really motivating too image
4. It also helps to bookmark the thread, it's much easier to find image
5. NSDs are trickier than they seem and easily derailed. It makes the challenge much easier if you notch up as many as you can in the first half of the month.


Off to a start = image
5 days = image
10 days = image
15 days = image
20 days = image Target reached = image Target beaten = image
In April I am taking a break from buying: Books


  • cathybird
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    September targets
    BadBookkeeper 15 Balancinglife 12 beanielou 15 browneyed_girl 15 cathybird 15 Couldsavemore 15 CRANKY40 darannah doingitanyway GeorgianaCavendish 12 Honeysucklelou2 jammy dodger 18 kitty43 Money Choices nettyz QueenJess 15 scotmumof3 short bird 17 welshspendthrift 15 WinterWarrior 15
    Newcomers welcome :)
    In April I am taking a break from buying: Books
  • beanielou
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    Thanks as always for the shiny new thread @cathybird :grin:
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  • Hi Cathy birds,
    Can I go for 15 NSD's this month.
    I need to get back to my financial diet

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  • Good Morning. Can I join please? I am going to try 12 NSDs. Thanks
  • Calling early for one for today, but there’s a huge spend on the horizon as we had to call the emergency vet for a house visit for our old dog at 5.30 this morning 😞
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  • Morning all.

    Won’t be an NSD today as taking DS for ‘back to school’ haircut!  
    I’ve gone through my diary and I have 6 birthdays in September!  I will buy all 6 cards today as this would usually cause 6 separate spend days during the month.


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  • Kitty43
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    Good morning I am going to back myself and aim for 15 NSD ☺️
  • Kitty43
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    @BadBookkeeper that is a really good idea 
  • Kitty43
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    @WinterWarrior i hope your dog is doing much better 🥺
  • Hi!  Can I please join in this month?  I’ve set myself the target of 50 NSDs by the end of the year.  For September, I’m going to aim for 12  :) 

    It won’t be a NSD today as need to pick up a few items for DD2’s friend who is staying over and is a very fussy eater.  Also need to buy tickets for DD1’s birthday outing.  Should mean that we can achieve a NSD tomorrow though! 
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