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GLUCOSAMINE.  Save £60 a Year

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Over 50s Money Saving
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  • Don't forget that you can now get glucosamine on |prescription for £6.40 until 1 April when it becomes £6.50! Huryy!!
  • Art_2Art_2 Forumite
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    I buy my Glucosamine from Healthspan. It comes combined with Chondroitin, MSM and Vitamin C. Cost is £16.95 for 360 tablets post free.

    Healthspan products are manufactured to pharmaceutical standards which may not be the case with some of the cheaper ones.


  • ART wrote:
    Healthspan products are manufactured to pharmaceutical standards which may not be the case with some of the cheaper ones.

    The Healthspan catalogue does go in for the kind of disparaging comments which imply other manufacturors don't meet their standards.
    I was concerned about their boast (p27) that Healthspan L'Carnitine contained no D-Carnitine but other cheaper suppliers did contain this unwelcome impurity. As I use a lot of this supplement I checked with my supplier Zipvit and have a clear unambiguos statement from them assuring me that Zipvits L-Carnitine didn't contain any D-carnitine.

    In my view the type of hype Healthspan use to justify their higher prices is only resorted to by Companies which are ethically challenged. If they were prepared to name names and produce scientific tests to justify their vague misleading and fundamentally dishonest advertising puff then it might be reasonable to take it seriously. In the meantime I think only the gullible will be taken in by it.
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  • Hi All, just a short one to let you know that following a quite severe operation on both knee and shoulder 2 years ago my Phsio recommended Glucosamine Hydrochloride purest pharmaceautical grade from a company called Cures uk. It is in powder (spoon supplied) form, 100% natural & 99+% pure. Better than tablets. 2 months supply £15; 3months £20. E/[email protected] Stick it in your morning tea. DONE!!!!
    Amazing stuff!!
  • LaraLara Forumite
    2.8K posts
    Just went to order mine from zipvit - they charge £1 per order though so full cost is actually £13.95 - unless anyone has codes for free p&p. Still not bad a full years supply for £14.
  • BlueVinneyBlueVinney Forumite
    231 posts
    Just be aware that there are diffences in the size of tablets supplied by different firms.

    My wife and I take 1500mg of Glucosamine sulphate daily and have purchased the 750mg tablets (2 a day) from Healthspan for the past few years. The latest we bought were were the 1500mg tablets from Zipvit which are much bigger and more difficult to swallow as they do not have a smooth coating.

    I think that for ease of use we'll probably return to the Healthspan ones next time.

    Other tablets from Zipvit have been fine and we had next day delivery from them whereas Healthspan can take a week.
    Nice to save.
  • PalPal Forumite
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    Despite being the pensions board guide I never visit this part of the forum where all the old timers hang out. I take Glucosamine for an old sports injury I am glad that I misclicked and ended up here. I have just ordered a years supply for £12 from Zipvit. I'll let you know if there are any problems.

    Guess you old wrinklies are good for something other than whinging all over my board, eh? ;)

    Many thanks to all the people who took the time to post information on this.

  • Although not the cheapest product at all, I drink 8fl oz per day of Forever Living Products, Forever Freedom. It can be purchased from any independent distributer for £24.58, but you could sign up as a smart consumer and purchase it for £17.19, a 30% saving.

    I take it to help with RSI in both wrists which hardly bothers me now

    It contains stabilized Aloe Vera gel with Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondroitin Sulfate. It also contains MSM, an anti-inflammatory agent and primary source of bio-available sulfur that the body needs to maintain healthy connective tissues and joint function; along with Vitamin C, critical for collagen production and the ongoing maintenance of healthy cartilage.
    Among other properties Aloe vera is an excellent carrier, helping the body absorb more fully any supplements taken alongside it.

    My apologies if this sounds biased but I am a distributor, I am also a big fan, so please take with as big a pinch of salt as you feel appropriate, and message me if you would like more information.
  • lellielellie Forumite
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    my mum used to be on these (and got them from healthspan) but think she's on green lipped muscles instead now which are much more effective.
  • PalPal Forumite
    2.1K posts
    I thought i read a health warning about green lipped muscles the other day???

    Or was it a taste warning?? (i.e. They taste crap compared to smaller muscles).

    I don't recall now. If I find the article I will let you know.
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