Money Moral Dilemma: Should I tell my friends the true cost of our holiday?



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    Think the best solution is to cancel the holiday due to the virus.
    That way you will save yourself & the other two friends.
    Next time, be honest.
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    Speedy100 said:
    Think the best solution is to cancel the holiday due to the virus.
    That way you will save yourself & the other two friends.
    Next time, be honest.

    It might not be as simple as that.
    You might not be able to cancel due to the virus without losing money.
    It depends what the T&Cs say.

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    The holiday was almost twice as much as you told your friends!  You were having to pay in instalments anyway.  Didn't your friends suspect? 

    Doesn't ring true, anyway.  
    Can you please substantiate your post by providing evidence  to which bit "doesn't ring true"?

    To many times people that seek help on a forum are accused of lying for no valid reason and this thread is just one of them IMO. I too am put off posting threads for fear of being lambasted/etc for no real reason, I will try and help someone and having read an OP's post, if I can't help, I just jog on as others will be there to give any OP a helping hand.

    OP, you did what you thought was best but then circumstances changed. It just goes to show that even good deeds may backfire.

    I just hope it works out for you and you have picked up many of the helpful posts here and good luck.
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    I think you should get your two friends together and have a chat about this holiday, apologise and tell them the truth that you wanted to partly pay for their holidays as a treat, when you could afford it before the lockdown, but now things have changed and you can no longer keep up the payments. You can then decide between you whether you want to cancel the holiday or whether they can afford to pay a bit more or go somewhere cheaper. If they are good friends they should understand. I would be really upset to know my friend was struggling to pay for the extra cost of my holiday that I did not know about, and I would not want her to be in that position. However in future however good your intentions are, you should be up front, especially as this was a large sum of money you were hoping to pay towards your friends holidays. You may have been able to afford it in the beginning but you never know what is around the corner, as you have found out. Good luck.

    Ditto. Great posting with a lot of caring attached to it.  The OP I guess is feeling lost and I hope posts like yours do help the OP ease the burden and OP's friends understand.
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    I really feel for you, what started as a comfortable kind gesture has backfired.
    I lean towards being honest with them then you can decide what to do together.

    Otherwise, maybe borrow the money from family to cover the difference and live and learn to pay for things up front when you have the money or put the money aside. 

    Good luck! 
    No, absolutely not! Do not borrow money for irrelevancies like holidays when you're already struggling. Man- or woman-up, confess and start again, see if you can cancel and get a refund, then book cheaper and DON'T LIE this time.
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    I think should have been honest with the cost to start with. You can't now say "well I wasn't telling the truth so now I want more money"
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    It's not really a treat to be allocating your friends debt without their knowledge.

    I think you should come clean, iterate that your intention was entirely positive but misguided and that you are not expecting them to pay the extra. Then you (as a group) decide what you want to do. I think if your friends can't afford the extra and need to cancel, you should try to make sure they are not out of pocket.
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    Short answer - NO!
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