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    So the quote to fix her came in at £560.00 so a little less than I was initially told but still a lot. 

    Just sorting through the funds right now to see what I can now afford to spend on furniture and stuff for the flat. 

    Requested the closure of my H2B ISA with Nationwide today. It says on their website that you can do it in branch or by sending them a message via your online account. When I logged in it allowed me to request the closure of the account in my online banking so just did it that way but now I'm stressing I haven't done it properly - aaaaaaah!

    It did say that if you are closing a H2B ISA they will send the statement within 7 days of closing the account so I will just need to hope that their online information is wrong and it will all be okay. 
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    So the H2B ISA account is gone from my online banking so hopefully the closing statement is printed already and on the way, will be eagerly awaiting the post until it arrives. 

    Just going to spend the morning drinking coffee and organising all my letters regarding the flat into a new folder that I bought.

    Amazon are delivering a gorgeous new set of 3 project books, going to keep a track of all my spending and I paid for them using vouchers that I earned from surveys so doesn't really count as spending!
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    Paid off my CC balance which including my pending transactions was £51.50. 

    Going to sit and work out the funds for the rest of the month. 

    Be back with an update. 
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    Okay so this is the current state of the bank account. 

    I've got £790.16 in my main account. Need to pay £560.00 for car repairs so that leaves me £200.16. Aim is to keep as much of this as possible so spending is at a minimum for the rest of the month.
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    My project books are gorgeous!

    Just organised them so that I can keep a record of;

    - Mortgage term, rates, monthly payments and overpayments
    - Monthly running costs
    - Mum £3,000 IOU repayments and my emergency fund saving log
    - Home furnishing and decorating costs

    2 weeks and 6 days until I get my keys. 

    Also my credit report has updated that Nationwide are going to remove the 2nd hard search they added in error. Hopefully my credit score will go up a bit again when this happens. 
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    Just had a look at my mortgage paperwork. It shows that I can make overpayments totalling up to 10% of my original loan amount in any 12 month period. So this means I can repay £5,100 per year without incurring any charges. 

    I would love to think I could make repayments like that but there is no way! At least I know I can pay some of it off without being charged.  

    My plan is to tuck away any spare money in a bank account then at the end of the year if I don't need it for any repairs or emergencies then I will make an overpayment which will help me when I get to the end of this 5 year fixed rate and might reduce my overall term. 
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    Oh I get £500 cashback within 1 month of completion. I think I will use that to pay back part of the IOU to my mum. 
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    It's the start of a new week. Time to get back on the weight loss plan for real this time, no more dithering!

    11st 6lbs this morning so I've put on another 1lb rather than losing since last week. Not that bad considering all the junk I've stuffed in my greedy face!

    Back on Exante, got a cupboard full of products to use up and I need to get to 10st by end of April. 

    I found a Nationwide savings book in my bedside cabinet when I was having a clear out, it has £50 in it so I am going to call them today to see if it is still active and if so transfer it to my main account. It's probably been spent already, I'm not that lucky!

    Also hoping that the H2B ISA closing statement comes in the post cos I need that to go sign the paperwork for the mortgage at my solicitors.
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    Dolly, your excitement is so contagious! I love it.

    Don't worry too much about the H2B ISA, they do it all the time. When I went in to close mine I could see that this lady at the bank was just a little bored of the process (lovely girl though! Had a nice chat). So I imagine that the people online are just as bored with it so you'll have no problem.

    I have kept spreadsheets about everything and had to get almost all of my furniture for myself. I'm still working on it but I trawl the charity shops, sales, Trade secrets, antique shops and online. The antique shops may sound a little weird but I got this beautiful nesting table set that was perfectly sized for £38. So I highly recommend looking everywhere.

    So excited for you!
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    Oh I can't wait to go charity shopping! I love it. 

    Me and my mum always go together and make a wee day of it. It's just the worst timing right now with everything still closed. 

    So just off the phone to the bank and there is £100 in that account! Can't believe it. It is missing from my online account so requested for them to add it and when it comes on I will transfer that in to my furniture fund. That will help with some of the stuff I need to buy. 
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