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(Help) Filling Station Filled Car With Diesel Instead Of Petrol

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(Help) Filling Station Filled Car With Diesel Instead Of Petrol

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My son who has a petrol engine car pulled into a garage to fill up.
Due to Covid the garage were not allowing you to fill the car yourself, they were filling it for you whist you stayed in the car.
When asked what fuel he wanted my son accidently pointed towards the diesel pump, and the garage employee proceeded to fill his car with diesel.
Obviously my son did not get far from the filling station before his car packed up completely.
This resulted in him having to be recovered to get home and paying out to have the car drained and put right.
As he payed cash he did not have an electronic record of having filled at the garage, but he has requested video surveillance from the garage to confirm he filled up there. 
I am wondering though if the garage is responsible and liable for what happened.
He has owned the car for 2 years and has always put petrol in, so if he had filled the car himself as normal, that is what he would have done.
Also the facts of the sticker on the fuel cap stating petrol, and the diesel spout not fitting into his fuel pipe would have been a bit of a dead give away.
Surely this should have been noticed by the garage employee.
The guys who fixed his car said that the employee would not have been able to get the diesel spout in so they must have just held it against the pipe. 
By not allowing him to fill the car himself would the garage have taken over responsibility for the above happening?
If anyone can help or advise I would be very grateful.



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