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Things not to do in new Lockdown

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    KxMx said:
    Interestingly all out rubbish locally goes for incineration, which powers 30,000 homes. 

    The ash is then treated to extract the metals then the leftover ash goes as material used in the roads. 
    What about the particles released into the air as a result though?  There is no perfect way to deal with non-biodegradable waste sadly. 
    For our local facility the incineration process produces mainly steam, the other gases are monitored for pollution levels. 

    I do agree, there is no super green option for anything, everything comes at a cost in some way. 

    Personally I think vegans willfully ignore the vast amounts of land that would be needed to be farmed intensively to feed everyone on a plant based diet, not to mention the jobs and money lost to the economy as the meat industry provides both in vast quantities. A reduction in meat consumption is a much more sensible approach IMO. 
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