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Things not to do in new Lockdown

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  • Super_StomperSuper_Stomper Forumite
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    This seems to have gone off piste and is now all about showering, hair washing, etc... or not.
    What I won't be doing in lockdown is more unnecessary housework. Good job I live on my own. LOL.
  • MurphybearMurphybear Forumite
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    My OH likes a bath but since we moved nearly 3 years ago we only have a shower.  He mainly strip washes and always “smells clean”.  We are retired so don’t go out every day.  I never thought strip washing was as effective as a shower so when I tried it I was pleasantly surprised.  We have a large sink in the bathroom and I use one of my “seriously normally very expensive but bought in TKMaxx for a fraction of the price luxury shower products”.  You only need a tiny amount.

    I, like many of the others, wash the bits that need washing.  I can get my feet in the sink without too much effort.  

    I found that this takes less time and uses less product and hot water than a shower.  I was pleased to find I felt just as clean.  In my feet feel cleaner.

  • Newly_retiredNewly_retired Forumite
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    Yes I have cut down on housework too. I used to give it a good clean when visitors were due but no visitors for 10 months. From time to time I deal with a neglected area. 
    Not much ironing happens either. A shirt will be worn under a jumper so creases anyway.
  • annieshbannieshb Forumite
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    My decision is to do exactly what I feel like. So maybe I’ll shower today maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll have a shower this morning and a bath later. Who knows! Some days I stay in my pjs then bath and change pjs before bed. Other days I get dressed up as though I am going out,put on music and dance. Cook a special meal ,set the table and zoom call with friend in US for a dinner date😄

  • NaughtiusMaximusNaughtiusMaximus Forumite
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    Definitely not, I need my daily shower (or twice daily in hot weather), I feel really icky if for any reason I can't shower in the morning.
  • haziefantazie77haziefantazie77 Forumite
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    I've hardly had my heating on since the first lockdown in March 2020. It's been set at 15 degrees but hasn't needed to go on yet. I live in a small apartment block so I think I am lucky that the others heating has been on! If I get chilly I put on a pair of socks or a sweatshirt over my PJ's or .... sit under my duvet! My heating goes on for a short while every month just to keep it ticking over.
    I'm also cutting down on showers, making sure the sink is full before I wash up and making sure I eat everything I buy, not letting anything expire. I've not done a big shop since middle of December. I'm trying to save to buy a house and I'm enjoying the challenge!
  • Jenni_DJenni_D Forumite
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    I, like many of the others, wash the bits that need washing.  I can get my feet in the sink without too much effort.

    That reminds me of my Gran (RIP) ... she was hunched up due to osteoarthritis and had mobility issues, yet she'd still put her feet in the sink to wash them. 👀
    Jenni x
  • maisie_catmaisie_cat Forumite
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    I don't shower everyday now that I'm retired, unless I'm doing sweaty stuff, today I'm cabinetmaking outside and it is chilly but not sweaty. My routine is evening shower/hairwash so that my hair dries by the fire, next day nothing, next day morning shower, next day evening shower, and repeat. My husband showers once or twice a day as he has medical problems, but that frequency makes his skin dry and doesn't help his eczema.
  • LameWolfLameWolf Forumite
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    I'm afraid I have to have a hot bath every morning; it's the only way to loosen up my joints enough to function, as I have severe rheumatoid arthritis as well as systemic lupus erythematosus. I use a bath lift, and my husband assists me.
    We do save by sharing the bathwater, however. ;)
    One of my lockdown projects is to find better ways to do things I now find difficult/impossible, including sourcing gadgets to help me.
    If your dog thinks you're the best, don't seek a second opinion.;)
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