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Make do, Mend and Minimise in 2021

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  • goldfinchesgoldfinches Forumite
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    A bit of Make Do - I wanted smallish panniers for my bike but all the ones online were just... well, I'm not needing to carry everything for a six-night trip up Anapurna, nor do I want the panniers to co-ordinate with my summer frock, iyswim :) 

    So I used Fabsil Gold tent-waterproofing fluid and painted a cheerful and useful-sized jute bag I had as a gift-bag back in May, and snaffled an identical one I spotted at my parents' house that was literally lying around unused in their lumber-room... so, two waterproofed jute bags, four bungee-cords, and I also paid a fiver for some small metal shackles to attach the corners of each bag to the bike's back-carrier rack, just in case the bungees went, and also to make them less pinchable if I leave the bike outside a shop for a bit with the panniers on, empty. 

    Lots of mending, as always - darning, buttons, hems, the usual... 

    Minimising - we've had enough of having So Much Stuff - any time my Inner Minimalist is starting to emerge, we know it's got too much! So we've started sorting through stuff - properly, not just an enthusiastic half-day and then it gets left... 

    Here's the bike a week or two back, first time out using the panniers

    Totally impressive panniers, clever you. 

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    From Patrick Anthony's International MENU Dictionary.
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    Ooooh, how pretty! Perfect for Eastertime!
    #33 Saving for Christmas 2023
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