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    So …FantasyMe has crashed and burned. That cold I caught landed me in hospital on Monday. I’ve just got home this evening and obviously won’t be flying to Rome to catch my Ship tomorrow. 

    I’m so upset but I don’t want sympathy- I was fully insured so I haven’t lost any money;  all the time spent researching and planning hasn’t gone to waste. 

    What’s more important is to remind everyone not to become complacent. Everyone is immune compromised to some extent now because none of us have had a real cough or cold (or more dangerously, the flu) for a good year and a half. I feel I have been very careful but when I went to visit the new grandbaby, my grandson who had just started Playschool had caught his first cold. Obviously we were kissing cuddling and playing the entire time I was there. I just didn’t realise how quickly a cold could take me down. Within days I had a bacterial lung infection and couldn’t breathe then the inflammation spread to my spine and kidneys. It was frightening and I was sure I had Covid. 

    More worrying is the fact that there is no longer shielding for  EcVs and those who have to work,  could feel obligated or be forced back  and be exposed germs that make them dangerously ill. I know we can’t live in sterile conditions but we know now that lots of small precautions can remove a large percentage of risk! 

    So take care, stay safe and stay shielding as much as possible! 

    I need to regroup and get over this. I’m in two minds about whether I should go away at the end of the month or cut my losses and give up on a bad idea. It might take a few days to get over this. At least I can think a bit straighter at home. 

    Anyway take care, good night God bless x 

    Oh, sorry to read that. Hope you feel a bit better soon.

    I have a cold (?) at the moment, but I got a temperature and a cough so I have sent off a Covid test. Just waiting for the result. 
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    vulpix said:

    My chuffin cat woke me up at 12:19 by cobbing A CONCRETE CAT off the window ledge ,now sporting a smashed ear, also broke a plant pot. I went down and lay on the sofa and the said chuffin cat insisted on lying under my nose all night. Gave up at 6am,went for a bath and other, fluffy cat is asleep in the bath, still there at 8am. Bless them. It's going to be a long day on about an hours sleep.

    Oh no! Eek. 

    My cat keeps sleeping on the radiator surround and falling off at the moment!
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    3secondmememory become sea as I'm using voice activated software. k 
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