Keto, Atkins & All things Low Carb / Sugar - Frugal Meal prep, recipes, deals & ideas thread!

Hey there! 

I am hoping I am not the only frugalista who prefers to eat LC, I can't see to see a thread or board for it so I thought I would wave to see if I can find some frugal friends!
I did Atkins years ago, bounced around with low fat, and have been on a sorta keto mostly LC plan for around 18 months properly and I am 110lbs down with 90lbs to go. 

I meal prep every Sunday for the following week which I find helps me stay on track pretty well. I do scour the shops for yellow stickers, meat in particular which makes a difference but I am always looking for frugal recipes! I would love to hear how other keto'ers save money where they can, what your favorite meals and deals are. I am a bit of a food hoarder so I am pushing myself to inspire myself using what I already have in the cupboards. Today I also tried a vegetarian week prep and made pesto pizza and creamy tomato soup with some almond cookies - most of the ingredients were from what I already had so I was super pleased.

I do have some bits to use up, some capers (whyyyyy?? lol), and some tahini. I am thinking of some kind of fish and also homemade keto granola bars using the tahini? Or maybe some kind of version of a chicken satay /sesame chicken? That sounds good! 

Anyway - love to chat to other LC / Keto followers! Say hello!
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  • cornishchickcornishchick Forumite
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    hello. I try and eat LC, I have bookmarked this page to follow, as its always good to get new recipes especially with store cupboard ingredients.
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  • helensbiggestfanhelensbiggestfan Forumite
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    Well done juicyjackie on the weight loss.  

    I am trying to eat largely paleo/low carb too so will join. I look forward to following and getting some new recipe ideas.  😂

  • NonnadilucaNonnadiluca Forumite
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    Best low carb recipe, imo, beetroot and red onion roasted with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, add some walnuts and a few figs, (figs optional, I have also used prunes) and stir in some feta when it's cooked. Absolutely delicious! I believe the recipe is from Michael Moseley's blood sugar diet book. Looking forward to other low carb recipe ideas.
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  • GersGers Forumite
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    This long thread staggers on from time to time - still worth a read.
  • greenbeegreenbee Forumite
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    Spinach (defrosted frozen is easier than fresh as it's already compacted!), lump of fish on top, tip some yogurt or creme fraiche over the fish - maybe add some spices, top with a bit of grated parmesan and maybe a couple of slices of tomato. Low cal low carb... 
  • luvchocolateluvchocolate Forumite
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    I use spinach a lot..instead of rice etc
  • Please can I join. I am diabetic and my sugars are so high. I know LC is the best way to bring them down but finding it hard both motivationally and cost wise...not a great cook either so meals are so boring, it’s hard to stay on plan. 
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