NST September 2020: the turtles do the Hokey Cokey

NST September 2020: the turtles do the Hokey Cokey

You put your right foot in

Your right foot out

In, out, in, out and shake it all about

You do the holey cokey and you turn around

That’s what it’s all about.

Oh! The hokey cokey!

Oh! The hokey cokey!

Oh! The hokey cokey!

Knees bend, arms stretch, ra ra ra!


If you are reading this, thank you! We are turtles. Ninja saving turtles. NST. You can read our back story (written by mothernerd) here:

"There was a kingdom of tall towers where the financiers lived. They lured wild turtles with gifts of loans and magic cards, making pets of them. When the hard times came the financiers cast off their pets and the turtles fell into the sewers, awash on a tide of debt.

A wise and beautiful Kat rescued the turtles and taught them her ninja ways. Month by month, in a firm but kindly manner, she taught the turtles to exercise their bodies till they could negotiate the sewer, to use their will to resist the temptations of the kingdom, to plan and prepare, save their pennies and to give to those less fortunate.

One day the wise Kat gathered the turtles to tell them she must leave them. She was to go on a quest to the Eastern lands. She had saved all her money (and a little honey) and sought new adventures and learning (and perhaps an owl to be her future companion).

At first the turtles were afraid but wise and beautiful Kat reminded them of the lessons she had taught them (Always pay your debt first). They could now keep afloat on the sewer water and could help each other, and those who joined them along the way, to swim through to the tide of freedom and the beach of tranquillity known as debt free day.

So the brave little turtles set out, swimming against the tide of consumerism and became the NINJA SAVING TURTLES."


September.  A new school year, a fresh start. Autumn is definitely here, halfway through the month we hit the ‘100 days until that day’, and we have the equinox.


Another month of health, wealth and a life well-lived is upon us. Each month we re-set ourselves and our turtle groupies to spend another month together. Some parts of the challenge feature every month, but every month has a different flavour. This month’s inspiration is this line from the Hokey Cokey: In, out, in, out and shake it all about

Look at the month ahead. Give it a long, hard stare. Ponder it, mull it over, chew it up. What is coming in and going out? What do you do with what comes in and goes out? Let’s give the month a shake-up.


-take time to look at your routine. Can it be tweaked to make things simpler for you? Any new habits to try this month? Any habits to ditch for a while? More meditation and less screen time?

-keep active ‘Knees bend, arms stretch, ra ra ra!’ Bend your knees = strenuous exercise. Stretch your arms = keep flexible (yoga/pilates…). Ra ra ra! = dance like you are John Travolta… or a flapper…

-what are you eating? No self-flagellation (turtles have shells, so it is pointless anyway), just remember to eat well and that food=medicine. Be good to your body.

-look after yourself. Me-time is a requirement, not an optional extra…


-budget. Do you have one? Do you keep to it? Have you built in slack for unexpected items? Do you know where your money goes?

-are you able to start planning for that day in December ?  At least make a list and contact people to make a no-present pact asap. Or set a LOW limit to spend on each other.

-NSDs. You can’t have a turtle challenge without talking about No Spend Days. But his month, they are optional. Yikes! Your circumstances may mean that you have to spend more often. However, the target is 15. And you do not lose one for buying only YS (reduced) items so long as that is all that you buy, fuel + travel, medical needs (including things like hospital parking)

Life well-lived:

-look at your schedule. What do you have on this month. Appointments? Meet-ups? Keep social without doing anything silly. Persist with people who are important to you.

-life admin – are there things that you are putting off doing/checking? Postponed health appointment? Pension? Sorting through paperwork? How much more NI do you need to pay for a full state pension? Get just 1 of them done this month.

-stuff –reduce the unnecessary clutter in your home. Get rid of the gubbins! Would you take it with you if you had to move? You can try to sell it, or simply give it away or to a charity shop. Be generous.

-be grateful for all that you have. Post at least 3 things daily that you are grateful for.


Any non-negotiables? But of course…

-Set your budget and pay off your debts first. If you do not know when your DFD (Debt-free date) is, then work it out.

-aim for 15 NSDS (if you are doing them- if not, keep a record anyway)

-Get some RAOK (random acts of kindness) done this month.

-This challenge runs for the whole month. No day is unredeemable.

-Post every day with your gratitudes and general chattiness.

Who will join me in the month of the Hokey Cokey?

NST Simple June #1; NSD 2; Ex 4

Mortgage £300 ish (01/14: £78,201; 01/15: £59,629; 01/16: 39,915; 01/17: 27,295; 01/18 23,143; 01/19: 18.275) MFWDate: very soonish


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    apple_muncherapple_muncher Forumite
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    10,000 Posts Seventh Anniversary Name Dropper I've been Money Tipped!
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    Reserved for Turtles:
    1 apple_muncher
    2 Toni'sfriend
    3 f0xh0les
    4 mothernerd
    5 Kerry_Woman
    6 misstara
    7 ChangingMyWays89
    8 crazy_cat_lady
    9 facethemusic
    10 shabbychic12
    11 Calling14
    12 greent
    13 Fmess
    14 Deni_debt_free_dreamer
    15 lcc86
    16 abundant1972
    17 Betharooni
    18 nannygladys
    19 Lady_M
    20 AuctionFever
    21 Shrewbie
    22 ditty1234
    23 Thrifty_Taylor
    NST Simple June #1; NSD 2; Ex 4

    Mortgage £300 ish (01/14: £78,201; 01/15: £59,629; 01/16: 39,915; 01/17: 27,295; 01/18 23,143; 01/19: 18.275) MFWDate: very soonish
  • mothernerdmothernerd Forumite
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    yes please, apple. Please may I be excused from doing the hokey cokey - my latest thing is starting to fall over backwards (I've managed to catch myself before it goes too far) but actually lifting one leg might send me over.
    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
    NST Feb No 1 No Debt No mortgage
  • Kerry_WomanKerry_Woman Forumite
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    Can you please add me to the list. Thanks.
    Frugal Living Challenge 2021
    Mortgage free as of 1st August 2013
    NST Jolly Joyful July NSD 18/20
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