Received 15 parking tickets, now pursued by BW Legal



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    Itachi2kg said:
    So a possible further breach on their part? I took pictures of the signs in the car park as you may have seen on previous pages and the top of the signs read Britannia Parking, but the claim is from Britannia Parking Group Limited t/a Britannia Parking
    Your point about the landowner contract must have the correct name, I contacted Basildon council as on HM Registry it mentioned that they own the land of the car park, Basildon council wrote back to inform me that they don't own the land, so I didn't pursue that any further, maybe I should call HM Registry
    A (sometimes) useful way of finding out who owns the land is to ask the council who pays the non-domestic business rates.  Some council helpfully have a spreadsheet on their websites.
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    When you see the signs check:
    Britannia Parking Group Limited  listed on the sign? Or anotrher company
    When you see the contract, check:
    Britannia Parking Group Limited  listed? Or another company
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    It is important you understand about "who is the entity"
    BWLegal/Britannia presented two cases, one in Reading and the other in Oxford.
    The themes were the same whereby BWLegal claimed on behalf of Britannia Parking Group Ltd but the contract to operate on the site was signed by Britannia Parking Services Ltd. This is a separate entity with it's own company number as seen here ..

    BWLegal submitted a claim from the wrong entity and duly signed this as a statement of truth ???
    In the Reading case, in their witness statement, BWLegal provided a copy of the contract with the landowner which stated Britannia Parking Services Ltd. The NTK showed Britannia Parking Group Ltd

    Both judges fully understood this and both claims were dismissed


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    Watch out for bwlegal. They failed to acknowledge receipt of an email from me. It had an attachment that they couldn't open, so they didn't attach it to my file and hence I might have missed the deadline to respond to them. As it is, I didn't miss it. I would probably send everything by email and also ask for an acknowledgement of receipt of everything as they are just as corrupt as the parking scammers. 
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    The Council don't own the land so that's pointless; stop wasting time.  Britannia don't contract with Councils.

    Also, Britannia Parking Group Limited can trade as 'Britannia Parking'.  That is not the point. 

    The point of all the previous cases, including one where beamerguy watched in court, was that they had signs and a landowner contract in the name of a different Limited company (Britannia Parking Services Limited).

    But this is premature to worry about now, because you won't see the landowner authority or signage until months down the line when they send their witness statement and evidence.  You need to look closely at the 'Ltd' company names then.
    Okay that makes sense, can you tell me if this looks okay to send? of course I will add all the points you have put together after paragraphs 1, 2 and 3
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