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    Im impressed ParkingMad, nice one thank you. You managed to find information they said theyre not allowed to give me and they are yet to acknowlege my FOI request.
    Maybe Im being thick now but I cant find anything about  the actual car park, Lidl have denied that its theirs saying .........

    "Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding our car park restrictions.

    I am writing to confirm that the car park at the above location is not owned or managed by Lidl GB. Apologies for any disappointment this may cause.

    Thank you again for your contact.
    Yours sincerely,
    For and on behalf of Lidl Great Britain Limited

    Justina Stonyte
    Customer Service"
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    What is the post code of the car park, start from there and search the database as provided by ParkingMad
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    It is a shared car park yes, the postcode is NG73AG  Ive been in touch with Wok and Go and asked them but they didnt tell me anything more than its not theirs. Ive searched and searched for information about who owns/manages it but drawn a blank.
    Searching the document ParkingMad gave for the postcode NG73AG (which is the postcode VCS are giving) gives

    Cds Group Ltd

    PERSONAL DATA REMOVED Leisure centere

    Magnet Ltd

    This tallies with what the council said, he said there were 3 people listed but wouldnt tell me who they were. Im messaging all three of these now.

    Ive discovered that the leisure center is Xercise4less

    Still cant find the managing agent, I did find a list on 192.com of the businesses within the postcode
    Cds Group Ltd7-8, Midland Way
    Magnet Kitchens1 Chettles Trade Park, Midland Way0115 970 8349
    Lenton Electrical Supplies Ltd2-6, Midland Way0115 900 2390
    Wok & Go2-6, Midland Way0115 970 0758
    Magnet Trade1, Midland Way0115 978 1717
    GreggsMidland Way Retail Park, 7, Midland Way0115 970 6756
    Lidl1, Midland Way0800 977 7766
    Domino's Pizza - Nottingham - City Centre9, Midland Way0115 978 5222
    Magnet LimitedChettles Industrial Estate, 3 Midland Way0115 970 8349
    Fast Graphics LtdUnit 7, Midland Way0115 978 5555
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    The Royal Mail Postcode/Address finder shows NG7 3AG as Chettles Trade Park, Midland Way and lists Magnet, Xercise4less and No 7-8.
    It shows NG7 3NY as Midland Way Retail Park and lists Lidl, Wok+Go, Greggs, Domino's and Subway.
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    ellaro9, when you searched land registry did you buy the site plan as well? Is the car park included in the title? Does the title list all the shops with their leases? 
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