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    my mother is fine, but doesn’t do much these days. 
    My brother is waiting for a hip replacement which will be done soon. They have to have a vascular surgeon on hand as he has a framework of pins from an accident he had 30 years ago. The first visit to the specialist was about 6 weeks ago, and he has had X-rays, MRI scans, and been told they are amazed he is still trying to walk at all. Luckily they will be operating as soon as the two surgeons can work together. He should be done before September. I hate to think how long he would have to wait here in the uk. 
    Dgd doesn’t appear to have as much of an issue with the Covid as I am. The boys are playing upstairs and I will except it will be a little trashed but at least they are currently not killing each other which is a bonus.
    The dog is feeling sorry for himself with his cone of shame, and his docked tail. It looks strange how the rest of the tail looks having been shaved for his operation yesterday.
    My Muscle Food delivery has arrived and I have managed to get it in the freezer. I have a few hours before the Ocado delivery comes. Used the coupon That Feed your Family for £20 a week had, along with the deals I chose we have saved £40 on their usual prices. 
    I h ope all goes well for your brother. It sounds as though he's living in the best place. Both hospitals in our local Health trust  hit the no room for any patients stage last month. They have some Omicron patients but only a few needing ventilators.  The waiting lists for ops etc are huge.
    The one near here has been losing staff over the last couple of years. All staff have been lovely but when it reaches the point of needing foodbanks as well as your pay and putting up with verbal abuse from some patients it's time to vote with your feet.
    I don't believe all the self praise from BJ and his cronies. Nero fiddling while Rome burns comes to mind there.
    The two candidates for PM are on another planet to normal people.
    Ic would like to see a Coalition Govt in power capable enough to understand the real world and not make rules they break. I found BJ dressing up as a working man pretending to be a working man offensive. He had a job to do but too busy looking for publicity to do it or pass it to someone who could.
    it's good to hear the boys are playing together. Easier to tidy up than tear them apart. Both kittens dd and her boyfriend rescued found themselves wearing the cones of shame when a little older.They'd begun to venture in to the gardens once they weren't afraid of losing their home.
    After their jabs, flea treatment and Stimps dameged teeth helped by the vet the time came to ensure Mags wouldn't have kittens or Stimps father any.
    Mags was the first for surgery and she was fighting her tiny cone night and day. When Stimps had his turn his was a much bigger cone but he managed to lose it a few times so the final cone meaqnt house arrest until his stitches were removed.
    He reminds me a lot of our much missed Oliver a cat who would not keep a collar on although it had his name and address. Sometimes hanging washing out I'd spot one or more in the trees and shrubs. They all had big jingle bells to warn the birds so I'd often hear a bell ringing on a windy day. Very Peter Pan and Tinkerbell.
    I hadn't heard of Feed your family for £20 a week though I have different books from over the years with similar names including the ones by Bernadine Lawrence which were healthy proper food. I used to make her bargain bread a lot.
    I think it may have been the austerity in the 70s that resulted in all the frugal cooking, make do and mend , grow your own books.
    they kept us fed without debt in tough times.
    I remember not long before you stopped posting reguarly you were thinking of joining the 1p a day chlllenge . Was it worth doing it or perhaps a bigger amount.
    When £2 coins came out I vowed to save them rather than spend.That meant no sneaky bars of chocolate , impulse buys etc but after a few years I did a huge shop in Ikea, furniture , throws , kitchenware , bedding and all sorts and still had money for other needs.
    Everything has been debit cards in shops over the last few years. Lighter to carry than change but I still ask for cashback at times in the Coop for taxi fares.
    Ocado used to deliver in this area but no longer do Marks groceries and haven't seen them for a long time.
    Coop have had to cope with price rises lately but still cheaper than most supermarkets. They have a big range of products and special offers. According to seasons most of their fruit and veg  are from farms a couple of miles up the road. No excess food miles or in long queues at ports.
    My mum always shopped at the Coop and I never dreamed I'd be doing the same thing years later.

    It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.

    There but for fortune go you and I.
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