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Old Style Weight Loss 2020 - Part 1

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    honeythewitchhoneythewitch Forumite
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    Bad day really down in the dumps. Managed to sleep so should have been better but not so.
    Stayed in bed until 2.30

    No lunch,
    1 coffee with cream
    small glass fake baileys
    One orange
    1 coffee with milk

    Linda McC country pie..OHs choice very unpleasant
    2 small roast potatoes half roast parsnip
    tiny amount broccoli and peas
    OH cooked was revolting, soggy bottom pie.

    Handful walnuts and brazil nuts.

    4 glasses water.
    No exercise.

    Sorry if this is a bad post, trying to be honest to get a grip on life.

    I suspect it is a very realistic post for a lot of us, at least sometimes.

    Bfh wrote: »
    Hope you’re feeling better Toonie.
    I’ve ended up having a bad day today unfortunately :(
    Don’t know where it came from but I fell into a gloomy, lethargic state of mind and have done very little and eaten too much rubbish.
    Just want to get the day over and start again tomorrow.
    January blues maybe!
    I’ve work tomorrow so that’ll keep me away from the food cupboards at least.

    You and me both, BFH. :( I am unwell, in bed, and the operation I have been waiting for ages for and was supposed to be in the morning has been cancelled so I am thoroughly fed up.
    Not that the pizza and ice cream actually helped, but I gave it a good go! :o

    Still, we can start over tomorrow. :) I hope you are feeling better soon. Healthy eating depends very much on the state of mind, I have noticed.
  • BramblingBrambling Forumite
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    Evening all :)

    Sorry for those not feeling so great, I think January is a bad month for a lot of people, after the build up to Christmas it always seems flat, long and dark :o.

    The best lay plans of mice and men being what they are I had a food wobble today (well several :cool:) my three meals were healthy but there were chocolate and biscuits in the office and I found some sweets at home which I've just finished, not because I was hungry but just because they were there :o. As Honey said we can start again tomorrow :)

    B - porridge and fruit
    L - half a stuffed pepper and beef tomato - stuffed with rice and vegetables with a slice of mozzarella melted on top
    D - cold chicken and vegetables
    S - chocolate, biscuits and a bag of sweets :o
    Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage   -          Anais Nin
  • procrastinatorprocrastinator Forumite
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    Catching up on yesterday as internet went down when I tried to post yesterday. Day started well had glass of water then coffee. Then boiled eggs. However planned journey and visit to parent didn't happen so things went downhill. Visited nearby town for charity shop distraction nothing bought but some fingers of fudge, fruit chews and skittles. All finished by end of day along with 3 tree chocs found when undecorating tree.
    Need to get moving now and visit mother. She is in care home 80 miles away, as dementia so never a rewarding visit.
    WL 11 st 5lb as at 050109. 160209 11st 2lb
    11st 5lb as at 20.04.09 11st 7lbs 040509 11st6 010609 I wish 2016 175 lbs.
    Family of 3 at home - , DS 22, self and OH
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    IzadoraIzadora Forumite
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    edited 7 January 2020 at 10:21AM
    Bfh Best of luck for starting again today. I think it's very easy in January to feel gloomy. I spent most of Sunday morning lying on my sofa, feeling very sorry for myself and eating vast quantities of leftover crisps and chocolate.

    Honey Sorry to hear about your operation and that you're not well. I hope things are looking better today and that they don't take too long to reschedule your operation. You're definitely right that state of mind massively affects the ability to eat well. I find that even when I'm in a good mood and determined to stick to it I still spend and exhausting amount of time trying to shout down the gremlins and when I'm low anyway it's just too much to manage.

    Brambling Congratulate yourself on the healthy meals rather than beating yourself up for the wobbles and best of luck with getting back to it today.

    Yesterday's food was pretty much as planned but a Ferrero Rocher did accidentally make its way onto the list. I managed to go out for my 1st couch to 5k shuffle, even though IzHe was meant to be doing it too but had to work. It would've been so easy to postpone it but I decided that I'd rather get it over and done with and it was every bit as hard as I thought it would be but I'm so glad I've started again.

    Today's food:
    B - fruit and yoghurt with a handful of bran flakes
    L - Quorn & salad wrap again
    D - HM broccoli and stilton soup, probably with a crusty roll/toast
    S - I'm going to try very hard not to have any, despite there still being loads of Christmas goodies in the house and at work.

    Best of luck everyone xx

    Procrastinator Sorry, you posted while I was typing. I know that you're not going to have a fun day but I hope it goes as well as it can.
  • ToonieToonie Forumite
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    Thanks for all the well wishes, they were appreciated. Still suffering a little today, so simple barley and chicken soup for lunch later.

    Sending hugs to anyone who needs it.
  • honeythewitchhoneythewitch Forumite
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    I am out of bed and ready to go for a long slow walk which hopefully will help.

    I have had an egg/banana pancake with blackberries and yogurt. I will be taking boiled eggs and pears to eat while I walk and I have got a black bean biryani thing in the oven for this evening.:cool:

    Did anyone see the "How to lose weight well" show last night? They compared diets but I missed the bit where they showed which one was best.
  • sarahj1986sarahj1986 Forumite
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    Today I weighed myself and I’m just over a kilo down from last week. I’ll weigh myself again this time next week see how I get on

    Today -

    Breakfast - nothing again as I wasn’t hungry and we woke up late

    Lunch - mixed bean chilli which has peppers, onions, grated carrot, beans, seasoning and passata in it. We had that with sweet potato roasties. Currently enjoying a small piece of Christmas chocolate while my girl sleeps on my lap

    Dinner - seeded bread sandwich with an apple and yogurt

    Exercise - still coming along with my steps.
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    Blue_DoggyBlue_Doggy Forumite
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    edited 8 February 2020 at 7:00PM
    Good afternoon everyone :hello: It’s lovely to see so many friends old and new on this journey to our right weights and health.

    I hope everyone who’s been feeling low is feeling a bit better, hugs if you are, and hugs if you aren’t.

    Just dropping in to say “Hi”; I weighed myself on Sunday morning for a base line. It was, as expected, a bit :eek:. I haven’t started dieting again yet, I’ll start again on Thursday, as I like to “feast” for the twelve days, and today and tomorrow are for using up leftovers :.

    Since I’m here, Today’s food:
    B: porridge with very low sugar cherry compôte
    L: poached egg with salad (red chicory, watercress, chopped apple, teaspoon of dried mixed fruit), tangerine
    D cold roast duck, the last half cold dry-roast potato, the last of the stuffing, peas and carrots, followed by Christmas crumble with custard
    S: 7 dates (used up box), used up remains of a box of biscuits, plus a cookie and three choccie caramels.

    An unopened box of shortbread has joined the unopened Turkish and other Delights in the Room of Doom.
  • procrastinatorprocrastinator Forumite
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    Happier day today. Thank you for your support.
    Saw Mum, managed to get her into hat coat and gloves for a walk in the garden. Such a palaver for so small an outing but I do worry she spends all her time in one place. A change is as good as a rest they say and the fresh air was nice. She doesn't know who I am in relation to herself, obviously can't be her daughter because I'm far too old. However does know my name and that I am significant to her. Got between her and lady sat next to her at dinner to fend off slaps. These two annoy each other no end but that doesn't register with staff. I did say they shouldn't be put together but they only made excuses as if to say nothing could be done. It is very intense with all the dementia problems being experienced by so many at the same time. At least Mum ate her lunch. I usually stay between 5 and 7 hours but tonight DD is visiting and staying over as we are out tomorrow so only with mum for 3.5 hours today.
    I didn't have breakfast or lunch just a couple of coffees.
    Dinner was homemade broccoli and stilton soup with kale added, followed by stewed plums and apples with panatone and brandy sauce. That's used up a lot of the xmas left overs. Still have some red cabbage to use in a slaw. Finished last of fake baileys. Will just drink water from now until bedtime.
    Not a lot of exercise, couldn't park in care home so went a short distance away and walked. Hopefully walking a lot more tomorrow.
    WL 11 st 5lb as at 050109. 160209 11st 2lb
    11st 5lb as at 20.04.09 11st 7lbs 040509 11st6 010609 I wish 2016 175 lbs.
    Family of 3 at home - , DS 22, self and OH
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    BramblingBrambling Forumite
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    edited 9 January 2020 at 8:30PM
    Old Style Weight Loss Challenge 2030 1st Quarter

    01/01/20 - 31/03/20

    Imperial (lbs). Please let me know if you want me to add a kg list as well

    2goals2get2 -/21
    Balabooberlies -/14
    Bfh 1/14. :)
    Blue Doggie -/14
    Brambling 2.5/14. :):);)
    Cherry Burton -/14
    Cranky -/7
    Doing it My Way -/5
    Dumpling -/14
    Frith -/20
    Frugalhome -/14
    FrugalLina -/20
    Gingerlily -/13
    Grunnie -/14
    Honeythewitch. 2.5/7 :):);)
    Izadora -/21
    Jackrabbit123 -/10
    Lindor -/10
    Molly41 2/14. :):)
    Mrs Motivation -/14
    Mummy_bear -/10
    Patentgirl 1/20 :)
    Procrastinator -/6
    Rosie D -/21
    S_glover 1/14. :)
    Savingholmes -/14
    Schweiz -/14
    SeekingFlight -/20
    Sirens 3/20. :):):)
    Short_bird 1/10. :)
    Toonie -/10

    SarahJ1986 1/7. :)

    Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage   -          Anais Nin
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