Jolly January's Bring Your Lunch to Work

Welcome to January's bring your lunch to work.

Feel free to post what you're having/planning/eating for lunch as this may give others a idea of what to make and we're always up for inspiration and a challenge

There are 22 working days up for grabs.

Let me know if you want to join in and how many days you want to attempt and I'll add you to the list on the next post. It is never too late to join.

If you haven’t already, join the forum to join in the challenge.

I know this is early but I'm unlikely to be about next week.


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    Everyone is welcome even if you only work 1 day a week or stay at home but would like to join. So, the doors are now open......

    Just to say that if you see a post on MSE and want to include it in your own post then do the following:

    To copy a post, right click on the post number, click copy shortcut, go back to new post and right click to paste

    Recipe ideas for sandwich fillings and lunches

    Now everyone say a big thank you to Shortie for compiling this list of ideas for us.

    Thanks Shortie

    *Cold foods*
    Sandwich combos:
    Tuna mayo/salad cream
    Tuna and sweetcorn
    Tuna and onion
    Tuna and cucumber
    Cheese & carmelised onion chutney
    Cheese and chilli jam
    grated cheese, mushed up egg, diced onion and mixed in with mayo
    Peanut butter & marmite
    Greek salad -
    Russian salad sandwich -
    Bacon & banana
    Cheese & pickle
    Corned beef & lettuce
    Ham & apple sauce
    Coronation chicken
    Fried egg baguette
    Sausage & mustard / ketchup / mayo / pickle / onion relish
    Scrambled egg (cooked in the microwave)
    Chhese & piccalilli
    Brie & grape
    Cheese & tomato
    Ham and coleslaw
    Onion Baji & coleslaw wrap
    Chicken and cranberry sauce
    Chicken & bacon
    Haslet and coleslaw
    Peanutbutter, cream cheese & banana
    Turkey/chicken & stuffing
    Crisp butti
    Chicken with pesto and mayo
    Brie, crushed walnuts, feta &rocket wrap
    Chorizo & goats cheese
    Vegetarian pate
    sliced turkey, mayo, pineapple and a bit of tinned sweetcorn sprinkled

    Adding the following to salads:
    Hard boiled egg in salad
    Carrot salad:
    Cold duck and spinnach, raddish, pepper & carrot
    Cheese, ham & whatever salad is in the fridge
    Chicken and cold bacon bits
    Spice sensation cous cous with raisins, pumpkin seeds. little cubes of cheese (feta or cheddar) cheery toms halved,cuc, spring onions and a couple of dried apricots chopped up
    Bulk making salads:

    Rice cakes & hummus
    Crackers / carrot sticks / pitta bread & taramaslata (or dip of choice)
    Crustless quiche (good for GF diets) -
    Spanish potato fritata
    Cous cous

    *Warm foods*
    Soups (with some bread?):
    Jamie Oliver's Parsnip and Ginger Soup
    Jamie Oliver's carrot soup:
    Mushroom risotto soup:
    Liquidised curry
    Macaroni cheese
    Leftovers... pasta bakes, curry, spag bol, chilli..
    Onion bhajis
    Jacket potatoes
    Cous cous (take dried and rehydrate from a kettle at work, add some fillings - meat, vegs, cheese, etc - once warm and hydrated)
    Mash, veg, gravy and meat in a tuppawear box
    Spaghetti/beans on toast or with butter bread
    Falafel & chilli dip
    Paella a la Candlewick

    Crisps (multibags can be better value)
    Hot choc
    Sausage rolls
    Juice cartons
    Cereal bars
    Fruit salads (mix with a spoon or two of juice from tinned fruit to keep it from turning brown)
    Mince Pies (especially for Betty Crumble)

    *Emergency stocks for a drawer*
    Porridge oats
    Tinned macaroni cheese
    Mug Shot pasta packs

    *Other suggestions*
    Thermos flasK of tea or coffee
    freeze sandwiches for the week or buy/make pasties, sausage rolls, and take them out in the morning.
    Freeze bread and make your sandwich up using frozen slices, wrap in kitchen roll to prevent sogginess. This is a good way to cut back on wasting bread.
    Hard boiled eggs keep for a week in the fridge with the shells on
    Wraps instead of sliced bread

    *.... and sneaking in here.... Breakfasts!*
    Greek yoghurt and granola on top of fruit salad
    Toast wrapped in foil asap after cooking - should keep warm for a 10 min journey to the train station etc!)
    Scrambled egg (cooked in the microwave) and toast

    I 'borrowed' this from another earlier Lunches to Work thread from way back when and I hope 'Shorite' whoever they are doesn't mind that I have. I thought it may help people with some lunch choices :D
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    001 Purplemumof2 17/22
    002 danielley 0/12
    003 Betharooni 0/12
    004 SSDD23 17/17 **TARGET HIT**
    005 StartingAgainAt29 20/20 **TARGET HIT**
    006 TryingAgain2022 0/19
    007 MissyX 0/20
    008 LINKYPIE2009 0/15
    009 Coffeeandcanary 0/20
    010 worklifebalance 6/15
    010 Determinedmummy 0/20
    011 nicmalauren 23/27
    012 Saver.The.Taste 14/15
    013 32b3in2013 0/15
    014 olaf2014 TBC
    015 LemonadeBudget 1/12
    016 IvysMom 10/16
    017 confusedsaving 14/17
    018 savequidalot 2/17
    019 Scloud 10/20
    020 Willow92 2/19
    021 Baldylocks14 2/15
    022 squanderscouse 4/13
    023 Zoeengland2000 0/17
    024 Tink_04 0/11
    025 little_green 19/19 **TARGET HIT**
    026 Jmac82 5/17
    027 Balancinglife 22/22 **TARGET HIT**
    028 a_silver_lining 2/7
  • danielley
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    Can I join in?

    I will be working 9 days in January 2020. But I'll challenge myself to 12 as I need to make savings on days at home too.
  • Betharooni
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    Can I join in? I have a week off so will only be in 17 days. Need to start making lunches, which need to be healthy too as I’m on Slimming World. I’d like to achieve 12 days to start with-hopefully can achieve better than that, but want to be realistic.
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    Hi Purplemum I'll have 17 for my January target please xxx
  • StartingAgainAt29
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    I'll have 20 as my target please :)
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    I'm going to go for 19 lunches - that's 12 days of actually bringing it in, and 7 days of making myself lunch working from home. Our team meeting is usually lunch out and I assume I will lapse or forget/be in a tearing rush at least a couple of other days.

    Thanks for this challenge, it's a good one and (should be) simple.
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  • MissyX
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    Can I join in please? I really need to get a grip on actually eating the lunches I take in!

    I’ll go for 20 please
  • LINKYPIE2009
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    Part of the Furniture
    I too am doing slimming world so need to do this. I’ll go for 15 please.
  • Coffeeandcanary
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    Second Anniversary
    Can I also join please? I'll aim for 20 days.
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