20 20s for 2020



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    I love this idea, could I join too please, this is my current list, I have a large notebook that I track bills and spending in, so will draw up a grid at the front to tick them off with the date each one has been done, and then maybe a second page with details, ie book/ film


    1. Drink 20 glasses of water a week
    2. Complete 20 knitting projects
    3. Donate 20 things to the food bank
    4. Save 20 £20 pound notes (and not touch them til the end of the year!)
    5. Try 20 new veggie recipes
    6. Walk 10k steps 20 times a month
    7. Watch 20 films I've never seen before
    8. Do 20 house jobs (that I've been putting off)
    9. Loose at least 20lb
    10. Print and hang 20 new photos
    11. Go for 20 walks
    12. Sell 20 items on a selling site
    13. Declutter 20 things
    14. Read 20 books
    15. Do 20 minutes of exercise a week (excluding steps)
    16. Donate 20 books to charity shop
    17. Save or spend £20 a month just for me
    18. Spend 20 min a week on my journal
    19. Try 20 new foods, be it sweet or savoury
    20. Spend 20 minutes a day on me, be it a nice soak, knitting or anything else I fancy!

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    Love this idea, do you mind if I join you too?

    It’s not my thread, but I am sure you will be most welcome to join in, it’s a really friendly bunch on the OS board, the more the merrier to cheer each other on.
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    Ooh, I like this idea! My only concern is 20 is almost 2 per month and that may be too many if I have lots of 'doing' things on my list. Need to think about it properly so I can make it work.
    I also like the idea that the 20 things are not resolutions but things to bring enjoyment or even Joy!
    A few potentials for the list -

    1) Lose 20lbs
    2) 20 screen-free evenings at home (no tech, no telly!) (Be easier to schedule 2/month)
    3) 20 outings, day trips or date nights, with DH
    4) Create 20 things, crafting or painting

    Will come back with better list!

    I was given a lovely notebook for Christmas so I can use that to record progress :D
    I have changed my work-life balance to a life-work balance. :grin:
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    I do believe I'm there :D This list fills me with excitement which is what i was aiming at. I have a notebook to record my experiences. The notebook was already on my shelf.
    1) read 20 classics
    2) read 20 children’s classics
    3) watch 20 classic films
    4) listen to 20 symphonies
    5) see 20 performances (cinema / theatre / concerts)
    6) visit 20 churches
    7) recognise 20 special days (http://projectbritain.com/specialdays/jan.htm)
    8) cook 20 soup recipes
    9) try 20 different fish
    10) try 20 flavours of ice-cream
    11) play 20 different board games
    12) learn 20 piano pieces
    13) create 20 things (poems, cards etc)
    14) organise / do 20 jobs on the house
    15) make 20 donations to the food bank
    16) 20 eco challenges (e.g. repairs / upcycles / greener versions)
    17) deliver 20 work targets
    18) walk 2020 km
    19) declutter 2020 items
    20) pay off £2020 on the mortgage
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    I love this idea. I've been working on my 2020 list and have lots of ideas from other posters, so thank you:)

    My 2020 list is

    1. Have 20 health and beauty appointments
    2. Lose 20lbs
    3. Lose 20lbs
    4. 20 minutes of exercise every day
    5. Spend 20 minutes a day on my health and appearance.
    6. Have 20 new outfits
    7. Go to 20 social activities
    8. Have 20 alcohol free days a month
    9. Have 20 No Spend Days a month
    10. Make 20 charity donations
    11. Give 20 presents for no particular reason
    12. Deal with/clear 20 items of paper a week until it’s all sorted
    13. Make an extra £2020
    14. Save £20,000
    15. 20 internet-free evenings (from 6pm)
    16. 20 news-free days
    17. 20 minutes a day studying
    18. Do 20 things to simplify financial organisation
    19. Spend 20 minutes a day clearing and cleaning
    20. Do 20 random acts of kindness

    bln x
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    Suffolk lass mentioned this so I have popped over to have a look. I think this could be just what I need, even sitting down and focussing on what the 20 things will be will help me. I will pop back with my ideas, I am trying not to look too much at other people's ideas as I really need this to be about me. Thanks so much for suggesting this.
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    I am just wondering how achievable your 20 things are? I have got a couple of ideas that will definitely be tougher than others but will be fun if I can pull them off.
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    My 20 things in 2020
    1. Make 20 things (sew, knit or craft)
    2. Bake 20 different sweet treats
    3. Make 20 new meals
    4. Make 20 non meat dishes
    5. Visit 20 places with Historic Scotland membership
    6. Walk 20 different routes
    7. Go on 20 bike rides
    8. Run 20 different routes
    9. Open water swim in 20 different locations
    10. Find 20 geocaches
    11. Plant 20 bulbs or plants
    12. Spend 20 minutes in the garden each week either gardening or enjoying it
    13. Read 20 books
    14. 20 donations to the local food bank
    15. 20 minutes a day with no technology
    16. Spend 20 minutes a week planning house and garden projects
    17. Practice flute 20 times on something not work related
    18. Listen to 20 new musical acts or groups
    19. Support 20 local independent businesses
    20. Do 20 things with nobody else
    A couple of these things might end up overlapping or happening at the same time. Some will be easier and others a challenge but I have tried to stay true to myself and also to what I am able to cope with at the moment. I am looking forward to some and dreading trying to complete some of the others but looking forward to the new year and making a start.
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    ajmoney wrote: »
    I am just wondering how achievable your 20 things are? I have got a couple of ideas that will definitely be tougher than others but will be fun if I can pull them off.

    I've tried to include things I'll definitely be able to do, things that will take a little more work, and things which will be a push but in a good way. In the same vein I've also made mine have different focuses, so health, fun, hobbies, and social. Having a variety of things to do will hopefully mean I can find things to tick off no matter what.
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    So here's what I think is my final list.
    1. Save 20 of £20, £10, £5, £2, £1,50p, 20p, and 10p notes/coins
    2. Read 20 books
    3. Lose 20lbs
    4. Pay 20 payments of £20.20 to Credit card
    5. De-clutter 20 items per week
    6. Go for 1 20min walk a day.
    7. Sell 20 items on FB or Ebay
    8. Switch phone/tablet/laptop off at 20:20 each night.
    9. 20mins gardening per week
    10. Watch 20 new films
    11. Have 20 no spend days per month
    12. Drink 20 glasses of water per week
    13. Spend £20 a month on a treat for myself.
    14. Bake 20 different treats
    15. Limit to 20 cans of Coke per month.
    16. Save £2020 over the year.
    17. Use the library 20 times.
    18. Try out 20 new things this year.
    19. Do 20 outstanding jobs on the house/garden
    20. Use 20 items from my toiletry stash

    Some of it may sound silly or too easy, however it's all mostly hard for me.
    The likes of Spending £20 on myself per month, I very rarely spend money on myself but quick to spend on others.
    The 20 cans of coke - I can go through 20 cans of Coke per fortnight or less, so to cut it in half will be a task in itself.
    Saving money is anther thing I struggle with so this will be my year.
    Paying off my debt, that's another task, but when I look at it as 20 payments of £20.20 it looks like nothing, so if I can start off with doing that, then I can carry it on and be debt free by this time next year, if not sooner.

    The de-cluttering will be no bother, I enjoy doing that and done a bag a day this year so I can carry on with that.
    I realise I said it will be hard, but that doesn't mean it won't be enjoyable to me. I like a challenge so bring on 20 of them :rotfl:
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