20 20s for 2020



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    Here's ours:
    1. Complete 20 Sunday Times recommended walks  - COVID stopped this
    2. Divide 20 Herbaceous plants - maybe 10 done, more planned
    3. Grow 20 different fruit or vegetables yes! and Crown Prince Pumpkin and black blauhilde beans are the two stand out successes
    4. 20 Acts of kindness to others I think so - you don't need to hear about these
    5. Help Son 20 times - yes - his near financial destitution has relied on a bit of support
    6. Lose 20 pounds in weight That is a fail
    7. Combined Savings and mortgage of £20k We exceeded this, saving over £8k and paying off the mortgage (which was over £17k at the start of the year
    8. Read 20 books - About 10 I think, room for improvement
    9. Attend 20 social events Fail!
    10. Eat 20 Veggie meals/month Success - about 3 a week, for evening meal and most lunches are veggie
    11. Clean bathroom 20 times (properly!) Probably not but that's because of a little and often approach
    12. 20 other (proper deep) cleaning jobs - I must have been joking. I loathe housework - more of a lick and a promise girl really
    13. 20 weeding sessions - Yes
    14. 20 local walks from home - Yes but not all different
    15. Visit 20 new places - Not possible
    16. Donate 20 times to charity/foodbank Yes
    17. Speak to 20 new people Yes - mostly local
    18. Use our van 20 times Not quite but nearly, despite COVID
    19. Meet up with 20 different friends Sadly not
    20. Try 20 new things - Failed to keep count but I doubt it. 

    Save £12k in 2022 - #14 £9,500 £10,689.11 (112.52%) at end of Sept
    OS Grocery Challenge 2022 spent £2,282.51/£3,000 annual (not incl £500 contingency) - try to keep it really low for October or there won't be anything for Christmas 76.08/65% so significantly over spent this year.
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