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  • I can’t quote, but yes, EXACTLY WHAT CAFCGIRL SAYS!!!!!!
    I do not make mistakes, I learn lessons.
    I work to live, not live to work.
    I love to live & live to love.
    Good enough is exactly that.
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    CAFCGirl wrote: »
    Why not change that into something more positive, like make 20 healthy changes?
    I have a hatred of the apparent obligation to lose weight that's placed on people because its scale/numbers driven. You can be skinny as **** but still deeply unhealthy.

    Really what I mean is fill your list with things that will spark joy for your soul.:A
    This is the one, isn't it, Lurker1972 :) and its a lovely take on it all, you're right.
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    I think this a great idea and have been trying to compile my own list. It has been difficult as I want to have things that are aspirational but at the same time achievable. That is, I don't want it to become a chore and feel like a failure if I haven't done the 20 things by next November. I'm that woman who never craves chocolate until she goes on a diet! So, starting small I will:

    1. Drink 20 glasses of water a week.
    2. Walk 20 miles a week
    3. Have 20 meat free dinners a month
    4 Shave £20 off my water bill by
    5. Going to 20 swim, gym or exercise classes a month and using their showers
    6. Try 20 new recipes
    7. Grow 20 kinds of fruit and veg in the allotment
    8 . Read 20 books
    9. Write 20 poems that I would be happy to share with other people
    10. Have 20 afternoons on the beach
    11. Have 20 days out visiting friends or family
    12. Use National Trust card 20 times, this may link with No.11
    13. Save £200 a month
    14. Only use car for local journeys for up to 20 miles a week, otherwise use feet or bus. I do about 6
    long journeys a year visiting family, although take the train when it is practical.
    15. Use independent shops or local markets for food 20 times a year

    That's as far as I've got, I am enjoying reading other people's lists and pinching ideas. Thank you Lurker 72 for starting the thread.
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    Thank you for the responses! Very much appreciated :D
    I do like the lose weight for 20 weeks idea, would never have thought of that.
    I will have another rethink without loading too much onto myself or I’ll start stressing and see it as work...
    Stay safe!Stay upright!And eat cake 🍰 😊 🏅
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    I think that for me - taking myself out of my comfort zone 20 times . I have not done a lot for a long time, for myself - so small steps times, some of my ideas might seem a bit 'every day' to some.

    Due to me being unavailable to do stuff, a lot of friends have drifted, in fact I really only have one proper friend that I meet up with, but I do like having girlie chats etc.
    I do have a fantastic husband though and I never take him for granted

    I was thinking this recently - I feel I have become quite predictable / boring, so doing things that are unexpected

    I don't have 20 Ideas, but I do have a few

    1- Weekend away with husband. We are waiting for the new sun holiday tokens to come out in Jan

    2 - Say yes to more random stuff - even if it is on the spur of the moment, not everything has to be planned to the nth degree to avoid anxiety

    3 - Try to build more of a life for me - new groups, social activities, and walk in alone, head high (eeek). I have done this twice in 2019 and one did not work out well at all, but one worked out amazing and it has opened so many doors for me

    4 - Agree to invitations to play at gigs more often. Again anxiety has often held me back from straying too far from home. But in a week I am playing a gig that is 30 miles away. (which is a huge step for me.... know it sounds crazy)

    Those are just a few ideas. I will be working on this list, thinking what more I can do to step out of my comfort zone
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    I'm thinking of:

    1) 20 extra payments into my mortgage (even if some of the payments are small).

    2) I don't know exactly how much weight I need to lose but it will be over 20lbs. So 20 + a bit!

    3) 20 geocaches.

    4) Read 20 books.

    5) 20 DIY jobs round the house. That seems too many. Maybe if I combine it with garden jobs.

    6) 20 Mondays working freelance would just about work, as I'm employed up until July.

    7) 20 Ebay sales (if I lose the 20lbs!)

    8) 20 long walks.

    9) 20 boring jobs that I might otherwise put off.

    10) 20 craft things to give instead of Christmas cards next year.

    11) 20 new Christmas decorations made for us. (Not necessarily 20 completely different ones)

    12) 20 cost cutting measures (e.g change suppliers)

    13) 20 new meals

    14) 20/20 eye test (well, it won't be 20/20, but I've put off for ages!)

    15) 20 paintings or photos up in the house. I've had the house replastered (bit by bit) and have not one single thing on the walls.

    16) 20 mins of Duolingo Welsh 4 times a week +. It's embarrassing to know so little.

    17) 20 new ingredients that I have never cooked with before.

    18) 20 trips out with son 2. He's autistic so has only been to watch football matches and to Sainsbury's this year. We need to start branching out, even if it is only for 10 minutes or doesn't work out.

    19) 20 jars of preserve is too easy but I can't commit to making 20 different sorts! So at least 5 types and 4+ jars of each. This year I've done chutney, jam x 2, jelly, lemon and orange curd. That's 6 so pretty sure 20 types is impossible.

    20) Will come back to this one.
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    Great idea! Will pop back in a couple of days with some ideas for things I'd like to accomplish in 2020.
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    Ok, so I couldn't get it out of my head and have come up with my 20.
    1. 20 minutes of French on 20 days of the month
    2. 20 minutes journaling each morning
    3. minimum 20 minutes tidying the garden on 20 days of the month
    4. 20 x 45 minute workouts a month
    5. Lose 20lbs (already managed 10 in the last six months doing the above so should be doable)
    6. Read 20 classic fiction books
    7. Read 20 non-classic fiction books
    8. Read 20 personal development/career books
    9. Declutter 20 items a month
    10. Identify 20 medium to long-term life goals
    11. Spend 20 minutes a day working on my career in some way
    12. Say yes to 20 social activities this year (without the customary moaning and attempts to side-step them)
    13. Suggest 20 social activities this year (don't just wait for everyone else, be proactive)
    14. Get involved at work 20 times this year (always some committee or another being formed)
    15. Try 20 new main meals (actually use those recipe books!)
    16. Drop 20 bad habits (not sure I have 20 but I'm sure I could find a few, like nibbling the skin round my nails)
    17. Finsh 20 outstanding DIY jobs in the house
    18. See 20 performances/events
    19. Update blog 20 times a month
    20. Make unsolicited contact with others 20 times a month (I'm awful for waiting until others contact me)

    By the way, if anyone comes up with a good way of laying this out in a notebook please let me know. Maybe a 20 x 20 grid for each month?
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    Great lists. frith if you set your goal at 20 (e.g. 20 pounds) doesn't matter if you do more. i like your idea of 20 payments on the mortgage. I may well go for that. I would certainly like to do something to the mortgage. I have today been listing 20 jobs for in the house and 20 jobs for outside. Mum is busy working on her list, including '20 books i enjoyed as a child' then she thought she might reread Beatrice Potter. There are 23 and i have them in a box upstairs so that's one of hers sorted :D I've tweaked the 'write 20 poems' to 'create 20 things' as i think 20 poems might stop being fun. and the main thing is this challenge needs to be fun :D
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    Dundeedoll - I don’t think I’d manage to learn 20 new piano pieces!
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