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  • Deni_debt-free_dreamer
    Hi everyone
    Foodbank/charity donation - not yet but bought Xmas cards from CS yesterday
    Eat well - meals good but ate 3 chocolates (so far.....).
    Savings/debt repayment - made big payment to CC on Saturday.
    Treat yourself - rang friend for a chat this evening and we've arranged to meet up this weekend.
    Invitations - see above. But probably won't be spendy
    Very merry Christmas - bought bargain electric toothbrush for DD1 from Mr M for xmas.
    Exercise - doing daily 10 minute exercise session this week via FB. Went for a walk by the canal at lunchtime.

    Fun - nice chat with friend on the phone and 'chatting' with sis online too.
    Understand what motivates you - reducing debt. Spending time with daughters, family and friends.
    NSDs - Achieved first NSD today.

    Wow thrify well done!!

    Nite everyone
    Deni x
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  • facethemusic
    misstara wrote: »
    Welcome to the December 2019 NST challenge.

    Foodbank/charity donation - add a few items when you're doing a food shop or buy a gift to donate. School has a giving tree which we will donate a present to. Also a few events locally will have collections at them.
    Eat well - It can be very difficult to eat well over the festive period with all the lovely food around so enjoy but don't over-indulge. Will try, but the chocolates have already started arriving at work.
    Savings/debt repayment. Pay to your debt or savings first and live off what is left. Aim to pay 10% extra this month. I have maximised my savings as far as I can do a 10% increase would break my budgets! I will however double my CC repayment.
    Treat yourself - Make sure you take time for yourself during December. Relax and read a book, have a bubble bath, light some candles, etc. Festive smelling candle currently lit, and I am going to continue the use up theme from last month and try to remember I have multiple tubs of body lotion and apply it daily. Always feel better when I do but rarely remember consistently. I would also like to try and make time to read some of the stack of books beside my bed (all borrowed from a friend of bought in CS)
    Invitations - Accept a maximum of 2 invitations during December. Works night out, panto, girls night out, whatever you have planned, set a budget and stick to it. This is out the window, and run off down the syreet:rotfl: I have more outings planned this month than I've had in the last 6. All are free, or already paid for (and I'm owed money for tickets that I have bought so the cash back for those will cover any drinks, snacks for DD and donations as needed).
    Very merry Christmas - Don't get sucked into all the consumerism that surrounds Christmas, set your budgets for presents, food, etc and stick to them. Budgets are more or less sorted, about half way done with present buying.
    Exercise - At this time of year, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to get out the house and exercise. Aim for at least 10 minutes outside, even just a short walk around the block. Dog walking will continue, hopefully some horse riding and maybe a couple of swims.

    Fun - Think of fun things to do during December, preferably free. Wander round a Christmas market, watch a Christmas movie, make mince pies, etc. DD and I have a Christmas movie afternoon planned, will probably do some baking and some Christmas crafts.
    Understand what motivates you - Think about what you want to achieve next year and why. How will you achieve your goals? Have started thinking, have a basic idea but need to pin down specifics, I probably won't post details on here, but may update as I consider.
    NSDs - Aim for 15 NSDs. Usual rules apply, you won't lose a NSD for ys items, petrol or medical reasons. Sunday and Monday were NSDs so 2/15 so far.
  • thriftylass
    thriftylass Posts: 3,981 Forumite
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    Yay! Well done thrifty! :T:T:T And what size KB did you buy?

    Thanks for all the well wishes. Still can't quite believe it. I was sort of debt free before but never with money in the bank to cover eventualities. So that's why I'm confident that this will last.

    Apple muncher I got a 6kg and a 12kg so I can do body and just arms etc.
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  • Calling14
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    Not a lot to report here.

    ~Stayed in lunchtime, having computer problems.

    apple dd home on the 17th from NZ can't wait for hugs 15months is a long time.

    Christmas Navity play tonight, GS starring role so looking forward to it.

    Probably a spendy day with that.

    Grateful for.
    Knitted throws so much warmer
    Amazon Prime free trial, football and music
    Hair cut day tomorrow I need it.
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  • ditty1234
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    Grateful for radio 6, short meditations, and anything else that has helped me sleep and survive last weeks. Tomorrow night hopefully work stress will be over, angles will sing and I can get on with the rest of my life, incl a cross country run on the 15th and actually planning Christmas things.
    And update challenges.
    And fold my laundry!
    Have a lovely evening all.
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  • XSpender
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    Congratulations thriftylass

    Foodbank/charity donation - need to get some cash out to send in with DS school raffle tickets, will add Sally Army Christmas Appeal too

    Eat well VEGAN DAYS 0/12 We were both ill this weekend so prep didn't get done and I have realised milk is in EVERYTHING!! I have eaten veggie since Sunday and my F&V intake has gone up dramatically. I made a lovely vegan lunch yesterday, a pitta stuffed with falafel and salad and a HM mint/soya yogurt/garlic dip

    Savings/debt repayment - Minimum debt repayments to be made by DD and nothing added to savings as using EF for emergencies. It took some persuasion to remind myself that that is what it is there for :o

    Treat yourself - Nothing unless you count eating 10 Quality Street in a row today:o

    Invitations - I don't usually go out much but December is an exception. Girls Christmas night out, Panto, Christmas NT event, Christmas Eve meal with friends.

    Very merry Christmas - Decided on rest of gifts/stocking fillers just need to buy. Also decided on Boxing Day food except for 2nd choice desert

    Exercise - Will be walking the dog

    Fun - Too busy working this week so far

    Understand what motivates you - I want to half our debt next year. I want more financial security and to have more options around our stressful jobs. I also have a few small jobs to do around the house and a garden makeover to do next spring!

    NSDs - Aim for 15 NSDs 0/15 will add on today if DH has not bought anything
    Save £10,500 - £2673.77 - 25.5%
    Pay off £7000 - £1743 - 19.4%
    Make £2021 extra income - £99.75
  • mothernerd
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    edited 4 December 2019 at 6:26PM
    Very tired but very happy. Food delivery was due between 8am and 10am so up early but they texted me with an expected arrival time so relaxed for a bit. Food all stashed away (have said I like Pavlova so that should be eaten at a time when I am around but Beloved is mostly on her own with the desserts she has chosen - she's quite happy with that.

    Started on the outside of the front room window although I could barely stand up. The inside and outside of the front door and the inside of the kitchen window have beeen cleaned (all with the unused mop with rags wrpped round it method) and lots of unoccupied cobwebs removed.

    The washer's been on, clothes have been dried on the radiator, dishwasher emptied by DS3 and filled by Beloved. I have planted strawberry plants all over the backs (end of back where there is a metal fence between us and the private car park, on the outside of my garden wall, in the space opposite my garden wall and in a small part of my garden). Also planted some broad bean seeds and walking stick cabbages - they may or may not come up but I didn't buy those seeds and if they disrupt the weeds a bit I will count that as a result.

    Seven small mushroom boxes filled with coir compost - I have some herb and salad leaves seeds and they can all go on the front room windowsill when I manage to hack my way to it. Will use bottoms of 2l pop bottles as mini cloches and they will grow when they feel like it. Dry clothes, sheets, towels and bathmats folded ready to bring up.

    Have made a huge pan of chilli and another (10 l stockpot) of bacon soup (scraps of bacon from a misshapes bag, lots of green lentils, barley and onions with chilli flakes) and have put a large chorizo and sweetcorn crustless quiche in to bake.

    There's a lot of cleaning left to do in the kitchen but I've done a lot of clearing stuff away and using up things we had in and lots of rubbish/ recycling has gone into the relevant bins. I had decided to do one last bit in the kitchen (that was the quiche) and then retreat to my room.

    I've had a large bowl of chilli and a shower (didn't have one earlier because of all the mucky jobs). I have a few things to put on my shopping list (used the last of the Worcestershire sauce and chopped tomatoes. If I feel strong enough (arthritic arm is quite painful because of my earlier exertations) I will clean my bedroom window. The light has gone so it may not be perfect (none of it's perfect but it's all much better than it has been in months) but I think that's a good place to put two large candlepots - I won't knock them over.

    Going to relax for a bit and perhaps look through my lists, see what can be crossed off (and think what I'm prepared to do in the way of baking for mum's church fair).

    Today I am grateful for yummy home cooked food, for getting so much done (I'm slower than treacle but I just kept going) and for it being nice enough to sit on a garden chair for a few minutes at a time.

    Grateful for feeling like myself. I haven't done anything extraordinary or heroic today but it's such a long time since I have been able to do this much and I'm so grateful.
    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
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  • lcc86
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    Foodbank/charity donation - waiting for the second DD to go through and still need to organise my donation.
    Eat well - snacked on chocolate today. AGAIN. Using my cold as an excuse lol.
    Savings/debt repayment - done.
    Treat yourself - not really done today, too busy with work. But will take a relaxed night in front of the TV.
    Invitations - sticking to the 4 I have, won't accept any more.
    Very merry Christmas - nothing further done here. Xmas tree has gone up at work though!
    Exercise - didn't feel in the mood for the gym this morning as still feeling all stuffy with this cold. I went for a walk around the block this morning instead, but it was more of a stroll. I plan to go to the gym tomorrow lunchtime if I'm feeling better.

    Fun - not much again today but did have a lie in due to feeling rubbish lol.
    Understand what motivates you - already done.
    NSDs - Aim for 15 NSDs. Up to 3/5.
    Save £3,000 emergency fund #79 - £2,073.28 as of 05/24
    Pay off credit card by December 2024 - £0/£2,000
  • dolly84
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    XSpender - When I went vegan about 18 months ago it was a shock for me too to find that milk is in so much, they even manage to get it in the flavouring of crisps.

    Made a lovely winter vegetable casserole in the slow cooker today, topped off with dumplings, cheap as chips and there is a bowl for my lunch tomorrow. Dog has been to the woods again, we will go everyday whilst the weather is good, ran this afternoon and then skipped in the driveway when I got back. Am currently sat with a deep conditioning hair mask on which I will wash off in the shower after tea.

    Grocery order was delivered this morning so we have plenty in but I did forget to order burgers for DH and DS, I think I will get some at the butchers or make some myself.
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  • crazy_cat_lady
    Managed another nsd today :D

    It's been quite a busy one - I've been late at work tonight as it was parents evening. I'm really tired - sleep still a bit elusive at the moment for me.
    But on the plus side my house is clean and tidy, and warm, and I have food in my tummy and my Christmas shopping is done. End of term feels a long way away but I will get there.

    Hope everyone is doing ok - I will try and catch up properly tomorrow :kiss:
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