NST December: Festive Fun



  • apple_muncher
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    Forget Santa Claus, we have Oofsteed coming to town this week. Grrr.

    Today I am grateful for the NHS, for easy bus journeys, for fleecy blankets for dd, for a beautiful sunset, for the crisp frost, for headspace, for our washing machine, for starting to see houses all lit up with lights.
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  • misstara
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    Foodbank/charity donation - charity donation has gone out.
    Eat well - failed at this one today, lots of snacking between meals :o.
    Savings/debt repayment - £2 extra paid :D.
    Treat yourself - gingerbread candle has been lit and read a few more chapters of my book.
    Invitations - girls night planned round at one of the girls houses. Going to the cinema this week to see Frozen 2.
    Very merry Christmas - bought some more gifts and wrapped some to deliver when we're in Edinburgh tomorrow.
    Exercise - steps: 20,981/310,000, gym: 0/4, run: 0/4.

    Fun - went for a lovely walk today but started raining on the way home.
    Understand what motivates you - done.
    NSDs - 1/15, bought Christmas presents and stamps.
    Debt Dec 2022 - £2972.68. Current debt - £0 (100% paid). Flat deposit - £10814.10/£15000 (72.1% saved). Emergency fund - £1562.44/£2000 (78.1% saved).
  • dolly84
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    Sold a couple of items on ebay yesterday and then used the money to buy DH a jacket on ebay. Other than that no money spent. Read the meters, took the dog for a good walk in the woods, cycled, cleaned, made caramelised onion gravy to go with sausage and mash for tea last night and also steamed sweet potato and spinach to make curried sweet potato pasties for tea today.

    Plan for today is cleaning, dog walking, cycling, filling the car up and calling at the grocers. It is DD's 16th birthday today, I gave her one gift this morning but she will open the others when she gets home.
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  • Calling14
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    Hi am I too late to join the festivities ?

    Will get my act together as last few days been tad hectic.
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  • apple_muncher
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    :bdaycake: Happy birthday to your dd Dolly. Hope she has a lovely day!
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  • [Deleted User]
    Didn't end up swimming yesterday, OH's boys blood sugar was high so stayed home whilst it came down, also didn't have a bath but did watch the secret life of pets 2, good fun!

    Savings/debt repayment. Pay to your debt or savings first and live off what is left. Aim to pay 10% extra this month. Made a £10.01 overpayment to my CC.

    Treat yourself - Make sure you take time for yourself during December. Relax and read a book, have a bubble bath, light some candles, etc. Going to do my eyebrows and a DIY pedicure tonight

    Exercise - At this time of year, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to get out the house and exercise. Aim for at least 10 minutes outside, even just a short walk around the block. Will aim to close my Exercise goal on my watch (30 mins) every day. Will try to persuade OH to come to the gym tonight

    NSDs - Aim for 15 NSDs. Usual rules apply, you won't lose a NSD for ys items, petrol or medical reasons. NSD 2/15 today
  • thriftylass
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    edited 3 December 2019 at 2:02PM
    :santa2: Hohoho and hello,

    I will just be lurking this months as not to miss anything but not join in properly, December is just too unreliable. But might post now and then.

    However, finances are looking good. Quite a few presents bought already (including a present of two kettle bells to myself ;)) and sold a few things on eBay for the first time in forever, hopefully a few more going tomorrow. Hope to break the £100 mark. Also listed my old SLR camera on my Amazon seller account but might just put that back on eBay too. I will keep this money in a separate account as I'm not sure what to do with it yet.

    The small decorations got put out and limoncello was started (to give as presents). The kids wanted a little tree in their room this year, so I got one in Tesco for a fiver and filled their advent calendars with a mix of sweets and little decorations for their tree.

    Oh and btw I am debt free as on this month. May this be the last decade I spent in debt. I just paid off the last £265 pounds and have money in my savings account to cover Christmas etc. :j:j:j
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  • ditty1234
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    As somebody above mentioned - December is a tricky one. While I am right now in place where I will have paid all bills and pretty much have enough money for food - this is only where the fun begins.
    I need to buy 11 gifts(150-200), a train ticket(50) and and pay for luggage on plane(£60?) - and transport while away. And an other £100 for a bill in late December). If I get all the cover work I can do - it will work out - otherwise basically chr gifts will have to wait.
    So I did give to Charity for ds this past weekend, and most shopping is done, and I literally just made the easiest money ever - 2 lessons of French to the cutest little kids. While I don't like teaching a ot of the time - today was a great cover day. Other things looming - but that will have to wait til Thursday.
    My savings aim this month is to leave @300 in budget account for large bill, and £50 in EF to start topping that back up. I don't feel December will be conquered though until the end of January - I and probably lots of people get paid early and well January is a long month.
    So far 2/15 NSD
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    Housing fund Jan 2024 £2000/6000 36%
    EF Jan 2024 £0/1000 0% Emergency fund is for worn out things like vacuum cleaner, dish washer, and washing machine.
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    Oh and btw I am debt free as on this month. May this be the last decade I spent in debt. I just paid off the last £265 pounds and have money in my savings account to cover Christmas etc. :j:j:j

    Well done :T:T:T
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    .:santa2:Oh and btw I am debt free as on this month. May this be the last decade I spent in debt. :j:j:j
    Btw?? BTW??? Just like, Oh, hiya, btw I just won the lottery and now I am a billionaire :rotfl:now take the bin out.

    There is no btw!!! There is CONGRATULATIONS!! and YAY!!! and :T:T:T:T:T:T:T:T:T:T:T:T:T:T:T:T
    Well done! You rock! £5 on a tree is a good way to celebrate. :rotfl:
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