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NST December: Festive Fun



  • Karmacat
    Karmacat Posts: 39,460 Forumite
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    I'm in, yes please. Travelling home tomorrow, so no real contributions till the actual beginning of December :)
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  • mothernerd
    mothernerd Posts: 4,827 Forumite
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    Count me in please misstara. First outing is sorted. There is a special film club showing of 'Sorry we missed you' at the parish church with a pay what you can afford entry fee and donations (money or goods) going to the local foodbank.
    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
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  • Deni_debt-free_dreamer
    Hi everyone
    Can I join in please? Sorry I went AWOL in September, I was loving this thread but life threw a curveball as my boss died unexpectedly. Apart from the shock, I have been mad busy as I've covered both his job and my job for 3 months now....
    Anyway I would love to get back to MSE habits for the last few weeks of 2019
    Deni xx
    LBM - October 2018; finally debt free on 16 March 2021
    2023 Mortgage Free Wannabee #92023 Mortgage free in March 23 !
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  • 498louise
    Me please!
    NSD Dec: 0/15
    Make £1 a day in Dec: £0/£31
    Credit Card1: £0.00
    Credit Card2:
    Bank Loan: £0
  • dolly84
    dolly84 Posts: 5,851 Forumite
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    Thanks for the new challenge misstara. I'm in.
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  • f0xh0les
    f0xh0les Posts: 6,919 Forumite
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    edited 30 November 2019 at 10:28AM
    Yes please!
    Count me in for the December FESTIVE challenge!
    :xmastree::santa2::xmastree::santa2::xmastree: :santa2: :coffee::coffee::coffee:
    Foodbank/charity donation - I volunteer my time anyway, so will donate some things we are short of - the f/b usually has a bookface page which they update if they are short of any particular items. Knitters - any gloves/mittens/hats for kids would be a lovely gift. If you were decluttering some of your stash (crafters always have a stash!) stripy things would use up some odds and ends. If you were in a tidying kind of mood.
    Eat well - Not one mice pie has touched my lips thus far (I abstain until December), I am going to make some shortcrust bottoms with a crumble topping (streusel style) this year. But not yet. Will try and keep nice-y things to weekends when there are 4 other people around to reduce the calories. Damage limitation. Going to make a rich fruit cake, I still have marzipan in the pantry, and have ys brazil nuts to coat in chocolate. Will pick up nuts in shells when I see them ys and they are pretty in charity shop wicker baskets or wooden bowls. It will just mean hoovering twice a day and probably one nutcracker related injury.

    Savings/debt repayment. No debts - will pay off cc on Monday, only use it for petrol and to get free S&M vouchers, have saved for service/mot already, no idea what the Xmas budget is, as I have no idea what the kids want. They are happy with what they have already, so maybe a new game for their consoles, but other than that I am trying to avoid all the plastic tat that usually gets included.

    Treat yourself - I can read a book, have a bubble bath, light some candles - very cheap right now in charity shops! Picked up a lovely green Xmas one about the size of a tin of beans for 59p yesterday. Check out your local chazzers - good for Xmas jumper day at school too - I mean who wears this normally?? (sorry if this is you apple / greent:o I always seem to put my foot in it ) Going to the school Xmas fair on 6th, 50p can go a long way!

    Invitations - Accept a maximum of 2 invitations
    I introduced the 'office Xmas party' for me and the kids when they were tiny. Working people get at least one!, so we go out after the last day of school without DH (he gets at least 2 of his own at work) and then have a trawl through town looking at the lights and eating gelato. Foodbank have a Xmas party - we will be sorting in the warehouse for some of it - a working party:rotfl:and I will be going to vote. Big date in the diary this December. Plan on staying up all night with nibbles.

    Very merry Christmas - Not bought a single present at all yet. December is my car's service & MOT, and DS4s birthday on Xmas Eve Eve - when he was small he thought all the lights in town were put up cos he was born and everyone loves him. I told him. Not sorry.
    Just unpacked the cloth advent calendars, and in one of the suitcases I had packed 30 meters of wrapping paper I picked up for 10p a roll after last year, and a good few cards to be sent as well. A lot of savings just by sticking a few bits into a suitcase, and who knows what situation we will be in next December?

    Exercise - Need to get back to this will do more.

    Fun - Local country park in frosty weather is fun, you could make fatballs / apple rings and hang them on the trees as bird/squirrel presents. The Xmas market in our city is smaller than B&Qs shed section. The normal market is still fun though.
    Understand what motivates you - HOPE!!, and the conviction that at some point it will all work out.
    Think about what you want to achieve next year and why. New roof, solar panels, and the bricks of an extension (not fussed if inside is finished I would be happy with the walls and roof), why? to be able to live how we want to and so that it is done.

    How will you achieve your goals?

    Saving money every month, it all adds up, sometimes slower than you would like, but in the end it will happen. Just found out all strike deductions are going out in February's pay packet. Short month with 1/3 less pay. Forewarned is forearmed and all that.

    NSDs - Aim for 15
    4/10/22One Year Mortgage Free Yay!
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  • Deni_debt-free_dreamer
    Foodbank/charity donation - yes I will give to the foodbank and look for any other local charities that need donations.
    Eat well - too many chocolates at work already! Will make an effort to eat decent meals and avoid sugary snacks.
    Savings/debt repayment. Aim to pay 10% extra this month. I have CC debt but I think I can achieve 10% extra on repayments as i'm temporarily on a higher salary as covering 2 jobs.
    Treat yourself - I have got into the habit of reading before I go to sleep. Re-joined book group in October which I'm really enjoying.
    Invitations - Accept a maximum of 2 invitations during December. Works night out, panto, girls night out, whatever you have planned, set a budget and stick to it. Going for a meal tonight but that doesn't count as it's still November!! Going for a work meal but the organisation is paying for staff as a thank you for the extra work we've covered following our boss' death. Book Group Xmas do is a get together at someone's house so we all take a contribution :)
    Very merry Christmas - Don't get sucked into all the consumerism that surrounds Christmas, set your budgets for presents, food, etc and stick to them. I've bought brown paper for wrapping and have leftover paper from previous years, got cards bought in the sales plus large luxury crackers bought in the sales to open and fill with my own gifts.
    Exercise - found a new class to attend which I love. Usually go for a walk at lunch or after work to counteract being sat at a desk all day

    Fun - Think of fun things to do during December, preferably free. Love to walk round our village and see the Xmas lights; will watch Xmas movies at home. Finally got an oven after nearly 4 months without one so will be doing Xmas baking!
    Understand what motivates you - Think about what you want to achieve next year and why. How will you achieve your goals? At the moment I am very motivated to reduce my debt by half by the end of this year. I have some self employment as well as FT job and have been doing a bit extra when I can plus i'm working on the election count to earn a bit extra....
    NSDs - Aim for 15 NSDs. I will try but won't achieve tomorrow as going Christmas shopping!

    Good luck everyone xx
    LBM - October 2018; finally debt free on 16 March 2021
    2023 Mortgage Free Wannabee #92023 Mortgage free in March 23 !
    Decluttering Campaign member 2023🏅🏅 🏅⭐️⭐️
    Decluttering Campaign Member 2024 🏅🏅
  • misstara
    misstara Posts: 3,883 Forumite
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    Foodbank/charity donation - usual charity donation will go out as a direct debit, planning to buy a gift to donate to the local charity and will put items into the food bank collection point.
    Eat well - hmm this is one I'm really struggling with. Following my surgery earlier this year, I can now eat gluten and dairy again which means a whole heap of yummy things that I couldn't eat are now fine. Really struggling to not over eat at the moment (have put on 2 stone in the last 14 weeks, 1 stone very much needed but the other not so much :rotfl:) and fear it will get worse over the festive period :( will do my best though.
    Savings/debt repayment - payment made to the debt and will aim to pay more throughout the month.
    Treat yourself - have got an appointment to get my eyebrows waxed and tinted, got a lovely gingerbread candle and downloaded some books to my tablet.
    Invitations - girls night planned round at one of the girls houses. Not sure what else yet.
    Very merry Christmas - Budgets are set. Have bought a few presents already and have ideas for others. Will make Christmas cards using supplies in the flat.
    Exercise - Aiming for an average of 10,000 steps a day, a run once a week and the gym once a week.

    Fun - Baking, making Christmas cards, going to the Christmas market, watching Christmas films, going for walks.
    Understand what motivates you - I would like next year to be the year I finally become debt free (have basically been in debt for the last 17 years since I got my 1st credit card at 18) and I'd like to get my fitness levels back to where they were before I fell ill. My motivation is that me and OH would like to start a family/save for a house.
    NSDs - Will try for 15.
    Debt Dec 2022 - £2972.68. Current debt - £0 (100% paid). Flat deposit - £10814.10/£15000 (72.1% saved). Emergency fund - £1562.44/£2000 (78.1% saved).
  • facethemusic
    Can I join in please? I need all possible help to keep me in track, and I enjoyed November.
  • ditty1234
    ditty1234 Posts: 2,046 Forumite
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    I'm in please.
    LBM Jan 2019 - £25.928/Active debt £14253, 54% sorted
    Housing fund Jan 2024 £2000/6000 36%
    EF Jan 2024 £0/1000 0% Emergency fund is for worn out things like vacuum cleaner, dish washer, and washing machine.
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