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2020 Mortgage-Free Wannabes



  • cod3
    cod3 Posts: 805 Forumite
    First Anniversary Mortgage-free Glee! Combo Breaker Name Dropper
    My November OP was £511.12
    YTD: £2,609.46

    Thank you Julicorn  :)
  • Squirrelz92
    #152 reporting for December's overpayments. £100 for this month and that shall be all for the year of 2020! I have past my goal of £500 worth of overpayments in 4 months so I am very happy. Have a good Xmas everyone and good luck with your overpayments in 2021! x
    Debt Free Date: 24th October 2023! £7402.10 Paid Off In 6 Months!
    3 Month Emergency Fund: £3500 / £3500
    #60 2024 Mortgage-Free Wannabes: £200/£2500
  • darcyboo
    Hi there, #130 reporting a £250 OP for November. Thank you 
    2021 MFW #130. Target: £300/£2500
  • OhtobeMortgageFree
    #93 - another £15 overpayment, making £70 for December now. Thanks for all the updating you do. 😊
    Original mortgage total: £140,000.00 (July 2015) Original mortgage end date: June 2040
    Mortgage free start date: 16th October 2018 Mortgage total at this point: £132,829.12
    Current mortgage total: £54,762.71 Current mortgage end date: June 2032 Daily interest: £7.59 > £2.64
  • fruitloop04
    #52 checking in for December!  I didn't make any OPs in November as had a hefty house repair bill.  Decembers overpayment is £1033.44 which means I have hit my target whoop!  I really didn't think I could do it.  This challenge is great at keeping me focussed and motivated.  Thank you for running it Julicorn :)

    01.05.2019 - Re-Mortgage - £142,000 :eek::eek::eek: Total overpaid to date: £15,584.33.
    MFW #52 £9000/£12000
  • Hettyhound
    Hello, number 90 with actual final op for the year of £185.  This makes December total of £415.  Hope you have a nice Christmas and new year Julicorn and thanks for running this page.  I’ll see you all over on the 2021 thread in the new year 🎅
    SPC #023 SPC 12: £125.86[/COLOUR]:SPC 13: £214.98: SPC 14: £297.41 SPC 15: £237.27 SPC 16 £335.39; SPC 17 ? MFW #21 Mortgage start Dec 2015 £79,950; May 2024 £24,744 2024 OP £500/COLOR]/£1,500 MFiT T6 #3 £15,750/£25,500 (56.45%)
  • stavromueller
    Number 67 with final overpayment of the year of £334 for December. Bringing me to a total of 3061 for the year, essnetially 3/4 of target.
    I have the remaining £1000 tucked away as we're having work done on the house and I wanted to keep it as a buffer just in case it goes over budget, so hopefully I'll be adding it to next years challenge!
    Thank you Julicorn for running the challenge. "see" you all next year!
    2021 MFW #35: £6000/£6000
  • SandyShores
    #150 paid another £12.05  (so total for 2020 so far is £247.31)

    Sorry Julicorn, pesky interest went and messed up my nice rounded figure, so I had to go and pay it down.  I suspect there will be another 6 or 7 of these as the interest gets added daily I will be paying it down.  Nice to see the point at which it gets lower - probably ages away.  Once I reach 1st January it will get less frequent (slightly).  
    Mortgage 31 July est. £256,455 £309,749, Ends Jan'38 Jun'39 (target Feb'31)
    EF £6,325; Personal savings (PBs/ISA new car fund): £2,314
    Check Seven Goals Regularly; Work-life balance.
    Celebrate being 60; Be 'Good Enough'
    Books Read: just read no.7 in 2024
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