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2020 Frugal Living Challenge

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  • Tanya12345Tanya12345 Forumite
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    wow love the cash only challenges bestlifenow and lessonlearned - will work in a version of that myself ! Love the mini challenges within the main ones, keeps things interesting and hopefully that means I'll actually stick with it - although I have just seen the most beautiful Geese that I think would be perfect on our 'homestead'. May have to prune this months funds even further.......
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  • Sparkly_ShoesSparkly_Shoes Forumite
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    Starting the year on a high with a no spend day! All meals made at home today and plenty of left overs used up. First sale of the year listed on the bay and already got a bid and 9 watchers. Long may all this good frugal-ing continue!
  • parsnipheadparsniphead Forumite
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    A little bit of unusual frugality from me.

    A couple of months back my card was cloned. Some g1t tried to spend nearly 2.5k on it (not that I had that much) but luckily the bank spotted it was unusual and declined the transactions. Anyway it's left me feeling vulnerable and I'm too scared to use my card which meant I had over £200 left in my account at the end of last month.:j So just before midnight last night I paid of my smallest debt credit card. A small win but it proved what can be achieved.

    I'm going to try and get some sewing done in the next few days so I have a few more clothes to wear. I have a nice stash of fabric to work at. I just have to accept that I'm not up to my usual standard of sewing at the moment.

    Tomorrow I do need to get some fruit and veg but will be trying to do an inventory of food to see what I can do before shopping.

    Have a fab night and keep the good ideas coming.
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  • carolinerunnercarolinerunner Forumite
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    So just before midnight last night I paid of my smallest debt credit card. A small win but it proved what can be achieved.

    Brilliant ! Well done you! Great start to the new year :j
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  • sinkorswim2018sinkorswim2018 Forumite
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    Happy new year.
    My budget this year will he the same as last... only this year I plan to stick to it. Over the last 12 months I have gone over by £700 in total. So over by around £60 a month in total.
    Just got home after staying with the bf for new year. Now have 4 longs days (11 hour shifts) so that's 8 meals. Made a (slimming world) tuna bake on my return and it's made 6 meals so 1 a day and 2 for the freezer. Just got to find a meal a day now. Not getting caught out in the canteen again - £6.25 for a Turkey dinner. Would soon mount up if I did that every day. Always quite good at making food for and at work, but want to use what I have rather than popping into Sain8bury's (I'm an Ald! shopper for my main shop) for the odd thing.
    I think I will try and spend the absolute minimum this month to give myself a head start on the year.

    In reply to Haylewildventure, only shopping in Ald! will dramatically reduce your bills and you will eat well. Try to make stuff form scratch where possible to make bigger savings.

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    [Deleted User][Deleted User]
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    Hi lessonlearned, today I've planned to do something similar. I've got £10 worth of M0rrisons vouchers and another £5 to come, and I've put £10 change in my purse. I'm hoping this will focus me to use up what I already have in the cupboards/freezer. I'm also going to add in B00ts points, and I'm going to check if I've got other points or vouchers anywhere and use those before any more cash.

    Good luck with your challenge :)


    Like you I'm going to use vouchers and points before I spend any 'real' money:T. I did a tot up on New Year's Eve and was amazed that I have £55 in Morrisons paper vouchers, £66.25 in Boots Advantage points, £11.75 remaining on a Love2Shop gift card and sundry £10 paper vouchers for other places. That little lot should see me through a lot of 2020 as the cupboard food inventory (tins and dry goods) looks as if we're digging in for a major catastrophe:o . There's plenty of homegrown veg and fruit in the freezers still. I shouldn't need any cleaning materials and toiletries apart from toothpaste for months.

    I love the idea of just using cash and am trying to decide if it's possible for me. What I do plan to do is not have any home deliveries of groceries in 2020;). I know lots of people say they find it curtails their spending because they can set a budget and remove items from their trolley when their limit is reached. I'm embarrassed to admit that I fail dismally on that score every time I place an online order:o. My local supermarkets (limited to Co-op and Morrisons) are quite small and I tend to shop online because I can get a bigger variety of items from a better choice of supermarkets. Also, this is a rural area and the nearest 'big' supermarkets which includes Asda and Sainsburys are a round trip of about 35 miles so petrol needs to be factored in if I shop in person. I tend to choose home delivery slots that cost no more than £1 a time as I'm not fussy about the delivery day/time:j. It does mean though that I never get to see any YS items:(.

    I've always been a batch-cooker and cook from scratch. Our food wastage is minimal and as we grow and freeze most of our own veg I make big savings there. I'm very 'big' on animal welfare and other issues over meat and fish so only ever buy free range etc which tends to bump up costs:eek:. We eat meat/fish less often to compensate for having to spend more on what I do buy. I have an Aldi fairly near me (which I have to admit to never having set foot in yet:o) but I've been told they sell free range chicken at very reasonable prices so I may pop in there (with cash not cards;)) when I next need anything to have a good look round.
  • SiebrieSiebrie Forumite
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    On 1 January husband and I went home, because we have to work Thursday and Friday. DDs are still at my parents'; we will return to my parents' Friday evening, and go back home all four of us on Sunday. It's a bit of a trip (3-4 hours) one way, but it's also free childcare and nice to have 2 childfree workdays (no hassle in the morning :)).

    I took a discounted meal salad with me to eat during the trip, husband forgot and bought 2 meatballs at the petrol station. We had NYE leftovers to eat, and will eat the remainder of the leftovers tonight.

    I have a little list of chores for tonight (we can achieve SOOO much without children around).

    The fruit was all finished before we went to my parents on Boxing Day, so I took a tomato to work with me. In my desk drawer I have a potato knife, a cake fork, a small plastic bowl and a large china bowl, and some small sachets of pepper and salt. Today, I also took 2 leftover 'oliebollen' (which taste like crumpets, but are in meatball shape; they are traditional NYE fare in The Netherlands), to snack on today and tomorrow.

    My colleagues and our partners are invited to the opening gala event of the Autosalon (major car fare) in Brussels; husband has a black suit (not tuxedo) for €25 from an outlet, and I have a dress which is slightly too small. I hope to fit back into it on 9 January, but if I don't, I have bought a back-up dress from a charity shop for €8,50 :D.
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  • SiebrieSiebrie Forumite
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    3-4 years? That's awesome. I currently pay £23 every 6 weeks (she does my top lip and fuzzy side fluff too - waxes lol not dyes!!!! Now that is quite a horrifying thought. I'd look like Groucho Marks :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl::rotfl: But that would be a huge saving! Is there a particular brand you'd recommend? Is it difficult to do? TIA:)

    It's not difficult to do. The kit has 2 components: some white gloop and brown or black colouring, which you mix and then apply with a little comb (little bowl and tiny comb are usually included). Just make sure your eyebrows are really clean before you apply the dye, put vaseline around the eyebrows to prevent accidentally dyeing the small hairs on your forehead, and keep an eye on the clock. Practice makes perfect.
    Wombabeluba 2020! € 124,28 = £ 61.09
    2019's wi-wa-wombles € 2.244,20 = £ 1,909.46
    Wombling to wealth 2018 € 972,97 = £ 879.54
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  • Bella19Bella19 Forumite
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    Good morning everyone,

    Pay day today so money has gone off the CC and some into savings. I have a budget of £40 for food for the month for myself and OH. I do have access to £10 of vouchers so could use those too. It's going to be a tight month for us but I luckily have quite a bit in the chest freezer. Going to try and concentrate on bulking meals out with red lentils, chickpeas etc and see how far I can stretch them.

    Frugal action of the day: Swapped the car insurance and breakdown cover and saved £200 off the renewal quote! Used a cashback site for the breakdown cover so should get £46 back at some point. Using the cashback site pushed the car insurance up by £60 so always worth checking if the cashback is worth it!
  • sausageelzasausageelza Forumite
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    Hi all and happy new year!

    Although I'm not really counting them I had a no spend day yesterday. Today I have ordered a click and collect from azda for £25.55 and OH wants some yoghurts from Tesc0, so looking at possibly extra £3. That would bring us up to £60.18 for the week. If I could keep this going it would be great!

    I have been through all my little savings accounts and started a spreadsheet for that too :D Feeling pretty motivated, long may it last.
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