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June 2019 Grocery Challenge

edited 20 May 2019 at 7:58AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • thriftwizardthriftwizard Forumite
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    A whole £1.49 spent today, on chick crumb for the 5 Cream Crested Legbar chicks that we hurtled across two counties to pick up this morning! Now safely slipped under their new bantam "mothers" who are utterly besotted with them... Wouldn't normally go so far for chicks, but our normal supplier didn't have any coming in for weeks and our dear little Pekin bantams would quite cheerfully have starved themselves to death sitting on the nest before then. So next winter's egg supplies should be secure now!

    Two more adventures with my bargain ice-cream maker today, both made with supplies we already had; Kiwifruit Sorbet - very nice & refreshing - and Strawberry & Prosecco Ice Cream - superb! I also baked a sourdough loaf, started off last night, which turned out very well - I'm getting better at this! About time too...

    GC Aug 20 £182.99/£450
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    (Money's just a substitute for time & talent...)
  • SmooshSmoosh Forumite
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    £1.90 on some stock cubes because I went to make soup to find OH had left an empty box in there :angry:

    £254.54 left.
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    elsiepacelsiepac Forumite, Board Guide
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    edited 4 June 2019 at 7:59AM
    Budgets updated to here

    Hi all

    I've gone massively wrong again and shopped way too much straight after being paid... I'm very well stocked up but will need to be careful to eke out my remaining budget properly for fresh stuff each week.

    22 days until I get paid again.

    I have tons of frozen vegan sausages and things, Loads of tinned toms & beans, pasta, rice, quinoa and bulgar as well as a few other grains. Some frozen stock and some stock cubes.I have main meals made for the rest of this week, plus a load of veg in the fridge and a ton of almond milk as I really stocked up in Morries as they had the 3 for £3 offer on Alpr0 and when they are usually £1.80 each it's deffo worth stocking up! I'll muddle through just can't understand why I can't function like an actual adult. What is wrong with me :(

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  • pamsdishpamsdish Forumite
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    £11.50 In Iceland
    2018 £2285/£2149, 2019 £2000, 2020 £2000, Spend Jan -July £740.48
    JAN £153.45 FEB £100.14 MARCH £138.87 APRIL £53.87 MAY £67.02 JUNE £122.21 JULY £104.92
  • t14cy_tt14cy_t Forumite
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    £13 spent today in tesco/aldi and morrisons. first spend of the month. hoping not to shop again until the weekend. xx
  • Isca82Isca82 Forumite
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    Hi everyone, please can I join the challenge?

    I’ve not really got a good sense of what we spend so at going to say £400 for June with a view to reducing it over the coming months.

    I’ve spent £67.94 so far
    Credit Card Debt
    Total June 19 £5835.29 (0% until December 2020)
    October 2019 £5503.30
  • Saver.The.TasteSaver.The.Taste Forumite
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    1st small top up 1 week in at £3.08, on the way out bumped into a friend which cost me £5.49 for a catch up lunch.

    Now at £98.05 out of my £175 target!
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  • thrifty-hayleythrifty-hayley Forumite
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    I've spent £44.33 this week on a big shop which will hopefully see me through the month with a few small top up shops.
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    Grocery Challenge January £0/£80
  • ceb1995ceb1995 Forumite
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    I'd like to join, we've been trying to get under £200 since the start of the year and have been unsuccessful.
    I've recently handed my notice in and i don't have a new job yet (i know not the most sensible choice but it is the best choice for my health to leave asap and we although we have savings to top up dh's wages for a couple of months to give me time, i've got more motivation than ever to cut the food bill).

    So we're aiming for £190 this month for 2 adults and a cat. Got some reduced salmon and mince in the freezer at the moment and a few bits of various carbs and herbs, we are a 5 minute drive from a supermarket so we can make strategic trips to check out the reduced aisles, should be fine till the friday night with what we have in and i've made a meal plan with two meat free days for next week.

    So far we're on £36.77/£190

    Any advice on where we can cut our budget would be greatly appreciated :)
  • ScrimpsScrimps Forumite
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    Another £6.50 spend to declare taking my total for June to £126.05/£200:eek:

    My mop snapped in half after a solid 15+ years of service so I bought a replacement and needed some cleaning fluid. Usually this would come out of home maintenance but there is nothing in there so it is coming out of 'housekeeping'. I had kidded myself that I was going to make do and just use a cloth and get on my hand and knees but the floor was just staying dirty and the health visitor is coming tomorrow:rotfl:
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