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June 2019 Grocery Challenge

edited 20 May 2019 at 6:58AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • thrifty-hayleythrifty-hayley Forumite
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    Had a couple of smallish top up shops from Aldi over the last week. Final total for June is £92/£100 so I'm happy with that as a first attempt :) Hoping to do better in the coming months though as I live on my own, might try for £90 in July!
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  • K9sandFelinesK9sandFelines Forumite
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    Declaring for June £11.01 over, but happy with that being as DD2 joined us again so we have gone from a three person family to four now.

    S0, £291.01 spent in June. Now i have a rough idea whats spent for all four of us, i am aiming for £300 next month to allow for some extra nice bits as we have been having the basics.

    Good luck for July everyone.
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  • takataka Forumite
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    Yay... managed to come in under budget with a spend of £146.80 out of a budget of £156. :j
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  • purpleybatpurpleybat Forumite
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    hello all,
    have totted up all the receipts ive found for the month and they come to £162.36, i know tho i did a top up shop i cant find the receipt for but im pretty sure it was about £11 so i think i'll add in £12 to cover it, so all in im going to say i spent £174.36.
    i think i said my target was £200 so thats not so bad :D
  • Saver.The.TasteSaver.The.Taste Forumite
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    Treated myself to fish and chips to celebrate at £8.45 total declaring at £173.76
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