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Slimming Towards Summer - Slimming World support thread 2019

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  • maman wrote: »
    And so you should be! :T. How much more before you maintain?

    Seems many SW things are try once MrsR. :(

    Just settling down with a cuppa. A friend tried to persuade me to have a drink earlier. I refused but was very tempted. ;)

    1st 4lbs to 10st target and at this rate I’ll have my flat tum for late summer. Hopefully
  • LilacLillieLilacLillie Forumite
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    I'm thinking of dieting and did SW in the past. Does the online password still get posted weekly? Also is SW still the way to go nowadays, what with fitnesspal and other free diet apps
    ? LL
    We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars........................

  • mamanmaman Forumite
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    I'm thinking of dieting and did SW in the past. Does the online password still get posted weekly? Also is SW still the way to go nowadays, what with fitnesspal and other free diet apps
    ? LL

    You'd be very welcome to join us. :)

    You can't access the website any longer without joining so no password posted. If you did want any syn values then just ask.

    The main difference with SW is that it's not a diet . With mfp you have to count/limit calories and exercise so there's the chance that you'll feel hungry and give up. Also SW isn't about limiting calories, it's about eating a balanced menu of the right healthy foods and limiting treat foods.

    Weight Watchers has changed quite a bit so that now it's almost a copy of SW.

    If you have old books, the old plan will still work but best to go to a group even if it's just the once and get new books (the plan has changed a bit, basics at the beginning of the thread ) and the introductory talk. HTH
  • FrankieMFrankieM Forumite
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    Went for a walk this morning...I'm sure I'll learn to enjoy it eventually but for now it's about getting the body magic habit in place.

    Food for today:

    B: Mixed berries, plain yog, hi-fi bars x 2
    L: Chilli & rice
    T: Bolognaise, pasta, salad

    I discovered the Aldi lighter than light mayo which is actually very nice, so I've been putting a light drizzle of that on my salads for a few syns.
  • SuffolksueSuffolksue Forumite
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    -1/2 lblast week please Chris ,was going great guess until Thursday ( was 3 lb down ) then ate and ate syn foods for 2 days .
    Only one fall ,but theDH night sweats are terrible,complete change of bed ,even the mattress topper once or twice a night ,so am shattered .
    Congrats to everyone
  • poundsinbuckspoundsinbucks Forumite
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    Well done vegastare on SOTW.

    Thank you chrisv for new chart.

    I am very pleased to report -4.5lbs after WI today. So lost last week’s half pound plus some more. Especially after two meals away from home as well, quite a confidence booster to know I can make good decisions about food.

    New SW mag for sale today, plus it was Tasters. Did the Mexican Sweetcorn Salad from the Free Food on the Go book. Very refreshing with lime juice and fresh coriander. New Countdown offer with book starts next week.

    This gorgeous weather is perfect for salads and other non-stodgy foods. And makes it really easy to drink lots too. Long may it last!

    Poundsinbucks x
    🥳🥳 SW -6st 3.5lbs 🥳🥳
  • mamanmaman Forumite
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    Quiet on here today. :)

    Do try to rest sue. You're doing really well plodding away bt it's hard.:A

    How tall are you TTD? Just trying to work out how slim you'll be at 10 stone!:D

    ETA: Brilliant loss poundsinbucks.:T

    Don't know what's happening this evening. DH is getting his own meal as I'll be out and not hungry enough to eat yet. I may grab something when I'm out or wait and snack when I get home.

    Today's EE plan:
    B: NAS grapefruit, HEB toast, scrambled eggs, HEA milk for drinks
    L: cold meat, pickles, fried veg
    D: TBC
    Syns: HP sauce 1 and whatever else?
  • joedenisejoedenise Forumite
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    I was thinking it's very quiet today. Today is more or less on plan! At least so far.

    B - pkt of Proper Corn sweet and salty 3 suns (about 10.30)
    L - salad - salad leaves, pepper, cheese (cheese HEA1), ham, cherry tomato, cucumbe, small piece French bread 5 syns
    D - HM lamb and chickpea tagine (from freezer, brought from home), couscous with salady bits)

    HEA1 - cheese
    HEA2 - milk in tea
    HEB - nothing planned but maybe couple Ryvita later
    Syns - wine, bread, popcorn

    Will probably be over on syns but not too bad for being on holiday!
  • VegastareVegastare Forumite
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    Evening all, nice day out body magic was gardening!!

    Boring day food wise as cream cracked.

    B Fruit, berries mix bran and yog
    L Bacon mushrooms beans eggs
    D JP with more bean left from lunch, salad, beets, toms.

    syns rice cake choc topped.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Forumite
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    MoneySaving Newbie
    Tea cooked and eaten


    Quorn southern fried burgers in toasted muffins, wholegrain mustard relish, Homemade wedges, Mixed veg.

    Om nom nom
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