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Default Las Vegas guide and MSE thread 2019

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  • luciluci
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    Word is that the SLS is rebranding ............... possibly back to the Sahara, although I haven't checked.

    The smell of cannabis is overpowering, not only on the strip, but I even smelt it in the restrooms at the North Outlets. The strip and Downtown seem to be a lot tackier this year.
  • gt568gt568
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    luci wrote: »

    The smell of cannabis is overpowering, not only on the strip,

    A lot of people seem to be saying this, but I can't say I smelt it at all in October last year....
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  • secretmachinessecretmachines
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    gt568 wrote: »
    A lot of people seem to be saying this, but I can't say I smelt it at all in October last year....

    same here, can't say i noticed it all - in fact the only time was once when walking past a hotel room!

    and I don't smoke, so it's not like I'm used to it :D
  • StuieUK34StuieUK34
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    all True what Luci says....
    Smell of weed is vast all over, sometimes the smell hits you in the hotel walkways (room level)..
    Smell on the strip is ripe, and yes, in both north/south outlets, you get waft's......

    Dont smell strong enough to get a free high though ! :D:D
    It does de-value the location though, as i had the distant thoughts of walking through crack alley (ok, an overstatement)...

    I saw a few guys smoking joints on the strip, oh well, must be the norm now maybe?
  • edited 15 June 2019 at 11:12PM
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    StuieUK34 wrote: »
    all True what Luci says....
    Smell of weed is vast all over, sometimes the smell hits you in the hotel walkways (room level)..
    Smell on the strip is ripe, and yes, in both north/south outlets, you get waft's......

    Dont smell strong enough to get a free high though ! :D:D
    It does de-value the location though, as i had the distant thoughts of walking through crack alley (ok, an overstatement)...

    I saw a few guys smoking joints on the strip, oh well, must be the norm now maybe?

    Devalue the location? That happened when the mob left and dress standards went out the window.
    But what is your reaction if you saw someone slugging a drink on the strip, or the constant lolling about drunk everywhere you turn.

    Not having a pop at you mate at all, but you do realize that alcoholism is a bigger cost in lives ruined than cigarettes or pot, but we seem to accept it as "the norm".
    The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that you will have enough to pay for something better.
  • dontonedontone
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    StuieUK34 wrote: »
    all True what Luci says....
    Smell of weed is vast all over, sometimes the smell hits you in the hotel walkways (room level)..
    Smell on the strip is ripe, and yes, in both north/south outlets, you get waft's......

    Dont smell strong enough to get a free high though ! :D:D
    It does de-value the location though, as i had the distant thoughts of walking through crack alley (ok, an overstatement)...

    I saw a few guys smoking joints on the strip, oh well, must be the norm now maybe?

    I don't think it devalues the location. That honour goes to the ones who tout themselves for photos wearing nothing but duct tape over their norks and private bits (and that's just some of the men) :eek:
    Admittedly, I don't like the smell of the herbal tobacco, or ordinary ciggies, but it can't be any worse than people staggering up and down those giant plastic glasses filled full of margarita.
    I think the place can do without both tbh. But, it's just how it is now.
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    comping = nowt more thrillin' than winnin':T :j
  • StuieUK34StuieUK34
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    as i said, overstatement... (my own choice of wording as such)

    good point about the alcohol, as you said, i guess it becomes the norm (hence me saying weed becomes the norm)

    On that note, we used to see lots of peeps with those big plastic bottles walking up and down the strip, along with lots of guys with big beer cans...
    Strangely, didnt see many of that this time, we hit up some walks on the strip at least 9 days of our trip.

    Personally, it doesnt bother me any of it.
    As for the Duct tape, that blows away my idea of making some money if i lose it all again when i go back in 4 months ! :D;)
  • gt568 wrote: »
    A lot of people seem to be saying this, but I can't say I smelt it at all in October last year....
    There was a noticeable smell on the strip when I was there in October 2017 but nothing that really bothered me.
    One of our groups rooms was on a different floor to the others and there was a really strong smell in that corridor, so much so that they waived the resort fee on checkout
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    Hey peeps, report time here!
    Wont be as vast as the previous ones, but something to read to pass the time! :D
    In a nutshell, kinda near enough fully comp'd trip!
    I had saved hard for this trip hoping to make it big like past few trips..... I changed $8000 total, $5200 was for me and 2.8k for wifey.

    Flight Cost: £483 in taxes (LHR - LAX = Virgin Atlantic)
    Class: Premuim Econemy (£483 was tax each, cost 60k airmiles total for 2, as 2 free upgrades from the old MBNA Amex VA card)
    11 Nights + 3 Hotels (comp'd)
    Mlife: Platinum / Caesars: Gold (was Diamond when i booked room, as done tier match in Sep 2018)

    Day 1: Friday 24th May (Yes, Memorial wkend in the US)
    Got to T3 at LHR, had got 2 free passes into the Aspire Lounge (Amex Gold card, which i have never used, got it just for the passes!)
    Nice in there, had some breakfast stuff on which was good, and a bar where most of the drinks are free....
    Sooooooo, at 8am, we had a breakfast, along with a glass of wine and Jim Beam/Coke ... at 8AM !!!! It actually tasted nice, despite my brain saying i should'nt be drinking at 8am !!! (guess its no different from the stag group bashes i done years back!)

    Onto the plane, in seats 25H,K , nice and big! Within a few min's, a lady offers us fancy drinks, i settled for water (boring eh !!)
    This is a new thing for us, as all flights we take are in cattle class :D:D , so we do get a nice feeling sitting up here!
    Out comes a menu, followed by cutlery and glasses!! Wow !!!

    Only movie i watched on the plane was "When the screaming stops - BROS" , now that was interesting (for those who my age - 40's)...
    Turbulence was a bit crazy near greenland and canada, enough to make my heart rate shoot up!! Typically, turbulence always starts when i go for a pee!
    And no, not guilty! those crystal stains you see on the floor ain't me!! hehe ! :D:D

    Anyway, landed just after 12, got outside, got in the queue for the Alamo rental bus.... 22 Minutes later and after watching EVERY other car rental bus go past several times, an Alamo bus turns up , with more people than can fit on the bus, cue mayhem!

    Got to Alamo, now the fun starts...
    I had a 1 day rental to include fuel (£43 ! ;);) ) for a fullsize SUV.
    I had done online check-in printed the form which means i can get a car and go straight to gate (skip desks/kiosks)...
    The guy in the lot asks to see my paperwork before i go to get into a truck, and he says i need to print a voucher from the main desk.
    So inside i go, onto the Kiosk machine, put my details in, i do exactly the same process as i did online and it prints a voucher which has the same info as my printed form already.
    Back out to the muppet in the lot, who says "heres the key to your Nissan Armada"...
    I say: I will take the Ford Expedition, given i see 4 of them, and my voucher clearly states "Ford Expedition or Similar". The voucher is an Alamo voucher, not from the broker...

    The muppet says: No sir, you need to pay an upgrade to take the Expedition.
    So i point out my booking is for an Expedition or Similar, followed by saying "if there were no Expeditions, and only Armada's in stock, i would take one"...
    Muppet guy repeats i need to pay extra to upgrade to the car i booked, as the models are XL models...
    I kindly ask him to explain the models, before i point out i can see which are LT and XLT models from where we are stood, along with me explaining the wheelbase on expo's , along with explorer's, to which he kind of had no comeback from that, and then said "its his manager who said the Expeditions are for upgrade only"....

    So after wasting 20 min's in the lot and getting nowhere, figured i may as well take anything (i wanted US, not a Jap car)....
    The guy did offer me the Infiniti QX80 , and i said no! DOH !!! Cos i was being stubborn, bit daft of me, but hey ho!
    I settled on an Explorer (top spec), so was happy as got the air con seats and bling alloys!...

    Drove out of Alamo at 2pm, and put Google Satnav on for the drive to Vegas....
    OK, MAJOR miscalculation here! I know from doing the drive many times, i can get to vegas in 4 1/2 hours.........
    However, Friday Memorial weekend = gridlock Everywhere!!
    Google took us north towards santa clarita and along single lane roads and kinda back roads, we came out by Victorville (nr Barstow)....
    On the I-15 now, so able to pickup the pace.....
    Short story is, took 6 1/2 hours to get to the Luxor, (speeds were the same as the guy in front of me ;) )

    Comp was: 1bedroom Premier Tower Suite + $300FP / $300RC
    I made a Youtube Vid of the suite...

    Did a little gambling, but nothing crazy as was super tired, think we were in bed by 10:30pm. Day 1 complete!

    Day 2: Saturday
    Up early as fancied some breakfast from Jack In the Box (No. 26 combo with OJ! mmmmmmmmmm )
    Took the Ford Explorer back to Alamo just past 9am, empty tank as fuel was included (we paid £43 which included fuel, so to fill up the explorer would have cost more than that based on the exch rate! cracking deal i got!!)

    Had an ICAR booked with Hertz for 3 days (£78) (we got 5* account with them). The lot is bare, not many cars at all, and my thing is to book an ICAR, knowing we can pick from the 5* row, and always hope to do a cheeky upgrade. But barely any cars! arrrghhhhhhhhhh !!

    I do find a nice new white Dodge Challenger R/T Hemi , but its way over in the reserved section.
    Cue the friendly chat i have with the garage guy and a friendly handshake ;);) and the car suddenly appears in the 5* row! ;)
    Out we drive, Sport mode on, time to hear the rumble!!!! :D:D

    Walmart time to get supplies.
    We get out of Walmart for like around 11am, and its cloudy and not much warmth going on, so we figure may as well goto the south outlets as sun bathing wont be happening :(

    3hours later, we leave and its still cloudy. Back to the Luxor, zero chance of getting a sun tan as it feels cooler and is full on cloud (UK style!) Hit the casino early evening, had munchies in the Luxor buffet for Dinner.

    Gambling time!.... OK...
    So i hit my $300 Freeplay on the "Tree of wealth", one of the $8.88 chinese style slots, that i won a handpay on last year along with several big wins (anything over 40/1 i see as a big win)....

    So in goes my $300, plus using the $300 freeplay, i spin through the FP, and my own cash, and finally get the bonus round at least $20 credit,,.! Wooohoooooooo !!! were in business....
    I choose the option for least spins with bigger paylines, so am kinda expecting a win of $600 - Handpay + ...........
    It spins, and final payout is $140.
    WTF !!!! thats like 15/1 , based on spend of well over $1k.

    I am blown away, such a poor bonus round.
    For the next hour or so, i try a few machines that have had good wins in the past, including the willy wonka slots (i do $5, $6 & $8.88 max bets only)....
    I get the umpa lumpa's on Willy after $200 coin in at $6 , it pays me $62 ! wtf !! last year, i was getting hits for like $300 - $850 !

    Buffalo Grand / Buffalo Gold.... $3.75 on Grand and $6 on Gold....
    No bonus, and after ploughing through $250 on each machine, i give up, i am down heavy :(
    Bed time, time for tears!

    Day 3: Sunday
    Wake up, look out the curtains, HELLLLLO ! Why has the UK weather followed us to Vegas ?? Solid grey sky, weather channel showing temps of 59f which is like 15c !!!!

    We walk outside, wifey wants to get a coat on, its cold! even i was cold! :(
    No sun bathing, so what do we do ? you guessed it, shops! :(
    Grabbed a lunch bite at Firehouse Subs on Tropicana before heading upto North outlet's... Real nice sarnies!
    Once again, hours of walking carrying bags, etc, back to the hotel, chilled out for a bit as its cold and no sun, so stayed in room for a bit...

    For dinner, i talked the wife into going to Ellis Island for dinner.
    There was a 20 min queue, so i figured i would just set fire to $200 and watch it burn away (i put it in a slot, hit max bet and watch it eat the money and give me the biggest win of like $17.42, so plouged through $200 )

    Now the ribs at Ellis, OH YEAH !! come to daddy !!!!
    full rack of baby back, some corn thing and a pickle = $18.99
    but i would have paid more for the ribs, they tasted beyond awesome!! my god, we are talking lip smacking bangin baby back ribs!!!!
    Happy Stuie ! :D:D

    listened to the karoake for a bit, we would have joined in, but both felt stuffed from the food! Drove the long way back to the Lux in hope of meeting some fast cars at the lights, no such luck :(

    Back in the Lux, i hit the tables, seems the tables are my friend tonight! Think i only had $300 bucks on me, so i went back to the room around 1am with a few dollars ;)

    Day 4: Monday
    Wake up, WTF !! CLOUDS! Turn on telly, its getting warmer! its 65f (18c) !!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
    Shops again !! arghhhhhhhhhhhhh! But we did drive down to Primm instead, so i could enjoy the drive....
    Now last year, i went into primm valley and won $800 on my fave Flying Horse slots after a few $2.50 spins.....
    So we both went into said casino, i rolled in $250, didnt get bonus, max win was $15 :( I should have quit at losing $100.. oh well :(

    The walk back to the car was freezing, strong cold winds!! drove to the entrace of primm, and walked round...
    Not much here, lot of the shops are gone.....
    Drove back to Vegas, and decided to go and lose some more money on slots, and take a few wins on the tables....

    Evening: MJ one Show.
    This is a good show, great dancing, highly recommended!
    Although Mlife picked up the tab, put us about 13 rows from the front, on the far right (103 section). Safe to say, dam good seats! (103, row N, or might have been 203, cant recall)

    Left here just after 10pm ish, and went to Dominos to get dinner! Drove back to the luxor, but parked in the farthest corner on the upstairs carpark to eat dinner and enjoy the view...
    However, it was rushed dinner, as it was cold and the wind cold and annoying! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!! Drove the car out and back to Valet (been using valet everyday)
    Back into the casino for some beers and gambling....

    Day 5: Tuesday (Check out of Luxor, and into Caesars Palace)
    Ok, so were out of Luxor for 10:30am, and our cases are heavy!!! (dam shopping!), plus the extra bags we got! Nightmare getting them down to the valet, and fun and games getting them into the Challenger!!!!

    1st stop is Hertz, as the beast has to go back, ready for the next rental which is 7 days with Hertz (£153) (ICAR booking again).
    OUCH !!!! car lot is bare again, and apart from a few nice cars in PC section, only a Range Rover or Maccan are available to upgrade on the Dream Cars :(
    There are no Muscle cars at all.....
    However, there was a Ford F150 and a Dodge Ram 1500 truck, so we figured we would give the truck a try! its big, and its got the 5.7ltr Hemi engine! :D:D
    Bags lobbed into here, and off we go to Caesars Palace...

    So my comp booking is for 3 nights in a standard julius room. At time of booking, i was Diamond, so resort fee's are covered. However, at check-in time, i was now Gold, which means i gotta pay the fee's.
    Check-in lady was sound, and gave us an upgrade to the Palace Premuim studio suite on the 26th floor and said my fee's are comp'd anyway! sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet ! I still slipped her $20 for being nice :)
    Got to the room, its cool, especially the bathrooms which has His 'n' hers bathrooms with an interlinking shower. Selfish woman would'nt share the shower though when i mentioned about saving water! ;);):D:D

    Once again, weather aint the best, so we went for a walk down to the excalibur, then back up again, but we stopped to play in each casino (slots and tables), did Excal, NYNY, Park, Aria, across to Cromwell and stayed in here a while, then onto the Linq, flamingo, encore, back down and eventually back to the Palace... Had a good fun day, as we clocked up 9 miles of walking, and despite hurting and so on, i went out with $600 cash, and got to our room with $1712 ! :D

    We went for dinner at Hooters (we love Hooters ;) ) , tuesday is buy 10, get 10 free. Went to the one on rainbow blvd.
    Stuffed, and back to the palace for gambling.....
    Now the thing with this casino, its biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig!! so we either got lost, or had no idea where we were, and cos of the tower we were in, it always felt like a mile walk to get to the room ! :D (from inside the casino!)

    Day 6: Wednesday
    So on goes the telly in the morning, theres a glimmer of hope the sun will be out, and it had got warmer anyway, but only into the high 20's/79f.........

    So we went to the pool (for the 1st time of the holiday mind, on DAY 6 !!!!!!!!). Got some beds, and yeah, was able to get the factor 4 H Tropic oil on the go!
    Went for a swim in the big pool, my god, had to get out! the pool is heated! was like trying to swim in your bath! catch some more sun....
    around 2pm, we had a go at the swimup blackjack tables as i got $100 on me....
    Short story, drinking on an empty stomach hit me a little, but we had fun, and walked away $300 richer (i gave the wife $10 and she turned it into $100). Gone cloudy again by 3pm ish, so back to the room....
    (via coffee, sarnie and icecream/gelato).

    We needed to goto Walmart, so we went out around 6pm, but on the way, i figured i would ask if we could change hire car... Filled up the truck ($10 and we had done less than 25 miles!!) and took it back....
    So once again, there are no goodies at all to choose from...
    However, talking with the gold desk, there was option to upgrade to a Dodge challenger R/T for $60 a day!
    I was like "yeah, whatever/!! i think $10 sounds better"...
    Conclusion was, thats not happening!
    however, 5 mins later, she has a change of heart, and a bit of code speak is happening, and short story is, 20 shake and a car appears in a stall that she tells me to goto ;);)
    So we drive out in a grey Dodge Challenger R/T Hemi, on goes the sport mode button ! :D:D
    This thing has got big beasty alloys, different from the 1st Dodge!

    We went to Memphis Championship BBQ for dinner, i had the 3meat platter with the st louis ribs....
    Food was ok, but nothing to rave about, and would'nt rush to go back there (we last went in 2013/2014).
    Back to C Palace, and then onto some gambling, coupled with walking next door to the Mirage, then over to Flamingo.

    Sooooooo, once again, i am losing on slots, and not doing too well on tables..... Its time to call it a night and we head back to C Palace...
    By now, i have 3 dollars on me.
    I said to wifey, i do all this max bet stuff and get my !!! kicked every day, with either no wins or no decent wins.... i bet you, i will put my last 3 bucks into a slot, bet lower and i bet my luck comes in.....

    low and behold, i put $3 into a Lock'it'link slot and press $1 spin, on my 2nd spin, i win $41 ! (thats 40 to 1, from a $1 bet!! arrrrrghhhhhhh !!!) I cash out, and put it the slot next to it (same lock it link), and hit the $5 max bet (@ 1c denomination) , and it pumps out $200...
    So i cash out and goto bed with $200 ..... :)

    Day 7: Thursday
    Wifey gets out early to secure 2 beds as the sun is out, so i eventally roll downstairs around 10:30am, and the pool is packed!
    We get some good sunshine today, played a little blackjack at the pool, but lost the $100 i took with me, oh well, i am getting a tan, so i dont care! :D

    Wifey forces me to go shopping again late in the afternoon, so i drop her off at the North, and i go for a shoot at Battlefield Vegas :)
    The guy showed me there armoury after i shot through 100 rounds with the Sig 226, very cool room !!!!
    Met the wife, more shopping bags to carry around, which then makes me want to buy stuff! (got a nice MK watch!)

    Evening time, we went to see Anthony Cools (Hypnotist). This guy is funny, and i pay to see him again (we did a tier match with wifey account to get a Diamond card which comes with 2 free show tickets per month). Really funny, and he is just pretty dam good entertainer!

    Dinner was a super yummy, In 'n' Out Burger on the promenade! Yum yum ! nice when costs are under $20 !!

    Day 8: Friday (Checkout Day, Check-in Bellagio)
    Ok, so when it comes to the hotel comp's, we usually prefer mid tier (say Lux, MGM to M Bay), not really into the posh places, but figured it would be nice to try something new....

    Comp offer was 4 nights in Salone Suite with $325FP + $150 RC
    Got to check-in, (i sooooooo like the invited guest lines!), checked in and got keys.
    However, got into the room and although on a high floor and was perfect view for the fountains, it was a standard room.

    Not wanting to waste any time, we got the pool clothes on and hit the pool to catch some rays, nice pools in the Bellagio, and nice comfy loungers!

    After a day of cooking, and then getting ready to go out, we were going to my fave food gaff, Famous Daves on Blue Diamond.....
    Full slab of St loius ribs, thank you! i care for nothing now, dont care i won and lost which amounts to over $16 according to Mlife statement, let alone what i spent on the 3 nights at CET........
    The Ribs make it all go away !!! :D:D
    Back to the casino, win some, lose some, mainly lose...
    I activated my freeplay on Fu de Lae ($8.88 chinese style slot), so thats $350 of my own money + $325 freeplay. I could have just walked when the freeplay was used, but nope, like a div, i watched it all go, so once again, over $1k spent on that slot, and no bonus and biggest win was $120... I left the machine, walked past it less than 5 mins later, some woman got $1245 Handpay on it :( and worst part, her bet was like $2.48 !! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! Bed....

    Day 9: Saturday
    Wife is out early to get sunbeds, i decide to go chat with front desk about the rooms. To note, we noticed it was mega busy when checking in, and the Bellagio just seemed mega busy/ too manhy people all the time anyway.

    So front desk tell me i was "bumped" from suite down to fountain view, due to over supply /sell out.
    Ie: Mlife get so much allocation, but paying customers trump mlife (unless you are NOIR), high rollers trump rollers like me, many different things...
    She said the type of room they have a few of were the 2 bedroom penthouse suites, which was offered to me for $250per night.

    Now in hindsight, i would have taken this, cos in theory, if my winnings were happening, i would happily pay that for a 2bedroom penthouse!! However, the way i was feeling about money and knowing i would'nt spend enough for a host to wipe the charges, i said no to that.....

    Bit more talking, and she offered me a Cypress Suite for a low rate (a cost i could easily absorb), so i took that.. the downside was it was on the 4th floor, so no view as such (i dont care for the views to be honest)...
    Wow, this is a big a$$ room, with a bathroom for her and me, which are bigger than resort rooms!!! Pop up telly, massive comfy bed, and a drinks bar that charges $22 for Fiji water! WTF !!! $22 !!! :D

    Harmon Kardon sound bar in the room, so that went down a treat!!! I moved all our stuff, and then hit the pool, and got some good burn going on!!
    Here is my Youtube video i made....

    Tonight was a lazy night, so we walked to Mirage to grab a Cravings buffet, bit of gambling, then back to the bellagio to gamble....
    The 1 thing to note about playing at the tables in Bellagio = the drinks (when the waitress eventually comes round!). My Bourbon/cokes were coming in proper good glasses, with what tasted like good whiskey! More drunk you feel, the wilder your gambling mind! :D

    Bed, with 10cents left in my pocket.

    Day 10: Sunday
    ok, out to the pool, onto my 4th bottle of H Tropic Factor 4 oil ! :D
    We spend a good day in the sun, then i am told she wants to go shopping again ! so of we go to the South again!

    evening, just before going out, i decide to count my money to see how much i got left.. I Bought $5200 with me, and the way things had been going, i expected to have around $800 or so left.

    However, i had precisely $2105 left.
    Ok...... Were in Vegas, Go BIG or go home ?
    So we went to Hooters again for dinner, and then back to the Bellagio to bleed them dry!
    I hit the slots, wow, some magic, i got my biggest win yet, i won $333 on the James Bond 007 slot (max bet), and then $320 on Fu Nan ($8.88) without spending too much.
    I had bought down with me, $1k leaving $1k for our last night.....
    I now got almost $2k in my pocket..

    I'm on a roll, its time to show Cousin Eddie how I roll! (think Vegas Vacation) Down goes $175 on blackjack, i got pair 6, i split, i now got 6 & 5 & 6 & 6. I double down and draw a 9, and split again on the 6's. Peeps on the table do the Gasp expression, even i gulp!
    I draw a 10 , so i stand, and draw a 4 on the other, so i double down again, i draw 10.... Dealer is on a 4 (bust card).....

    I feel confident, the table is hyped, and i am looking at just under $1k of my money on the table........
    Dealer, has 4, has a 10, has a 2, and you know that sink feeling you get before the dealer turns a card, he turned a 5 card so he got 21.......

    Pretty sure i did a little sick in my mouth .....
    I should have just walked away, but i went to another table, and played in the fashion of loss chasing, which means you never win....
    Within 30 min's, i lost that $2k ! doh! Bedtime! (angry at myself)

    Day 11: Monday (Last day/night)
    Last day of getting the sun in (was like 99f).
    Defo feeling the burn on the last day, in my Skin and wallet! :D
    For the last night meal, we decided to grab a pizza, as i kept seeing it on the telly!
    Little Caesars - $9 5 Meats!

    I got that for me, and she a thin/crispy one (which cost more!) Sat in the car munchin before we went into Walmart so i could buy a load of Cheeto's, BBQ sauce and Meguairs car cleaning stuff ! :D
    and some Chips Ahoy ! :D

    Back to the Bellagio, i got $1k , lets no screw this up, lets be smart, and win some.....
    ok, doing well for the 1st few hours, by midnight, i had 75 cents left in my pocket. Even the pitboss jocked me with about washing pots and pans to get my bus fare home!! :D haha !

    Day 12: Tuesday - Hometime
    Used my express comps to cover any charges we had, and then attempted the impossible by jamming all our stuff into the Dodge, valet guy earnt his money then!!!

    Took car back to Hertz, then over to Alamo to pickup the SUV for the 1 day rental to get back to LAX (booked with fuel inc' , and cost £47).. Booking was same as 1st alamo booking, which stated Ford Expedition. I had done online check-in and printed confirmation...

    I went to the garage desk anyway to check if i gotta use the kiosk knowing that i shouldnt need to, lady tells me the print out is the same as the kiosk, so i just go straight to the gate, and she said the same should happen in LAX.. oh well....

    Went to the Fullsize zone, OUCH ! there are no Fullsize SUV's at all. Garage dude was sound, as it was, Alamo have the Dodge Challengers (V6 normal cars), but they also got some V8 R/T Hemi's , and the guy said i could take one if i wanted.....
    But given the type of drive with luggage, needed the comfort...
    So he called to get a truck, and out come a Chevy Tahoe.... happy with that :)
    so off we go to LAX........

    Highest temp clocked on way back was 107f !
    We stopped in Eddies World, wow ! sweet shop in the middle of nowhere! how bizarre!!!

    9MPG - Gotta love that in the Tahoe!!!!!
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    Ninth Anniversary
    edited 19 June 2019 at 7:58PM
    Overall, we had a great time. Was only the 2 of us this time (took step-daughter last 2 years). We missed a few things, including some beers in Times Square Bar and "on the record"....
    Having the Platinum card with Mlife would have got us into some cool places, but we never got round to going out properly

    Shame really, but hey ho!! I will be back to Gold status in October, but as i know already, status counts for nothing, its your spend what gets you the comp's and offers.......

    My gut feeling is based on the losses i got this time, Mlife will just say "save your flight money and just give us your money, your gonna lose it anyway! " hehe !

    My losses, ok, so i lost what i was prepared to lose, but would have been nice to come back with winnings! But in all fairness, last time i lost like this, was back in 2016, so i guess i cant win everytime!

    I go back to the US end of Sep, with my dad and my pal, so 2 nights in Big Bear Lake, then onto Laughlin for 1 night (Aquarius) , and then 4 nights in Vegas..... Chasing my losses ? nah! just going back to collect what i just lost!!!!

    *** Quiz for you regulars.... ***
    Which carpark was we in when i took a photo of our Dodge Challenger ?
    And which carpark are we in, with the Dodge Ram and Chevy Tahoe (same carpark).........
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