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Cheapest Boiler Cover Discussion

edited 14 June 2010 at 4:21PM in Energy
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  • Which is dearest, gas or electric?
    would it pay to only have electric? if I did then I would not need to pay for gas boiler cover, which is going up and up even though my usage of gas is going down and down.
  • CardewCardew Forumite
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    Freder wrote: »
    Which is dearest, gas or electric?
    would it pay to only have electric? if I did then I would not need to pay for gas boiler cover, which is going up and up even though my usage of gas is going down and down.

    Loads of threads on this subject.

    Despite the latest increases gas is by a long way cheaper than electricity in running costs.
  • I've had 2 calls today from Scottish & Southern (SSE) offering me boiler and CH system cover for less than what I'm paying BG for - but, my BG cover includes plumbing and drainage cover too - SSE don't offer that because (they say) home insurance includes it.

    you are correct in everything you have said and the reason we dont do plumbing and drains is because it can be covered on you home insurance. e.g norwich union will cover it for £15 for the year or you can keep your plumbing and drains cover with bg for £3 on the flexi or £5.75 a month for unlimited and bring the rest across to us so you will still save money and if you have both gas and electric with us we will give you £50 off your energy bill for taking the cover out. that offer is only available over the phone, there are no benefits if signing up on our website at the moment.

    if anyone is interested in the cover and you have your energy supply from sse then if you pm me your surname. house no. and postcode i can set up a prospect for you and all you need to do is ring customer service and say you want the shield cover with £50 off your energy bills because you have prospected and voilla!
  • After being decently happy with British Gas for 5 years (though paying more than new customers... but by ringing them once a year, I managed to get about a 10% discount anyway), a few months back they left us with no heater for 3 weeks during a cold spell, and missed two appointments, so I decided to move to Homeserve (with whom I already had a policy for drains, and with whom I have been extremely happy so far). Went through Rpoints, got cashback on top of it, and approximately £5.00 saving a month. Homserve also include pest control in their policy, and since we had a problem with mice earlier this year, which cost us about £130.00 to solve, we are even more keen... Unfortunately our policy does not include the boiler safety check, but by moving back to BG next year as a new customer, I should get that sorted again, and I should get the 'new customer' price. How mad is all this fiddle with changing providers though!? I wish we could just stay with someone who offers a good service, and a good price, year after year...
  • Alias_OmegaAlias_Omega Forumite
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    Is there any other companies out there who can offer a similar service to homecare 400?? MY RENEWAL is over £50 a month!!!!!!


    Signup again through Quidco, recieive..

    £52for Homecare Plumbing, Drains and Home Electrical Care

    Then you'll be on new customer prices.
  • kirkie_2kirkie_2 Forumite
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    I have just had my renewal from British Gas and they want £15 a month (£180.00).

    This is more than I paid last year and I have never claimed. I am currently on HomeCare Flexi 300.

    Any recommendations on changing company?
  • toadhall wrote: »
    all well and good but what about oil boilers?:confused:
    anyone know of of a reliable company

    I buy a yearly insurance at £85 p.a. that covers the boiler and;
    • Water circulating pump
    • Warm air circulating fan
    • Time clock and programmer
    • Motorised valve
    • Fire safety valve
    • Frost stats
    - if you pay £44 extra, then you can cover the entire system. This is available from Shell UK and I am sure there are others.

    A condition is that it must be serviced & I get that done by Emo Oil (OFTEC engineers) and that is another £90'ish (although I notice that Boilerjuice have a service on offer at £60 - I've not used them yet).

    I have a Trianco Utility boiler of 1999 vintage & have not had a single problem with it, so (thankfully) cannot comment how good these people are as and when you may need them.
  • Mazio_2Mazio_2 Forumite
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    Sorry this is for gas central heating I flicked forums and didnt notice.
    I have just got cover for the first time ever through EON I have both gas and electric through them anyway its £13 a month and covers entire heating system including hot water tank.
    It also includes safety inspection and maintenance inspection which includes any cleaning or parts it needs and I dont have to have a seperate service so this is the total price of £156 a year but no need to have service which I can get for £40 but I would have to pay for any spares as well so £116 for full cover.
    The EON engineer also said they do NOT use third parties they have their own engineers as well.
    Look after the pennies and the pounds will spend themselves
  • It is essential that people cover their Gas systems in the home. Even if they are brand new, the warranty might not cover what you think it does. And some people think they have warranty but realise they don't when something goes wrong because the installer of the Boiler has'nt registered it with the Manufactuer. Also it is not just for breakdowns and emergencies, the company I work for (not British Gas) offer a Full Strip down service to the Manufactuers standards. Now this will improve the safety and efficiency of your boiler. And by that I mean your boiler will have a prolonged life and you will save money off your gas bills. And its all very well being given advice to "self insure" (put the money you would spend in a high interest savings account and then blow it on a holiday to Benidorm), but CORGI engineers who have small firms or are a one man band response times are, on average 3-5 days, thats 3-5 days of no hot water, no heating and a heap of dirty washing! And will they come out on Bank Holidays/Xmas/New Year when most boilers break down? I think not. Now I understand that people have bad experiences, but you will have bad experiences from pretty much every company out there at one time or another. And no one likes telesales calls, but they are only doing their job. Do you think they like ringing people up and getting told to sod off all day? I promise you...we don't!
  • I have recently been looking for boiler cover and have been looking at prices from £150 upwards, yet i noticed on another website that the Sun newspaper had an article in october recommending HOMECALLPLUS.

    I had a look and sure enough cover, including a safety check, and boiler inspection for just £99, have a look at
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