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  • jogu
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    Before your self insure, it's worth knowing that if your boiler breaks down on the first cold day of winter, you'll be in a long queue to get a plumber as British Gas and all the other firms that offer insurance always deal with the customers that are insured with them as the top priority, with everyone else being shuffled to the bottom of the queue.

    (Been there, done that...)
  • jos22
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    Well I tried the Uswitch site on a (less than) 1 year old system.

    Not impressed. It failed to tell me that the system was covered by the manufacturer for a further year AND it failed to list the manufacturers cost of providing a breakdown service, which taking into account what is affered by the manufacturer is very competitive.
  • Cardew
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    jos22 wrote: »
    Well I tried the Uswitch site on a (less than) 1 year old system.

    Not impressed. It failed to tell me that the system was covered by the manufacturer for a further year AND it failed to list the manufacturers cost of providing a breakdown service, which taking into account what is affered by the manufacturer is very competitive.

    That of course is the problem with all of these comparison sites - be it gas, electricity, phones etc

    Their whole motivation is to get you to switch to one of the companies that pay them commission. Thus on any pretext they will 'ignore' companies that don't pay them commission.
  • Good afternoon: The key is to be proactive i.e. if you have a new boiler installed ensure the installation meets best practice (see has a good warranty period and is maintained by a reputable CORGI (To find a qualified installer visit or ...preferably use someone recommended to you by a source you trust) Stash the monthly amount you would have paid for cover in a high interest savings account and withdraw funds as required OR do as I have and marry a plumbing/heating engineer:D



    P.S. Don't forget to install a carbon monoxide detector
    Ask to see CIPHE (Chartered Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineering)
  • A neighbour of mine took out a full service plan with British Gas (BG). BG serviced it to start with. This winter something went wrong with the boiler and it would not fire, the pilot light had gone and it would not kick startagain. BG were contacted they did not come on the same day but come around the following day and told my neighbout the the boiler was very old and the part were for the boiler were unavailable and the BG service man left. Why did they not tell my neighbour at the time of first service that if something goes wrong with the boiler it would be difficult to get hold of the parts. They kept on taking monthly payments knowing well that they would not be able to repair the boiler.
  • toadhall
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    all well and good but what about oil boilers?:confused:
    anyone know of of a reliable company
  • Roberta1
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    I'm with British Gas Homecare at the moment and am VERY dissatisfied.

    Long story of broken appointments, wrong parts ordered, unfulfilled promises...

    I am looking to change and need boiler, drains, electrics and preferably kitchen appliance cover too.

    Can anyone help? Any recommendations?

    Reliability is the key - doing what they say on the tin....
  • :mad:I switched to Powergen/Eon from British Gas for boiler and central heating cover as I was fed up with BG missing appts, taking a whole day to turn up after the alloted time etc etc. Out of the frying pan and into the fire. Having signed up with Powergen I was promised expert protection etc etc and have now been 12 days without hot water or central heating after 2 engineers diagnosed the wrong parts. Currently waiting for 3rd engineer to arrive with part he thinks it needs. 12 days - with a 6 year old and illness that requires running hot water to maintain basic hygiene. Engineers who don't know what they are doing, call centre staff who don't have ownership of calls/cases so you always get someone different and consequently they don't really take you seriously. Promise after promise of it will be fixed today or tomorrow and it never is. I had to cry on the phone to get an engineer to come earlier than they offered - and even then he had wrong part again. Nightmare.

    I am now looking for a reliable local heating engineer who knows my boiler and can help when needed as fast as possible. These big companies lack the personal local factor and so no-one takes ultimate resposnsibility for cases of true hardship etc.

    If you want an engineer who knows what he/she is doing first time - don't sign up with Powergen.

    Ms Very Unhappy:mad:
  • I had the British Gas Homecare 200 policy for the last 6 years (since moving into the house) and noticed the price going up and up. I then called them to ask why its £18 online and why they wanted to charge me about £26 per month for being a loyal customer. I've used them many times as my Potterton boiler is made out of cheese. Many times they have ordered the wrong parts etc but have always got it working. I think most of the boiler has been replaced now.

    Anyway, I told them over the phone where to stick their policy and I said I would become a new customer in the new year. However, looking around the HomeCare policy is the most comprehensive cover. Will probably go with them again but at reduced rates. Just checked and you get £40 cashback via Quidco.
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  • i recently cancelled my BG homecare 200 after the letter for renewal had the word inspection on it several times and not the word service.
    I used to wotk for BG and about 2 years ago there was talk of annual safety inspections instead of services.
    I recently took out Swalecs shield cover for £15.50 a month and recieved a cheque for £50 to redeem in 3 months time off my gas/electric bill. i Know its a welcome gift but even after that the monthly premium will be less than i was paying BG.:j
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