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15yo and a 17yo boyfriend



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    I was 15 when i met my ex (on a school trip tp alton towers), he was 17. I admit i may not have been honst about how old i was that day but i did come clean to him pretty much straight away afterwards. I ended up contacting him when i was 16, and we started seeing each other as friends and eventually became bf/gf, my parents were ok with it (he always slept on the sofa we were not allowed to share a room-tbh that didn't stop us....) he was in the RAF so quite mature for his age and my parents got on with him.

    my parents are less judgy now (mainly cos i myself spent time on esa when i couldnt work) but i think back then if he;d been out on work and on benefits they probably wouldn't have been ok with it.
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    Spendless, I can't add much more than what everyone else has advised, except for one thing: Mrs MbW is about 3 years younger than me, and we've been married for 17 years now, and known each other for 23 in total.

    So, you never know, everything could work out fine for your daughter if he's good enough for her.
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    Spendless wrote: »
    The lad is from a bit of a chaotic household (daughter's words) with several siblings and their Mum plus eldest's brother's girlfriend all living in an overcrowded house, he's not working or at college and is signed off sick. However she's told me nothing about him in the way he treats her that causes me any concern.
    Well that's a good start. Am I right in thinking that there's a Mr S? I think I'd be trying to find things to invite b/f to where Mr S can have a bit of influence. Don't ask me how: my lads definitely kept any relationships out of the home until they'd left it so no chance for me to vet their earlier choices! :rotfl:
    Involve the boyfriend in family life, ask your daughter to bring him home for dinner etc regularly and get to know him.
    Yes, I think that's a good way to go, IF your DD isn't freaked out by it!

    It's looking for reasons to be together - picking them up, can you get a burger on the way home? or that kind of thing ...
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