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  • Is there no protection for consumers from the vile actions of these Virgin parasites? I to cancelled my monthly contract, in writing, by PO Special Delivery, confirmed delivered. Yet 6 weeks on they are still taking money from my account. So phoned to check up, no trace of any cancellation, Sent letter sir? no
    way you can't do that mate, must phone ,no other way. This is totally wrong. How come I asked ,did they then send a return pack for the non working junk router ? Nothing on here was the reply. Tough mate.
    This behavior is a disgrace . Why Mr Branson allows Liberty Global to misuse his once good name is beyond me. It is not Virgin, never was or will be other than a pack of USA based rapacious money grabbers.
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    Darrenth87 - see #42

    For years I used to give Sky up to £40 a month for a zillion channels I didn't watch, & fork out for broadband with another company.
    My changeover from VM to PlusNet happens next week so fingers crossed it goes to plan. I've gone with the faster 'up to' 63mb fibre broadband for £27.50 fixed for 18 months. I use the old Sky dish for watching FreeSat on a newish smart TV, so can use built-in iPlayer etc apps to stream a lot of what I watch.
    With the addition of Netflix & Amazon Prime, (I go halves with a family member!) I haven't the time to watch everything worth watching, I seem to watch very little 'live' tv anymore. Coupled with a £6 a month SIM card from Smarty with unlimited minutes, I don't even need a landline tbh. I'm surprised how much my online & viewing habits have changed over the past 5-10 years.
    I hope you get sorted out & don't pay for what you don't need ! :D
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    I changed from Virgin to Plusnet a couple of weeks ago. Decided that I wasn't going to haggle, signed up to Plusnet and received a call the following day when I firmly said I was leaving.

    Like Graham in post #24 I received an email talking about my new phone package and similarly another call to confirm they were actually cancelling. I'll be watching my bank account like a hawk next month (and the one after that!).

    The outcome is similar download speeds, much, much faster upload speeds and a saving of more than £20 a month.
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    I finally managed to reduce my Broadband/phone deal with Virgin having had to escalate it to CEO with no response, then the intervention of another expert before they finally called me so gone from £50 per months to £23. But their customer service is dreadful. Took about 6 weeks.
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