Virgin Media and leaving

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  • Just tried again and got through a decent chap and he agreed that I could cancel penalty free and went ahead with the cancellation. Thanks to all.
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  • I cancelled my Virgin package but within a couple of days I received an email thanking me for my new package which was for the landline: a quick 'phone call and I was assured my contract was fully terminated.
    On the 15th August my VM connections were switched off but since then I have been billed for the landline. I can only contact VM by 'phone and when I phone I get an automated message telling me how to pay my bill. I then received a text advising me that my bill was overdue. I replied asking for a phone number so that I could speak to a proper person. Today I received a call from VM the person could only take a message!!!!!
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    I'm having real problems trying to cancel my Virgin Media service. Wasn't happy with a few things, mainly the broadband. Paying for 350 but cannot get anything like that. Usually around 70-80. So contract was up and I decided to cancel.First phone call they offered me a cheaper deal. Said I would think about it but ultimately phoned them back to cancel. During this phone call the operator said they could get a broadband "expert" to give me a call, he was super at his job and would help me. Was told I could trigger the cancellation now and when after this chap telephoned (one week later) if I still wanted to leave the cancellation would be backdated. The experts advice was I had two connections I could use and I had to switch to the other one. That was it. Three minute phone call that did not help one bit.

    So when I phone a third time to instigate the cancellation re the previous date and phone call, this advisor said I had to cancel from this date. I could not have the "expert" call me if I was in cancellation mode. Told him what had happened and if this is the case I had been lied to. He actually agreed with me. He could even tell me who it was who had spoken to me.

    So, back to square one. Start again. Asks me if I want to keep my telephone number. Yes. Eventually it's completed, cancellation date is 17th May. Ask him to send the detail by email. Don't receive it. A few days later I phone again, get a very nice lady who can bring up the details on her screen, says it's all good and when I ask her why I have had no email, she says it was sent, but she would re-send it. I'm still waiting.

    In between times I have arranged for another provider and the phone and broadband would go live on 17th May.

    Yesterday I receive a phone call from Virgin to say they had a request to transfer my telephone and just wanted to check that this was ok with me. So I'm thinking everything must be ok.

    Get an email tonight with my "new" package. Everything I had, less the telephone. And stupid quotes for the revised monthly package.

    Back on the phone. Lady I get says I have only cancelled the phone line. When I explain that is not the case she suddenly finds my notes and says that nothing else can be cancelled until the telephone has been changed to the new provider. When that happens on the 17th, I have to call them back and they can cancel everything then. This is the first I have been told this. And when I ask for her to send me these details through by email she says hey don't have access to email. Really.

    I'm sorry for this war and peace post, but I'm at the end of my tether with this lot. Any advice appreciated, especially from anyone with a similar experience.
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    when I cancelled and wanted to move the phone number, they had to cancel everything within 30 day EXCEPT the phone. The phone has to be kept running, to allow the number to be transfered.

    The paperwork looked scary (i.e that I would be tied in to a phone for 12 months!) but it worked out ok.

    When you signed up to VM, did you have a different email address?
  • Found VM a nightmare, and what should have been a quick cancellation took several months and hundreds of pounds later...

    Never again.
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    AndyPK I have the same email address. I have no problem getting through to them, the problem is there is no continuity and each person tells you something different. I don't know if they are trying to be difficult or if they just don't know.
    Latest operator tells me everything will be cancelled on the 17th, but can't send me confirmation until after that date????
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    Just about to embark on cancelling VM. Each time I called with questions about the leaving process, easy to get through. Today I wanted to formally give the 30 days notice (I'm out of fixed contract). So the first guy I get through to tells me there's a phone queue to wait for a cancellation 'specialist' - 40 mins!

    Anyway I will call them again at a supposedly quieter time of day. It all seems a bit fishy...

    And from reading the below experiences, it really sounds like not worth trying to take the landline number with you. If I just drop the old number, seems a much more straightforward process.
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    Hello. I am a Virgin Media user not by choice, but when they took over NTL, but originally it was with Bell Cable media!

    Anyway we are paying £47 a month for phone/broadband. I saw Uswitch were offering same package for £27. Called Virgin redemptions to tell them of this & if they would match it or reduce our current price, loyalty discount? The answer was no since this price was for 'new customers only & also for 12 months'. She did offer TV but I refused since we are quite satisfied with freeview. If I went to Uswitch as a 'new customer' I would worry something will go wrong.

    So my gripe is I would be uneasy to leave as I'm not technically minded although I can haggle other services ok.

    Any tips please?
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    You would not be a NEW customer .
    Usual is 12 months without a contract to become new .
    But you need to read VM T&C to know .as some say its three months .

    Key point in leaving is do you want to keep existing phone number or are you happy to lose it .
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