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  • MuffinTops
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    Hello AC. Yes I have managed to keep the hospital radio going. I took some time off, but just missed it so much and now I don't need to do the training it's really enjoyable again.

    It's a good point with the day to day life chatter. I just need to organise the topics in my head otherwise I go off on a tangent. I'm good when bouncing off someone, so it's a learning curve sitting alone and just talking. I don't want to do a show with anyone else as I like to sort out my own format, so I'll have a think about your suggestions.

    The alarm system hasn't been done yet. I can't find the number I set it up with and have a very strong feeling I'm going to need that. So that's this week's objective, to find that out. My neighbours are currently out so I'm tempted to have another try.

    Good luck with selecting your next Senior Junior role ;)
  • MuffinTops
    MuffinTops Posts: 2,477 Forumite
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    I feel like I've already done a full day. Stripped my bed as I got up and added it to the laundry I needed to get done while my washing machine is still broken. I have a new one on order so wanted to catch up with it all this morning. One family was in there when I got there and were using the majority of the machines. Eek to that amount of washing!

    I then went off to my local shopping centre as I had some money I wanted to put away and also wanted to see if I could find the desk calendar I love. I never buy it before Christmas as it's too expensive so I wait for the sale. I found one so am very happy now. Wasn't sure I would as one of their chain stores I went to on Saturday had sold out. I won't have one at work this year as I'm only there a few days a week so seems a waste.

    I also found myself in Paperchase looking at the sale items! Not sure how I ended up in there. Must have just blacked out!!! :o

    I'm home now, washing is drying and food is cooking. It's so dull and gloomy out though, so have my lights on already. Once I've eaten I'll get prepared for work tomorrow and will start on organising my kitchen cupboards that house the utensils and baking things. I'm not a goddess in the kitchen so may be time to admit that to myself and find a better home for anything of quality I have in there.

    Happy Monday! The morning is out the way, so we're over the worst of it!

  • MuffinTops
    MuffinTops Posts: 2,477 Forumite
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    In the office again today after my long weekend. I can't imagine why I decided to leave my part time hours before and adds another snag to moving over to the new company. I'll obviously ask, but I can't see them going for a 3 day week for me.

    I need to send in my application for the role they sent us, just to keep an eye on my options and not be forced into any decisions due to my lack of action. Much better to turn down the role after properly considering it (or may not even be offered it).

    I had been hoping to go through my clothes and figure out what to keep and what to get rid of but it's such a large job that I kept putting it off and now I've done nothing! I must get onto that as soon as I can because clothes seem to be the bane of my life. I did go through and clear them all out a while back and then accumulated more!!! Will need to be ruthless with them too.

    I'm out for lunch today as 3 of my colleagues are leaving before the end of January. One went mid December but works close by, and the 4 of us used to work closely together a few years ago and have stayed in good contact. I forgot my breakfast that I'd prepared yesterday so had to buy something! Which is ridiculous after getting myself organised and prepared this weekend!

    Happy Tuesday everyone!

  • doingitanyway
    I think you are right to apply for the job and seek flexible working at a later date. Good luck with the application.

    I was part time 3 days a week for years and then went full time for the last 2 years. I am glad as i got to make movement on the house/debts/mortgage but I am much better suited to P/T. I got 4 days recently but the best for me will always be 3 days. I will never do F/T (unless very short term) again!!

    It's frustrating when you forget food despite having prepped it. I hate it when I do that.

    I hope you enjoy your lunch with friends.
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  • Tinkerbelle2000
    Oh MT you know this made me chuckle at work, I can just imagine you trying to watch the video :rotfl::rotfl:
    MuffinTops wrote: »
    This morning I have tried to watch a video that explains how to change the battery and I keep losing control of myself. He makes a flippant comment at the start that, with my huge imagination and childish humour is hilarious to me. Once I thought I'd recovered I heard his wife laugh and he tried not to laugh and then I lost it again so badly I've had to send it to my home account to try to go through alone tomorrow! So any fears that 2019 is my year to mature are allayed.

    I can't believe I forgot to tune into the radio again, need to put it in my journal for this week.

    You seem to be having a good start to the year and it does sound that you were more productive than you thought you were at the weekend.

    You know you can do this lifestyle career change, just jump!! I won't be too far behind lol. I've watched a couple more webinars that I told you about this week and feel really motivated when I have watched them but then come home from work the next day shattered.

    I have the house inspection tomorrow so mostly finished putting everything away now, I don't know how I coped without a spare room before now.

    Step away from Paperchase lol.

    Tink xx
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  • MuffinTops
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    Thanks Tink. I still haven't managed to watch through that video, although I can't find the code to my alarm so may need someone to reset that as I'm nervous I'll set the alarm off and won't be able to get it to stop! Feel like I need to bite the bullet and get it sorted properly this time around and not be such a doofus about it all next time.

    Don't worry about listening in. I know you've had a lot going on and wouldn't want to add to that. Always love chatting to you during a show though.

    I need to get myself in gear and take a leap now! I have a full weekend with my Mum but after that I don't have lots planned. That's also reminded me of that book I bought a couple of years ago that was really expensive but looked like it had a lot of useful information. Get myself bringing in enough to cover my basics at least so that I have better options. Then hopefully we can both go for our lifestyle changes.

    I'll pop along and have a read of your diary shortly.

  • MuffinTops
    MuffinTops Posts: 2,477 Forumite
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    It's WEDNESDAY. So Happy Hump Day!

    Yesterday wasn't too bad financially. I met my previous colleagues for lunch and had a lovely time. One had been told he had to attend a meeting instead, but was able to get everything done in half an hour so rushed over to join us. It's left me feeling really sad as I loved working with the 3 of them, but life moves forward and we have to move with it. Can't help feeling low about the loss though.

    I've found that if I stay in work for an extra 30 minutes of an evening then my fares are half price, so will be doing that for my 3 days to save a decent amount over the month. My days are already horribly long so an extra 30 minutes won't hurt and I used that time to prepare a playlist and information for my radio show.

    This morning I met another previous colleague for breakfast. I used to see him every day for breakfast but now he's at another office we have to make specific plans. Another sad loss as I feel that I've lost my whole support group here over a very short space of time through either those departments breaking away or them moving on to other ventures. I'm good at staying in touch, but it's not the same as wandering over to someone's desk for a catch up.

    Today is looking as uneventful at work, although I can probably keep myself fairly occupied with personal admin. The majority of the department are off sick with flu, which is ironic as they all had the flu jab and I didn't. As they went off for their jab they made jokes about me not being allowed to take time off with flu, and I'm literally the only person in my whole department who hasn't. Last Friday I even had someone with flu breathing on me for over an hour while she did my eyelashes, and I've had no fluey issues at all. Go me!!!! :D

    I do need to pop out at lunchtime to get a leavers card and then I'm out this evening to meet an old contractor who worked here a while. I'm happy to pay for the card, and this evening won't need to be expensive either as it's just a catch up with maybe a couple of soft drinks.

    Wow, I think that's enough for one day! One more alarm for me now I'm part time so that's a bonus!

    Happy Hump Day to you all.

  • another_casualty
    Hi MT :)
    Regarding the alarm , have you done a google search on the make and model etc? There may be a manual which tells you how to reset it
    If you get really stuck , would you be able to phone the manufacturers ?
    Two things just came to my head reading this :
    In one of my previous places , I ( stupidly at the time ), bought my alarm system through Barclays . When the guy came to install it ,he was all over the place . I remember him testing out the signal , as I had a cat at the time . On his hands and knees saying ,"meow I'm a cat " seemed a tad bizarre . Then he cut his head on the metal door on the electric meter in the hallway :eek::rotfl:l . Luckily I had first aid equipment .
    Then when I was selling the flat , I was in Twickenham looking for places having a beer with my brother and a couple of his friends when I got a call from the estate agent . They forgot the code and luckily they got in touch with me to give it to them :rotfl:.
    Still that person bought it so all went well .

    Hope it gets sorted soon .

    Yeah, it can be a bit sad when everyone moves on in the workplace .
    I remember back in the early '90s in the first recession I faced.
    The atmosphere was grim . Being younger then still in my '20s we were wondering who was gonna be going next . My friend who lives near me here, got made redundant and was out for quite sometime .
    Still , as you say if you're good with keeping in touch then that's key.
    I ended up being asked back and spent another couple of years at that place after the changes . Change is life I guess :)
  • MuffinTops
    MuffinTops Posts: 2,477 Forumite
    First Anniversary Name Dropper Photogenic Combo Breaker
    Hello AC,
    I have done a search and looked in forums too, and although it's possible to reset the system for the code, that could also reset all of the system and I'd need to reset the key fob to work for the alarm again too. A lot of trouble for just forgetting those digits!!! Setting the key fob up is a much harder job and I just don't have the confidence for it. So looks like I'll have to throw some money at this and make sure I learn the lesson!

    Your story about your alarm fitter really made me laugh. I wouldn't have coped with someone doing that as things like that tickle me for such a long time. I'd have lost all control of myself.
  • MuffinTops
    MuffinTops Posts: 2,477 Forumite
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    Yesterday was a bit weird. It had it's good points but I spent the day on edge. I found out that another close colleague is going through a process of working out a mutually beneficial leaving package, and then getting the leavers card for the colleague in my department just tipped me over into being on edge. I needed to go for a walk as I was feeling so emotional.

    I met the contractor after work and took him to my special bar, which he loved. It's not a place you'd know was there if you weren't told, and I love that about it. It's also really cute and quaint. It wasn't very busy but the service was great and the price was good too. We didn't have alcohol but we shared some tortilla chips (completely against his gym bunny diet apparently :o) and had a couple of drinks each and it only came to £12.04 each. The last time I went there late last year we only had 2 drinks each (they were alcoholic) and it was more than double that. Although I think we had cocktails that evening.

    I have lunch with another colleague today. This is the colleague who refers to mealtimes as breakfast, dinner and tea and invited me to lunch by asking if I was free for dinner and then did a panicked double back on himself. He's back in London today and invited me to lunch. He's started calling me Ducky now, if that gives any ideas of where he's from???? I'll ask him today.

    I also noticed there were 2 lots of expenses from last year I haven't yet claimed for, so put those through. That's £115 I'd forgotten about!!! Probably because I went on holiday soon after those 2 trips. I've just booked another trip away but won't claim for that until I'm back as I will be able to buy myself dinner while I'm there to claim back, and a taxi fare. They've asked to see me, but I also need a break from this office as it's getting too intense.

    Lots to do tonight as I have a full on weekend with my Mum visiting and taking her to a show in London. I should be home early afternoon on Sunday if all goes well.

    Have a great Thursday! My last day in the office this week, thankfully.

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